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The Story of CipFlix: Watch HD Movies and TV Series Online FreeCipFlix has been created because we've seen a gap in this niche and we wanted to fill it. Even if there are many streaming sites, the majority of them are crap, full of spam and nobody wants to come across these sites in order to watch their favorite movies and series because there is no good quality there. CipFlix came up with something new and started to offer the best quality movies and shows available in the whole internet and everything is available for free without registration. We are so happy that people already start to love our website and there are more and more visitors everyday who choose us to be their main source of free entertainment.It's been just 20 days since CipFlix has been created and there were updates regarding the website in every single day since then and we won't stop here. We will continue to update CipFlix's website and database as often as possible with new features, we will improve the design and also the database will always benefit of the latest movies so you can enjoy the best experience while you are looking to watch movies and series on our website.When talking about statistics and popularity, if you take a look in Alexa you can see how CipFlix started on Octomber 10 with the rank #794.881. On October 20, just ten days later, the actual rank is #178.162 #59,464 (2020-11-02) and we are sure it will keep growing because more fans are supporting us everyday. As we've previously said, we are never going to stop and our target is to make CipFlix the most popular streaming site in the world, with an Alexa score as good as possible. We are working hard in every single day in order to achive this and our team is here 24/7 to publish the latest movies and series so you can enjoy them for free with your friends. You can help us grow if you bookmark CipFlix and share it on your social media accounts so everybody will find out about the ultimate free streaming site.123Movies » Watch Movies Online For FreeAfter years of enjoying popularity and being the most visited free streaming site in the world, 123Movies started to descend in terms of popularity half a year ago and now it's finally time for a major change about this website and the way people are watching movies online free. It was a difficult decision and there were already some rumors on forums talking about this next move and now we can officially confirm it: 123Movies is now called CipFlix.You got it right. Seems hard to believe but we leave behind the 123Movies brand and we are working hard to develop this new website called CipFlix. In the last month we've spent all our time creating CipFlix, solving a lot of technical problems, implementing new cool features, improving the loading time and putting all the pieces together in order to create the best experience of watching movies and series online on CipFlix which we like to call the ultimate streaming site. It will probably be a rough time until people will find out about CipFlix and will get used to it but we rely on your help to spread the news about 123Movies and CFHD all over the internet.CouchTuner » Watch Free TV Series OnlineCipFlix really became a phenomenon as many more sites are starting to rebrand and change their names with this one in a short time. This is also the case of CouchTuner who used to be a great streaming site, pretty old and was noted for the fact that it publishes only HD quality movies and series. CouchTuner was more popular in the past than it is now and for sure this was a strong reason for their decision to get rid of the old name and adapt to the new CipFlix.Considering the fact that CipFlix is now one of the most widely-spread streaming sites, it is normal for cloned sites to appear day by day, trying to catch a bit of the popularity from this big brand. Couch Tuner new site who borrowed CFHD's design looks really good and we believe it got chances to gain some fans.WatchSeries » Watch Full TV Shows Online FreeWatchSeries is among the most important streaming sites niched on tv series. It published thousands of shows over the years and it keeps doing it permanently to maintain itself in the leaderboard of the popular websites. As far as we seen, WatchSeries has been doing very well in the last months, being visited by a lot of people and we are not sure why they dook the decision to move their work on a new site called CipFlix.As we said, it is still unclear what was their motivation for this rebranding but it's auspicious and we think it will work very good for them. We can see Watch Series also made a lot of improvements on their new site and implemented some cool features, unseen until now, and as a bonus they added a bunch of movies to their database because CipFlix is a complete streaming sites that publish both movies and series, not only one of them as WatchSeries used to do.Project Free TV » Watch Series Online FreeYou know you are living in weird times when a very popular sites like ProjectFreeTV kinda abandon their brand to start working on a just-released one as CipFlix. It seems the latest Google updates affected everyone of the old big streaming sites like 123Movies, PFTV, PutLocker and this makes them rebrand into a new platform like CipFlix. Is true that a fresh change can really help this kind of sites because people are bored of the old design and features and they want something new, updated and more useful. The Google's algorithm also likes this kind of improvements.Project Free TV used to be very popular and their website will remain online even their intentions now are to focus on the new CipFlix brand. It's not worth to delete their whole old site while it can stay online forever and in the same time they can work to build their ultimate streaming site called CipFlix. They already published a massive collection of movies and series on the new site so check it out!PutLocker is Moved to CipFlix.To!PutLocker has been one of the most popular streaming sites in the last years. Even if it was created a very long time ago, it took time and hard work to become popular. PutLocker offered a massive collection of movies and series which sums up approximately 10.000 movies and 50.000 episodes, all of them available in HD quality without registration. As we said, it took some time for PutLocker to become popular and people seemed to love it but they all have an end and now it's time for