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Expert Roofing Contractors in Hull, East Yorkshire

Roofing is a specialised profession, and we take pride in providing the best roof installation and roof repairs possible. We offer free roofing inspections, so you can get an idea of what needs to be done before any work begins. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor with competitive prices who will do quality work on your next project, look no further!

We can help you whether it is guttering repairs or you need an emergency roof repair completed. No project is too big or small, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding your next Hull roofing project.

We have a team of specialists who have years of experience in all areas of roofing. Every team member is professional and enthusiastic, which results in a reliable and trustworthy service that ensures a job well done every time.

The roof on your home or building is a vital part of your structure. You need it in proper working order to serve its function if you want to stay warm and protected. We can assist you in various roofing projects to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing, does its job, and is up to code.

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Roofing Services in Hull

We provide our clients with a complete list of roofing services and can step in and help you with just about any need when it comes to roofing. You can trust us to construct new roofs for new builds and extensions, flat roofs, pitched roofs, lead work, fascias soffits and guttering as we use a range of quality materials to get the job done. Furthermore, we will be able to help with roof inspections and subsequent repairs and replacement work.

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Hull Roofing Contractors

We pride ourselves on being the leading roofing specialists in East Yorkshire. To ensure we give you the best roofing services, we invest in the latest technologies and techniques. We also continue to update our qualifications to keep to the latest standards.

Even the best houses and buildings in Hull will need some form of roofing installation or repair at some point. Forces of nature such as storm damage can affect roofs considerably and lead to costly repairs. 

Guttering may be misaligned or damaged, allowing water to leak in, a tile slate could have slipped out of place, or perhaps there are signs like leaks that a roofing specialist will recognise.

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We will ensure that your roof is installed quickly and safely. We can plan the job around your schedule.

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We make sure our prices are as competitive as possible in our market. All costs are agreed upfront.


We have many years of combined experience in roofing repair, installation and insurance claims

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New Roofs Hull

A new roof is one of our roofing services which we offer in Hull. It can protect your home or building from water damage and be beneficial to the aesthetics of a building too.

We know what it takes to ensure a new roof is installed successfully, looking good for years to come. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial property, we have the experience to ensure that you get value for your money guaranteed.


Flat Roofing Hull

If your Hull property has a flat roof, we will be able to offer you a range of roofing options, from installation and roof repairs to upgrading your existing flat roof.

Flat roofing is a popular option for many commercial enterprises, as it is an affordable and practical solution.

Flat roofs can be installed and repaired by our experienced team. We work in flat roofing areas, including industrial properties with large commercial roofs or residential homes close to the water’s edge.

One of the most popular solutions is GRP fibreglass for flat roofs. GRP is a lightweight material that is easy to install. It also has excellent insulation properties to keep your property cool in the summer months or warm all year round.

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Pitched Roofing Hull

We have installed and repaired many pitched roofs over the years. From fixing a single tile to installing new roofs, we have seen it all and can take any size project with ease.

Our roofing work is not just the viewable covering but all the components underneath, including insulation, ventilation, and pipes.


Roof Repairs Hull

Our company is known in Hull for its outstanding roof repairs. We replace damaged tiles and re-point the mortar between them to make sure your roof is not only watertight but also secure. Using quality materials and professional craftsmanship, we get the job done right.

Some roofing repairs can be more complicated and require a specialised skill set. We know the roofing industry inside out, so you can rest assured that we will do our best to get your roof back to its previous condition.

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Fascias Soffits & Guttering

As part of our roofing services, we undertake installation and repair of fascias, gutters and soffits. A rotten soffit can cause water to penetrate your roof, whereas a good one will keep the rain out.

Damage guttering will not direct water away from the building, leading to the paint on a wall peeling and the roof leaking. We can survey the damage and advise on the best course of action.


Chimney Repairs Hull

Chimneys can be the most troublesome area, and both the internal and external structure can become worn and damaged. Debris falling from the roof or storm damage has the potential to crack and destroy chimneys, which can make your home very dangerous.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and repairs, which can mitigate these issues. 


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We're a dedicated and professional roofing company in Hull, offering roof repair services and consistently delivering quality.We'll work within your budget and find solutions that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Our service is personalised to suit your needs, and we listen to each customer and offer a tailored solution based on your situation.If you're having issues with your roof or have questions you would like answered, we hope to hear from you soon.It's important to consider that a roofing contractor must provide a high standard of work within a professional timeframe. It is where we believe we excel and deliver on our promise. Contact us today on 07824 386299.

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F. A. Q

FrequentlyAsked Questions

When should you pay a roofer?

You should never pay a roofer upfront for work performed. A roofing contractor does not require payment until the job is completed and satisfactory to you, your bank or mortgage company, as well as any warranty agreements that may apply in a particular situation.

How do I pick a good roofer?

To begin, check local referrals and reviews, but don’t stop there. You should also ask for the license number and check that it is current with local authorities; this means the roofing contractor has been successfully inspected annually to maintain an acceptable finish level.

How much do roofers charge UK?

The UK national average rate is £25 per hour, but this can vary depending on the roofers’ experience, size, and location.

What to know before hiring a roofer?

Here are some general questions you should as a roofing contractor:

How long have you been in business?What previous jobs have you completed that I can go and see?Who exactly will be installing or repairing my roof?Do you have liability insurance? Are your roofing contractors licensed and certified (or qualified)?What is the length of warranty for a new installation or repair?
Can you negotiate with a roofer?

You can negotiate with a roofing contractor, but always do it with the knowledge that you will lose some bargaining power. Discuss your budget and other costs for the roofing installation or repair job with a contractor before you decide to hire them.

How long do roofers guarantee their work?

Most roofs are installed with a warranty of up to ten years, and the roofing contractor warranty is usually around one year. 

Should gutters be removed when replacing a roof?

Gutters should not be removed if they install a new roof over the existing one, but you should at least have them taken off before replacing an old shingle.

What time of year is best to replace a roof?

The best time of year to replace a roof is when you can plan for it. Spring is when you can do the most work and need to prepare for a new roof. 

How long does it take to replace a roof?

The time range for replacing a roof can be anywhere from two days to three weeks. It depends on the size of the job and what type of roofing material is being used.

What should be included in a roofing estimate?

For most roofing estimate plans, there should be an estimate for roofing material. Approximated timeline for the job and the roofing contractor’s fee. A full description of work to be carried out, insurance and licensing documents.

Can roofs be replaced in the winter?

Any roofing repairs or installation will be completed at a time of your choosing. We offer emergency service as well. We advise dealing with any issues as soon as possible before they become too large to repair or resurface.