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MacOs Catalina: There was an error in internet accounts preferences READ MORE I guess if I was to sum up the 2020 27 iMac I would say; Everything stays the same, but everything changes . Cryptic I know, but I shall explain. The device is visually identical to every iMac since the 2015 model. I know this as I purchased the 2020 version to replace my ageing 2015 [ ] I have a thing for Prawns. I know that they are not for everyone but, when cooked well and served with the right accompaniment (usually garlic lots of it) they are truly out of this world! Back before COVID-19, when I worked from the office near where I live I used to [ ] In parts 1 and 2 of this series I have had a trip down memory lane in terms of the games of yesteryear that still mean something to me today and covered off a rather natty product from Pimoroni called the piCADE which is an arcade kit with the Raspberry Pi at it s computing heart. [ ] So in part one of this series I set the scene in regard to my love of computers from yesteryear and how what is regarded as Retro Gaming . Computer games are something that my son and I have in common (albeit I prefer the games from the past in comparison to the games that we [ ] I have loved computers since I was very young if I recall correctly I got my first real computer when I was about seven or eight years old. It was a Commodore Plus 4 and I loved it. My dad worked additional hours to get it for me (he was a master carpenter, so [ ] So, many years ago I learned how to make the perfect poached eggs to impress my girlfriend at the time. She was someone who was very important to me and I wanted her to wake up each morning where I would bring these to her (as a poached egg was one of favourite things). However, [ ] Just a quick little post which I hope might help some folks out there. Over the last few days I had the need to totally re-blow my workhorse iMac. I have had various versions of MacOs on my bad boy since 2015 and it was getting to the point where logging in was taking about [ ] So here s a thing I am a mad Foo Fighters fan. It s not even funny, I like to think of myself as Taylor Hawkins s slightly fatter, non drum playing brother (if he let himself go a little Taylor if you read this, I can use a Keyboard like you hit those skins buddy [ ] Welcome back to the second part of my three part series on using Splunk Community Edition to track for unusual activity on your Apache based WordPress site. Or, as I am now beginning to call it me versus China! (Again, nothing against China but man, you trap one bot and another just [ ] Like a good tenant, I tend to keep an eye on the resources that my website uses on the hosting platform that I use. I have hosted with SiteGround since late last year on their basic Startup package and I have found them to be great value for money for the feature set that you [ ] Well, so it seems that finishing this series could take years (literally)  . hmmmm! So, in the last part of this series I had a little bit of a ramble introducing the situation that an organisation that I work for had when pondering the various options around messaging and collaboration tools, and how that decision was [ ] This is a little something that I thought that I would put something out there on as quite frankly, As I was astonished that getting a monitor to work inexplicably difficult (read on and you will understand that I was only being a mild idiot during the process!). So, a few years ago (I [ ] So, just to be upfront and people don t accuse me of being a total Apple Fan Boy I m not; over my years working in IT I have learned to become technology agnostic and appreciate all our industry has to offer (for the most part). In my (considerably) younger days I had worked with Banyan [ ] So, I have been doing quite a bit of web development recently (as you can see from the new site) and have learned some new things, dusted off some old things and managed to (at times) break things in the most spectacular way. However something that I thought might be useful to share is a [ ] Part 2 of this article is (finally) available here Wow, I ve been writing this post for a year! I really need to make sure that when I make comments like this looks like it could be serious I then don t follow through with some content! Anyhow, I ve been thinking about how this article could land [ ]

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