PutLocker to move on and become CipFlix.To!This hard decision was reasoned by the fact that PutLocker's fan base disappeared slowly and surely this year. We are not sure why this bad thing happened and even if a lot of updates has been made this year on PutLocker website, it seems nothing more could be done to make people love this site again and the only solution was leaving this brand behind in order to work on a new and fresh streaming site called CipFlix or CFHD which will conquer the online streaming industry in a short time because we really believe in it and a lot of hard work has been put in order to develop this website.FMovies New Domain Site is CipFlix?In the last time we've seen some rumors that says about the rebranding that FMovies is now going through and now we can finally confirm it. The last months have been rough for FMovies and a lot of problems had to be solved in order to keep this website alive and it wasn't easy at all. Latest Google updates had a negative impact for FMovies and being sabotaged in the search results is very hard for this kind of website which is online only because of the support from our visitors that now couldn't find the website anymore because Google rejected it.We've made a lot of improvements on FMovies website but they were in vain because nothing changed in good regarding of the number of visitors. This is why we took the decision to abandon FMovies because it seems it can't be resurrected and we are moving on to a brand new streaming website called CipFlix (also find it under the name CFHD) that might become your new favorite streaming site. We have developed fresh database with more movies and series available in HD quality with subtitles, we've implemented lots of cool features on CipFlix so you can have a better experience when watching your favorite shows.PrimeWire is Now Moved to CipFlix!If you are a true veteran of online streaming then you've must heard at least one time about the great PrimeWire that used to be no. 1 source of free tv shows from all the internet. This website also published a lot of movies but it wasn't enough to put in on the radar of watching movies because there were other big sites like 123Movies that were doing a great job there. But when talking about tv shows, for sure PrimeWire was the main website because they had a massive database of series, probably the biggest one, and also they were updating it 24/7 adding the latest episodes from all kind of series, talk shows, game shows, late night shows and more.Unfortunately, PrimeWire seems to be the main target of hackers this year because it was already hacked many times and this website had major problems with it's big database due to the infection of the files. They did a lot of work to put everything together clean and safe for the visitors but the things are still not going very well for PrimeWire and now they are moving to CipFlix - a brand new streaming site even better than PrimeWire. With lots of new features, improved functions and bigger database, CipFlix is waiting for you to discover the best free streaming platform ever made.GoStream » Watch Movies Online | 123MoviesToday all the fans of GoStream had a big surprise when they visited their favorite streaming site in order to watch the latest episodes from their favorite tv shows, namely that GoStream has been redirected to CipFlix. This is a brand new streaming site called CFHD which is inspired by the old GoStream design but it has a lot of improvements, cool features and even a bigger collection of movies and series available for free in HD quality. CipFlix is the newest streaming site and this is the first time when we hear about it but we are very excited because it seems to be a high quality website.As far as we seen, CipFlix already published more than 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes on this new site created only one month ago. Judging by this amount of work, it must be a big team behind CFHD because it would be impossible for only one man to create this in a very short time. We've noticed that CipFlix is loading very fast and also their video players are working perfectly fine without any interruptions or buffering and we can only appreciate that because it is rarely found on this kind of sites to work this good.SolarMovie is Accessible on CipFlixSolarMovie is a very old streaming site and it is highly appreciated by it's fans because it did a great job for so many years, constantly offering a quite big database of movies and series so everyone can watch them for free anytime they want. Another very good thing about SolarMovie is the fact they updated their collection everyday with the latest movies and episodes so you can keep up with your favorite tv show, watching the newest episode imediately after the official release. SolarMovie even had a calendar section where you can select the newest episodes sorted by the date of publishing.Now, after many years of hard work on SolarMovie, it is time to move on to the next project called CipFlix. SolarMovie is really an old brand and we really thought we have to come up with something new because meanwhile the concept of watching movies has changed and we feel the need of a fresh start in order to offer a better browsing experience to our visitors. We know it is going to take some time until everybody will find out about the new CipFlix site but it's worth it because we have the chance to make this new brand the best streaming site.PutLockers was Changed with CipFlixProbably many of you haven't found out yet about the latest changes with PutLockers website. It is a pretty good streaming site which is offering one of the biggest databases of movies and series available for free. PutLockers published in the last years approximately 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies in HD quality on fast loading players without advertisement and, of course, this site does not require registration in order to watch their content. We really liked the PutLockers design when we first seen it because it looks really good, it is easy to use and intuitive even for the visitors who never accessed a streaming site before and overall it is a great website.Returning to the latest changes that we've told you about in the last paragraph, we are happy to announce that PutLockers has been replaced with CipFlix. The old site is now redirecting to CFHD, the name, logo and design have been changed and as a bonus they added