Book Review: Aspen Crossroad..

Review: So, so good!! This is a story about redemption and grace, which are both portrayed so beautifully. Some of the characters struggle with trust and shame, and I loved reading about how they worked through and helped one another with these issues. I love the way Ms. Rosche points to Jesus throughout the story, […]

Posted August 25, 2021
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Book Review: The Devil and t..

REVIEW: This book was so, so good! The Devil and the Heiress features Violet Crenshaw, an American heiress living in London, and Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh. Christian desperately needs a wealthy wife with a fortune so he can rebuild one of his estate homes, and Violet has plenty of money. Not only is she […]

Posted July 19, 2021
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Book Review: The Rebel Nun b..

REVIEW: I chose to read The Rebel Nun by Marj Charlier because I have a huge interest in Medieval stuff. Whenever I find a book or any other media about this time period, I get really excited about it. I was thrilled to pieces when a beautiful hardcover copy of The Rebel Nun arrived at […]

Posted April 29, 2021
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Book Review: The Steel Benea..

REVIEW: (I know this is long, but I have a hard time talking about stories like this one with only a few words. I love this type of historical fiction so much, and this period of history is one of my favorites.) Emma of Normandy is historically important because of her two marriages to kings. […]

Posted March 4, 2021
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Book Review: The Heiress Get..

REVIEW: August Crenshaw is heiress to the wildly successful Crenshaw Iron Works. She holds a position in the company and loves her work. She probably should be thinking about marrying, but she doesn’t really want to as she would be expected to quit her job and manage her household. London society and social circles back […]

Posted February 5, 2021
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Book Review: The Memory Keep..

REVIEW: The Memory Keeper by Jenny Hale is a heartwarming, feel-good read about a woman with an unexpected change in her plans. Hannah Townsend is on her way to a sunny vacation in Barbados with her boyfriend when she suddenly has to reroute her travel plans to head back home to Tennessee to see her […]

Posted January 30, 2021
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Book Review: The Forever Gir..

REVIEW: A long time ago, Maze, Heather, and Walker were foster kids living with Cat’s family. They were very close, but when tragedy hit their home, they spread out far and wide. They’ve done an okay job keeping up with one another, except for Maze. She feels responsible for what happened and the guilt is […]

Posted January 13, 2021
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Book Blast & Review: A ..

Mini Review: This is a collection of three shorter stories, all taking place in the 1800’s in the Western US. There is a lot of snow, holiday food, and Christmas trees. They’re all delightful, kind of like short, western-set Hallmark movies. One story features a father and daughter who have lost their wife/mother and are […]

Posted December 2, 2020
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Book Review: We Hear Voices ..

REVIEW: I took a chance on something different and I really liked it! We Hear Voices by Evie Green is largely the story of a  young boy named Billy and his mother. As the story begins, Billy is near death from the flu, which has been raging as a deadly pandemic. Billy ends up surviving. […]

Posted November 4, 2020
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Book Review: One More For Ch..

REVIEW: YES to every single holiday book written by Sarah Morgan!! She’s very firmly my favorite for festive holiday stories with great character relationships. This story reminds me of a cross between Sleigh Bells in the Snow and A Wedding in December, both of which are previous holiday titles by Ms. Morgan. This time the story features Gayle […]

Posted October 30, 2020
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