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UPC and its related divisions manufacture an extensive range of cutting-edge polyurethane spray foam products, polyurea, silicones and other coating solutions.


Open-cell spray foam is light-density polyurethane foam that delivers a superior, custom-fit air barrier. When applied, the foam instantly expands more than 100x to fill every nook and cranny. Open-cell foam excels at absorbing sound-creating a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. Open-cell foam is generally applied to above-ground interior walls, ceilings and the underside of the roof.

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Closed-cell spray foam is a medium-density, rigid polyurethane foam that provides an excellent air, vapor, and moisture barrier. It is used in interior and exterior applications, both above and below-grade. Closed-cell foam has a much higher R-value than traditional insulation and can maximize R-value with limited thickness. It can dramatically add to structural integrity due to its high-density and compression strength.

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Produced under the General Coating’s label, Ultra-Thane 230 rigid polyurethane foam for roof, tank and hot and cold storage, is proven, reliable and certified to meet the rigorous protection demands of Architects, Contractors and Building Owners. The Ultra-Thane 230 formula has been in production for over three decades and has stood the test of time on thousands of projects.

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Additional Foam &
Coatings Products

UPC’s parent company, General Coatings Manufacturing Corp., produces dozens of specialty foam, urethane, and coatings products. We have a catalog of hundreds of products to meet virtually any insulation or coating need. With nearly 40 chemists on staff, if we don’t have it readily available then we can design a custom formula to meet your needs. Many of our formulas are designed and manufactured for some of the top brands in the industry in one of our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 factories. Below is a selection of our most common coating and specialty-foam products.

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Over 40 Years of Proven Quality

UPC, and its parent company, General Coatings Manufacturing Corp. (GCMC), have a nearly four decade history of developing and producing top urethane chemistry. Our chemistry is used in thousands of industrial, commercial and household products throughout the world. Many of the largest Fortune 500 companies have selected our chemistry for its unparalleled quality and consistency, all produced in one of our many ISO 9001:2015 certified factories. With over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehousing areas, and nearly 40 chemists on staff, GCMC can develop and produce a virtually endless array of unique urethane products for almost any application.

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