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9June 19, 2014Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Remember Me Is Dr. Crusher losing her mind? Or is her mind losing everything else? 9Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Remember Me By Eugene Myers June 19, 2014 8:00 amPosted in: Featured, TNG Re-Watch Remember Me Written by Lee SheldonDirected by Cliff BoleSeason 3, Episode 5Original air date: October 22, 1990Star date: 44161.2Mission summaryDr. Dalen Quaice, an old friend and mentor of Dr. Crusher s, arrives on Enterprise. Still mourning the recent death of his wife, the elderly man mulls over the worst part of growing old — losing the people you love. This cheery conversation drives Dr. Crusher to visit her son, Wesley, at work in Engineering. The young ensign is messing around with Dr. Kosinsky s warp field equations. His attempt to create a new field fails, with an unexpected flash of light. On the upside, it seems like his mom didn t stick around to watch, and all systems are back to normal. Read the rest of this entry Tags: computers, dr. crusher has a crush, energy vortex, fun with warp bubbles, handwaving mumblemumble, illusions, logic, loneliness, mysteries, parallel universes, the traveler, warp drive, Wesley is a smartypants, wesley saves the day 8Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Suddenly Human By Torie Atkinson May 22, 2014 8:00 amPosted in: Featured, TNG Re-Watch Suddenly Human Teleplay by John Whelpley Jeri TaylorStory by Ralph PhillipsDirected by Gabrielle BeaumontSeason 3, Episode 4Original air date: October 15, 1990Star date: 44143.7Mission summaryThe Enterprise investigates a Talarian distress call and finds an adrift training ship full of injured teens and children (but no Scoutmaster). Radiation is leaking from the propulsion system and Dr. Crusher beams the five survivors to the Enterprise just in time. Among the survivors, however, is a human boy… Read the rest of this entry Tags: bad parenting, daddy issues, forehead ridges, horrible horrible children, picard hates children, troi is useless 10Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Brothers By Eugene Myers January 30, 2014 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Brothers Written by Rick BermanDirected by Robert BowmanSeason 4, Episode 3Original air date: October 8, 1990Star date: 44085.7Mission summaryYoung Jake Potts practical joke on his younger brother, Willie, ends in tears when Willie ends up infected with dangerous parasites. That s it, vacation s over! We re turning this ship around. Enterprise has to head to a nearby starbase for emergency medical treatment, or Willie Potts might die; meanwhile, he remains in quarantine in Sickbay, utterly inconsolable. In the midst of comforting Jake, Data abruptly loses interest in the B-plot of the episode and tunes out, running through the next few scenes literally on autopilot. Read the rest of this entry Tags: androids, asimov, belonging, brothers, daddy issues, emotions, evil doubles, family, horrible horrible children, long-lost relatives, often wrong soong, parents, robotics, someone takes over the ship, this will be important later 11Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Family By Torie Atkinson January 2, 2014 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Family Written by Ronald D. MooreDirected by Les LaundauSeason 4, Episode 2Original air date: October 1, 1990Star date: 44012.3Mission summaryThe Enterprise is docked above Earth completing some much needed, post-Borg repairs and upgrades, so everyone onboard uses the opportunity to phone home. Picard packs his bags for La Barre, his quaint little French hometown; Worf reluctantly prepares to receive his adoptive parents, the very kind, very Russian Sergey and Helena Rozhenko; and Dr. Crusher picks up an old box of Jack Crusher s things from storage, including a holographic message he recorded for Wesley shortly after he was born. Read the rest of this entry Tags: belonging, daddy issues, fully clothed man-wrestling, identity crisis, klingons, parents, troi is useless, wesley's dad, worf identity crisis 19Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II By Eugene Myers November 7, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch The Best of Both Worlds, Part II Written by Michael PillerDirected by Cliff BoleSeason 4, Episode 1Original air date: September 24, 1990Star date: 44001.4Mission summaryRIKER: Mr. Worf Fire.Mr. Worf fires And not a heck of a lot happens. That s embarrassing, but it can happen to anyone. In fact, they don t even scratch the Borg cube, but Enterprise sustains damage from the massive power drain; Locutus knowledge of Picard s former ship and crew has prepared the Borg to deal with them. Deeming the crippled Enterprise unworthy of further attention, the Borg vessel resumes its course for Sector 001 — Earth. Read the rest of this entry Tags: borg, data plugs into something, Guinan has all the answers, half-naked picard, handwaving mumblemumble, humanity wins, locutus, picard gets an upgrade, riker takes command, single tear, sleep is the enemy, some assembly required, tea