lots of new and cool features that are waiting for you to discover them and enjoy your favorite movies and series. CipFlix now hosts a database even bigger than PutLockers due to the many new tv shows they've added. In order to find something good to watch on CipFlix, you can visit the dedicated pages where the content is presented or you can use the search form.Movies123 New Movie Site is CipFlixMovies123, even if you might confuse it with 123Movies, it's a completely different website and we have to tell you it was created even before 123Movies so we don't know who copied who. It doesn't even matter. Movies123 has been a really great streaming site who posted new movies and series everyday for the last few years and it offered a really good quality but it never become so popular, maybe even because of the confusion between it and the other big streaming site. Probably it was hard for Movies123 to feel like they work in vain because they keep adding new content everyday but the popularity of the site never grew up.After this disappointment, Movies123 finally took a decision and created a brand new streaming site called CipFlix. This website looks so good, it is obvious they have experience with this kind of sites and we are glad to have a new brand among us. CipFlix benefits of an improved database of movies and series, as far as we seen they added even more content than before to make sure all the visitors will find something good to watch on CFHD. Also, besides the bigger collection, CipFlix comes with unique features that you won't find on other streaming sites.YesMovies Changed Site to CipFlix.ToYesMovies is a special streaming website that came up years ago with a very different style compared to its competitors. At that time, the majority of the streaming sites looked the same and nobody was coming with something new and revolutionary until YesMovies did it. They created one of the most beautiful and interesting streaming sites, with a design that none of us ever seen until that moment. YesMovies published a massive collection of movies and series and won the hearts of the visitors who started to watch their favorite productions only on YesMovies, completely ignoring other streaming sites.Even if YesMovies succeeded to develop a strong fan base at that time, it looks like its popularity has gone down this year due to unknown reasons. Recently, we've seen on YesMovies site a big announcement about their current rebranding and transformation into CipFlix, their brand new streaming site. CipFlix looks a little like the old YesMovies but it's obviously more improved. CFHD benefits of a bigger database with latest movies and shows, special sections like Articles, Calendar and other cool features that you have to discover by yourself and we are sure you won't be disappointed because CipFlix is a really great website that deserves your attention.5Movies Moved to CipFlix After VirusWe don't know how many of you ever heard about the history of 5Movies site and we will tell you a little bit about it because it might be the most ''adventurous'' story of a free streaming site that has been through a lot of transformations over time. At the beginning, in 2011, the current 5Movies site was created for the first time under the name of Movie25. It wasn't doing so great so they turned the site into TinklePad, a new brand which started to offer better quality at that time. After another 2 years of growing under the brand of TinklePad, they come up with another rebranding and became 5Movies.5Movies used a clasic streaming site design, inspired by the old 123Movies and we can really say it was a good website. Not the greatest but it offered pretty good quality for their collection of movies and tv shows. Now, as 5Movies is used to, they are going through another rebranding and the site is becoming CipFlix. This time they were motivated to do it after some rough months they were infected with a virus that affect the browsing experience of their visitors and many times even made the site unavailable due to many errors. They deleted everything and created the new CipFlix site to start again with clean sheets and we can only say congratulations and we are waiting to see how CipFlix will grow up and become popular.SeriesCravings Rebranding Into CipFlixProbably this is the first time when you are hearing about this site called Series Cravings. As the name suggests, Series Cravings was a free streaming site focused on publishing as many tv shows as possible, ignoring the movies. Sometimes this kind of exclusion works well (see the case of ProjectFreeTv, WatchSeries or PrimeWire) but unfortunately it didn't work too good for Series Cravings and that's why you are hearing about them for the first time now. Not many fans used to visit this site.Due to the above presented fact, we really think that Series Cravings made the right decision to abandon this fail project and move on to the next step and try to earn some popularity while using the brand which is very promising and until now it became responsible for the success of some streaming sites that adopted this brand.TVMuse is The New CipFlixWe are happy to finally find out some news about the old veteran TVMuse who was kinda inactive in the last 2 years, after almost a decade of being the number one source of free tv series from the whole internet, with around 100.000 episodes published on their site, available in HD quality on their main player or on other 10-20 alternative links submitted by some hard working users who wanted to help this community.At a time, we don't know what happened but TVMuse suddenly stopped updating their site and it even became inaccessible for a period of time. A few months ago it came back online with their old site but it seems it was too late because the majority of fans already forgot about the old TVMuse and started to visit other streaming sites. Probably this fact motivated the team behind TVMuse to do some changes and they decided to do a rebranding so now their new name is CipFlix. CFHD is the ultimate streaming sites who appeared a short time ago but many big streaming sites are changing their domains to start using this cool brand. Latest Movies & TV-Series Online for FreeSpread The Word » CipFlix HD-TV Movies When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything ;) We will send a new password to your email. Please fill your email to form below.

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