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Why This Website?

This website was created in response to the frustration that I had with much of what I had been reading in gun magazines and some of what I saw being taught as defensive firearms training. It presents some general points as well as some of the controversial topics in the defensive use of firearms. The Naked Emperor page was originally devoted mostly to differences in interpretation that I may have with other instructors or writers. Over time, it has become more of a catch-all for all the short articles I am inspired to write from time to time.The Street vs. Games page was a late addition that deals with a number of general issues that I have with a lot of what passes for self-defense training in many of the "shooting schools."I hope that this site facilitates your own evaluation of the issues. Unlike a book, a website is easy to modify and to update. This site should be viewed as a work in progress. The chart a few paragraphs down the page shows the dates of the latest updates to the various site pages. Any update will be listed as an update to this page as well as for any other page that has been updated.Obviously my opinion will be discernible. You can decide how well founded my beliefs and opinions are.
I am a much better writer than a photographer or a subject for video recording. If you bear with me, I believe that you will find at least some value in taking the time to read what I have posted.

Over the years, some members of my Digest mailing list (see below) have contacted me with questions that had already been answered on this site, leading me to believe that not all the views and information presented here get absorbed on a single reading.

I do not claim to be the ultimate authority in these matters. In fact, some of the updates reflect my exposure to the views of others. Still, if you find anything on this site to be of value, I encourage you to check back here periodically. You may not agree with everything that I have to say but this material is posted in the hope that it will benefit you, not me.
This website has grown as intended. During this time I have both developed and discontinued my own school and published two editions of a book - now out of print but offered below as a free download - on this subject. I now view the website as part of a triad that I offer to people who are seriously interested in the use of firearms for self-defense:
1. The Defensive Use of Firearms website (no charge)2. The Defensive Use of Firearms Digest (no charge)3. The Defensive Use of Firearms book (free download)

Why No More Live Training?

Over a period of two decades, I traveled to all four corners of the nation and numerous points in between, spending tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in classrooms and ranges for my own training. For an overlapping pair of decades, I taught others to defend themselves with firearms, about half of that time through my own school.Increasingly, as the years went by, I received more and more e-mails of the sort, "I'd love to come to Arizona to train with you but I can't afford the trip. Can you recommend an instructor to me here in East Podunk." Finally, in 2011, I decided that I could no longer justify the cost of liability insurance and all the costs associated with maintaining my NRA-LEAD instructor certifications - including continuing education - on the off chance that someone would actually make the trip, across town or across the country, to avail himself of the training I had been offering.

The DUF Digest

I offer a free digest of news and other material on tactics and defense of our rights. The excerpts that serve as introductions to the links usually include some of my own comments.These mailings go out daily, with exceptions for those rare days when I am away from home or I am entertaining house guests.As of June 10, 2013, these mailings are being done through a list server. Click the link to the server to subscribe, suspend delivery or unsubscribe. See the instructions below for change of address.The use of the list server does not appear to have cured all problems with blockage by spam filters. I have an ongoing battle with stricter and stricter spam filters, some of which seem to get installed without adequate testing. If you have been subscribed to the list and stop receiving the Digest, please start by checking any spam folders and spam filters that your provider may use in your e-mail system. Please contact your ISP's tech support to inquire if there have been any changes in filtering software - such issues are beyond my control.
COVID-19 has not interrupted the daily mailings but, in late March 2020, Microsoft blocked delivery to all of its domains (see below for details).

From time to time, the list server gets blocked erroneously as a source of spam. This usually entails a delay in getting the block lifted.

I do not recall this being an issue with third-party/webmail addresses such as the free ones with services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Germany-based Tutanota, Switzerland-based ProtonMail or with those that charge a nominal fee, such as Australia-based FastMail or Netherlands-based StartMail. Note that Hotmail addresses are blocked.

If you value uninterrupted delivery of the Digest, I recommend using such an address, even if only to receive a backup copy.

I know of specific blocks by:

Apple (e.g., icloud.com, mac.com, me.com, etc.)ATT (e.g., att.net, ameritech.net, bellsouth.net, pacbell.net, sbcglobal.net, etc.) Microsoft (e.g., hotmail.com, live.com, msn.com, outlook.com, etc.)
If you have one of these addresses, you will need a third-party webmail address to receive the Digest mailings.

Even some ongoing subscribers who have been receiving the Digest regularly have, often repeatedly, had interruptions in delivery. Some - including with Yahoo and Gmail addresses have - found the Digest mailings in Spam or Junk folders. If you check your settings in your email program, you should find options to create filters that will no longer treat the mailings as spam. Create a filter with a name such as "DUF Digest." In the "Contains" section select "from" and enter "ponogonova.org" - the domain for the list sever through which the Digest is mailed to you. You will then have the option to send the mailings go to your inbox or, if you prefer, a new folder that you can create for them. It's probably not a bad idea to create such a filter even if you've not spotted a problem yet.I recommend entering "duf-digest@lists.pongonova.org" in your address book and, if your ISP uses any sort of "safe sender" or "approved sender" list, entering "duf-digest@lists.pongonova.org" in it. If your ISP uses any contracted spam filter or firewall, such as Barracuda, enter "duf-digest@lists.pongonova.org" in the whitelist.As of March 13, 2014, in a further effort to reduce the "spam score" of these mailings, each day’s Digest may be split into as many as three sections:National Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA) issues (National Issues);State and local RKBA issues (State Issues);Defensive Gun Use (DGU), safety and miscellaneous firearm issues (Incidents, Etc.).If you have been sent a computer-generated password for the list server, I encourage you to log in with it and change it to one that you will remember. Either way, you will receive a reminder of your password on the first day of every month. Additionally, you can request a password reminder from the server at any time. If delivery stops, you can log in to see if there is a check mark in the "nomail" box for your subscription. You can click to remove it but, if you see a "B" next to the check mark, that means that your subscription was suspended automatically dues to excessive "bounces" and that you need to contact your ISP to ask them to stop blocking the mailings.If you need to change your address, there are two options:Log in to the server to unsubscribe the old address, then resubscribe at the new address.Contact me by e-mail, telling me which address to unsubscribe and which one to use as a replacement. If you wish to receive the Digest at more than one address, please make that clear.This is an "announce only" list - you will not be able to post messages to the list. If you are seeking that sort of discussion, there are numerous online firearm forums available.

