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As we grew our vision grew and in 2015 Grutto Germany was born. Just like the Dutch the Germans where after ethical & sustainably- farmed ,high- quality meat, sourced from local farmers. Little did we know that when chef Tim Mälzer trying out our meat(box) on TV would forever change the way Germans purchase their meat. Germany Check the website France France is our latest addition to the Grutto family. At the end of 2020 we introduced ourselves to the French market. Just like their European cousins they are looking to purchase high quality meat farmed by French farmers. Very much like when you would do in the olden days when you would purchase your meat directly from the farmer in your home town. Grutto is the modern and convenient way to do just that. Check the website The Netherlands Grutto's story began in the wake of a scandal in the meat industry. Out of the lack of traceability of meat products, the vision for Grutto was born. In 2014 we launched our business with our first cow online. People could now buy fresh, high- quality traceable meat from animals raised by local farmers. Over the years we diversified and our platform grew from only offering beef to now offering pork, chicken, game and lamb. Check the website

Unlike buying meat in the supermarket, by using our Grutto platform, not only do you cut out the middleman you also reduce the risk of any waste.

Grutto’s Manifest

Meat for change

There is a major social dilemma about meat. Discussions are flaring up, showcasing extreme contradictions about solutions for our future. At Grutto, we believe that animal proteins are important for our human diet. However, these animal proteins must come from a food system that leaves behind healthy soil for the next generation and from animals that have lived a good life. A food system based on regenerative principles.

Change starts with transparency

At Grutto, we reconnect you with the source of your daily food: the farmers, the animals and nature. Working together towards a nutritious, regenerative food system that will leave the earth in a better condition. Where cows graze on grass, chickens and pigs are fed from valuable residual waste streams and we only fish in season. Together, we can bring change, striving towards a healthy food supply and a stable climate for everyone. Starting with respect for farmers and animals whilst being in balance with nature.

We take it personally!

It began 25 years ago...

The Grutto story began 25 years ago on the farm where Berend grew up with his family. Every winter a cow was slaughtered for meat. Half of the meat was intended for their own use, the other half was shared with family and friends.
Meat scandals, anonymity within the industry and increasing industrialised food production were reasons for Berend and his brothers to think that things had to change. Everyone should be able to eat meat and know that it comes from an animal that has had a good life. Moreover, it is time that hard-working and honest farmers who cherish their animals and their land are valued again. Out of this, Grutto was born in 2014.
With Grutto we continue where Berend's family started. Together we form a movement that more and more people
and farmers join. We pass on our vision to our farmers: they are our driving force. We take farmers out of anonymity and give them a platform to proudly tell their story.

Meat from healthy soil

Meat is a valuable product to be enjoyed with friends or family. If meat is cheap and widely available, it is at the expense of taste, animal welfare, farmers and our environment. In a regenerative food system, meat will become tastier and healthier. That is because the food the animals eat will come from healthy soil.

Animals with a good life

Whenever we eat meat, we slaughter an animal to do so. Some people have difficulties with this. We see animals as part of the food cycle where one succeeds the other. Therefore, we have no problem eating animals and we thank them for what they give us. We do have two important conditions: animals must have had a good life and be slaughtered with as little stress as possible.

No waste

We owe it to our animals not to waste what they give us. You simply cannot take out the breast of a chicken and leave the rest roaming around. That's why you buy a “nose to tail' box from us, so that nothing of the animal goes to waste. With easy recipes, we help you to successfully cook every cut.

Farmers who take care of the earth

Farmers are not just the producers of our food. They are the ones who take care of our earth. Therefore, we work with farmers who work in harmony with nature. We inspire our farmers in every possible way and enable them to take ever better care of their land and animals.

Together with you, we believe we have a chance to change the food system. One that restores the soil so it can continue to feed us for generations.

Customer Reviews

Dutch customer: I ordered a venison box, super organic, taste superb! Great communication about the delivery and delivery wa as planned. Great experience and delicious meat! Dutch customer: Bought a pork box (after a few times cow and chicken) and I am very satisfied! I never ate pork because it made me quite sick and gave me a rash. So I tried this pork meat and seriously: no rash and i haven't been sick!! This proofs to me that these pigs have had a pure life and are well cared for! I recommended you try this! juli o., CHARD: Outstanding service Cant start to describe the quality of the meat- absolutely perfect Will definitely be buying again Andy A., Chorley: They said how it works and what to expect and they delivered on that promise. Excellent Thank you. German Customer: The goods always arrive on time and in top condition .... great quality of meat, I've tried several boxes. I can only recommend it. German Customer: Grutto makes an important contribution to conscious meat consumption. The way of ordering completely contradicts what we are used to from ordering online: "Everything is always available immediately!", Which is positive in this case because it makes people aware of the value of the food and the work behind it. The process is extremely transparent, you are informed about every step and the quality is great. French customer: The products are of very good quality! By scanning the QR code I discovered tips on how to prepare it and some recipes. I will order again. French customer: I received my box last Saturday and since then we have been enjoying ourselves. The meat is tasty and tender: it's a treat! The packaging is perfect. Christine C., Norwich: Delivery was good the guality of the meat is superb would highly recommend it Kevin H., Welling: Great product totally, Fantastic beef the complete package. All cuts are 100. Very good delivery. Very good packaging. No negatives at all. I have already passed my delight on to friends and family. Well done

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