doesn't make everything better, technobabble, the borg need a new operating system, troi earns her paycheck 10Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Season 3 Wrap-UpBy Torie Atkinson Eugene Myers October 17, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Has TNG finally emerged from its turgid first few seasons? I think our ratings speak for themselves. Read the rest of this entry Tags: wrap-up post 31Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: The Best of Both Worlds By Torie Atkinson August 29, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch The Best of Both Worlds Written by Michael PillerDirected by Cliff BoleSeason 3, Episode 26Original air date: June 18, 1990Star date: 43989.1Mission summaryThe Enterprise investigates a distress signal from Jouret IV, with whom they lost contact 12 hours earlier.  When they arrive, not only are there no life signs of the 900 inhabitants, but there are no signs life was ever there at all. What s left of New Providence, the settlement, is a giant crater. Picard is joined by an Admiral Hanson and young Commander Shelby, who believe that this is an attack by the Borg an attack that has caught the Federation completely unprepared. Read the rest of this entry Tags: borg, bureaucracy, handwaving mumblemumble, locutus, picard gets an upgrade, Starfleet is stupid, technobabble, troi earns her paycheck 19Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Transfigurations By Eugene Myers August 22, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Transfigurations Written by René EchevarriaDirected by Tom BenkoSeason 3, Episode 25Original air date: June 4, 1990Star date: 43957.2Mission summaryWorf encourages La Forge to hit on a woman in Ten Forward, in the only way a Klingon can, but the awkward engineer crashes and burns. And he s not the only one: In the course of a routine charting assignment, Enterprise has detected a crashed vessel on a planet. They investigate and discover a lone survivor in the wreckage of an escape pod. He s in pretty bad shape, too unstable to transport, so Dr. Crusher whips out a thingey that links La Forge s nervous system to help regulate the patient s heart. The interface delivers a weird little shock to La Forge, but he seems fine, and it works. They bring the injured man aboard. Read the rest of this entry Tags: amnesia, dating advice, diplomacy, dr. crusher has a crush, energy beings, evolution, geordi's a dork, godlike powers, handwaving mumblemumble, mysteries, science!, technobabble, the prime directive is really more of a guideline 21Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Ménage à Troi By Torie Atkinson August 15, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Ménage à Troi Written by Fred Bronson Susan SackettDirected by Robert LegatoSeason 3, Episode 24Original air date: May 28, 1990Star date: 43930.7Mission summaryThe Enterprise is hosting a trade agreement conference while in orbit around Betazed, which means it s time for another installment of How I Studiously Avoided Meeting Your Mother starring Lwaxana Troi. Lwaxana seems happy at the chance to further berate her daughter for choosing a career over babies on Betazed, but gets derailed when a Ferengi named DaiMon Tog hits on her in the middle of the reception. For some reason I would pay handsomely for you doesn t work on her, and she spurns him in front of the delegation before storming off. But Tog isn t superficial he wants her mind, too. To give him an edge on negotiations.Riker gets assigned shore leave, so he and Deanna go for a walk down Memory Lane and also the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens on Betazed. But their little date is spoiled when Lwaxana and Mr. Homn arrive, and start Meddling. Mr. Homn goes off to pick some berries while Riker, Deanna, and Lwaxana get more and more irritated with one another. Just then, DaiMon Tog beams down! He still has the hots for Mama Troi, and won t take no for an answer beaming them all back to his ship. Read the rest of this entry Tags: ferengis, Lwaxana Troi Daughter of the Fifth House Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, Picard acts weird, sexism, shakespeare, troi is useless, wesley and picard are BFFs, wesley saves the day 22Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch: Sarek By Eugene Myers August 8, 2013 8:00 amPosted in: TNG Re-Watch Sarek Written by Peter S. BeagleStory by Mark Cushman and Jake JacobsDirected by Les LandauSeason 3, Episode 23Original air date: May 14, 1990Star date: 43917.4Mission summaryPicard and Riker are giddy to be hosting a very special guest: Ambassador Sarek from Vulcan, who will be presiding over the first meeting and negotiations between the Federation and a race called the Legarans. Word is, the 202-year-old Vulcan will be retiring soon after, leaving this as the crowning achievement to an illustrious career. Read the rest of this entry Tags: bar brawl, data plays violin, diplomacy, emotion, getting old sucks, logic, loyalty, mind meld, patrick stewart is awesome, sarek, wesley has a crush 1234567891020Older Posts »

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