Why This Logo?

As to the picture, it is a Smith & Wesson New Departure Safety revolver, .38 S&W, Fourth Model. While I firmly believe that shotguns and rifles have legitimate defensive roles, I also believe that handguns are Americans' primary defensive firearms.I intentionally selected an obsolete firearm for the logo to symbolize my belief that the operator is more crucial than the equipment. In fact, I rank my priorities as follows:Mental Awareness: Know the current status of your surroundings and its occupants. Take note of people and things that depart from normal patterns. You should actually be able to avoid most unpleasant encounters.Mental Preparedness: You must decide in advance what circumstances will trigger your use of deadly force; you cannot wait until you are threatened to make the decision that you will respond with such force. Once you recognize that you have become a target you must become proactive.Tactics: In the simplest terms, this is using common sense to take any "unfair" advantage which will help you under the circumstances. While most instructors emphasize use of cover, most attacks come at close range, where side-stepping, coupled with deflection of the attack, are the crucial tactics that can give you the time to access your firearm.Skill: For the shooter this includes being able to place shots where you need them in a reasonable time frame, one-handed, with either hand, if need be. This is but the lowest-common-denominator example.Choice of Equipment: Last on the list is the actual choice of the gun and its ammunition. It's on the list, but the other issues are more crucial.In historical point of fact, this particular obsolete firearm was selected because it was obviously designed as a defensive firearm, not a sporting one. Additionally, it is a direct ancestor of the S&W Centennial series, a personal favorite.As to the "~spwenger," this site spent its first four and a half years as a "free" site on EarthLink, where "~spwenger" was part of its URL. This website deals with the defensive use of firearms, not their sporting use nor their misuse in any form. My fervent desire is that these opinions may help good people prevail against those who would do them harm.


I make no effort to identify or track visitors to this site, by cookies or any other means. I have been asked to add the Google search feature to the site but will not do so out of respect for your privacy. You may search individual pages with the "Find" function in your browser - usually Ctrl + F. Alternatively, most search engines will restrict their search to a designated site, if directed to do so. For example, if you wanted a search of this site for "carbine," you could type in "carbine site:spw-duf.info" at your favorite search site.While I do not knowingly share return addresses from e-mail generated from this site, such as to make comments or ask questions, I cannot preclude monitoring by ISP's and government agencies. Similarly, I cannot resist seizure of my computer by lawful subpoena or warrant.If correspondence from you would reveal indictable, illegal activity on your part, I suggest that you reconsider such correspondence. I have no desire to abet such activity nor to become embroiled in your prosecution.

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PAGE ADDITIONS AND UPDATESPAGEHISTORYDATEThis Site & Its LogoUploaded 24 May 1998" "Latest Update 21 Aug 2022Common Sense?Uploaded 24 May 1998" "Latest Update 19 Dec 1999Basic ConceptsUploaded 4 Dec 2011 " " Latest Update 21 Feb 1999Firearm SafetyUploaded 24 May 1998 " " Latest Update 25 Dec 2020Street vs. RangeUploaded 23 Feb 2011" "Latest Update 26 Sep 2015Handgun SelectionUploaded 24 May 1998 " " Latest Update 21 Aug 2022Holster SelectionUploaded 24 May 1998 " " Latest Update 15 Apr 2022Ammunition SelectionUploaded 24 May 1998 " " Latest Update 17 Jun 2022Long Gun SelectionUploaded 2 Aug 1998" "Latest Update 4 Jul 2022Instructor SelectionUploaded 24 May 1998" "Latest Update 11 Jul 2022Role of the WristUploaded 19 Dec 1999 " " Latest Update 2 Jan 2011Point ShootingUploaded 31 May 1998 " " Latest Update 20 Jun 2013Shooting with FlashlightsUploaded 19 Dec 1999" "Latest Update 22 Jan 2020Night Sights and LasersUploaded 19 Dec 1999" "Latest Update 24 Jun 2022The Naked EmperorUploaded 8 May 1999 " " Latest Update 11 Jul 2022Deadly ForceUploaded 24 May 1998 " " Latest Update 1 Sep 2017A Winning AttitudeUploaded 26 Feb 1999" "Latest Update 1 Dec 2020Just Say Nothing?Uploaded 27 Jun 1998" "Latest Update 13 Feb 2016S.P. Wenger CredentialsUploaded 24 May 1998" "Latest Update 3 May 2022Useful LinksUploaded 24 May 1998" "Latest Update 22 Jul 2022

Material is posted on this page for information and discussion only and
purports to be no more than the personal opinion of Stephen P. Wenger.

I make no effort to identify or track visitors to this site, by cookies or any other means. While I do not knowingly share return addresses from e-mail generated from this site, such as to make comments or ask questions, I cannot preclude monitoring by ISP's and government agencies. Similarly, I cannot resist seizure of my computer by lawful subpoena or warrant. If correspondence from you would reveal indictable, illegal activity on your part, I suggest that you reconsider such correspondence. I have no desire to abet such activity nor to become embroiledin your prosecution.

copyright © 1998-2022 by Stephen P. Wenger

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