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We facilitate the placement of low-smoke, fuel-efficient, and safe cookstoves in collaboration with local communities to support families and protect the environment.StoveTeam's innovative model for assisting entrepreneurs in Latin America has been awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Award for Developing Local Marketsfor creating local employment while improving health and reducing air pollution. To date, local projects started by StoveTeam in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico have produced more than 76,300 stoves, improving the lives of more than half a million people and preventing nearly one million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Each year, smoke inhalation from indoor cooking fires kills more people than malaria and AIDS combined. And CO2 emissions from cooking fires are a major contributor to climate change. We empower local entrepreneurs in Latin America to produce clean, safe cookstoves. To date we have made safe kitchens a reality for more than half a million people. Help us save lives and forests! There are so many ways to become a part of the Team, from our volunteer trips to Latin America to monthly supporter Emberships. See over a dozen ways to get involved! Each $75 Justa cookstove saves 15 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to the average American’s yearly carbon footprint.After working in the factory for years, we’re thrilled that Elida has officially purchased our partner factory in Nicaragua!. She said this about the experience:“I had no words, I was so excited and thankful that God was giving me back all the effort I had put in. I have to work very hard but now I am creating my own business. I know that with the support of StoveTeam International our factory will get ahead. I am so grateful because ever since I have been with the factory, StoveTeam has never stopped supporting us.”For years, Elida has managed to steward the factory through Nicaragua's nearly impossible economic conditions. She joined the factory when it opened in 2016, and she has dedicated herself to creating partnerships with local nonprofit groups who help provide stoves to people in need, while also working with local tamale and tortilla makers to gather insight on how to improve her designs. Factories like Avanza could not exist without StoveTeam’s assistance, and we’re proud that with your support we are able to help entrepreneurs like Elida thrive across Latin America. Families are usually shocked to see a woman in the albañil (constructor) position because gender roles are well-defined in this machismo culture, but Betty and Eva are stellar stove builders.When I arrived, people would say, “Santiago Zamora is a forgotten village.” Now I am doing everything in my control to make sure its people have jobs, a voice and the ability to improve their lives. “In the 20 years I have lived in the Willamette Valley I have never experienced business or school closure due to wildfire smoke, until now.” -Dr. Nordica MacCarty, Oregon State University Now each time I walk by her house, there are at least 4 pots in use and something sizzling. I am noticing a common quote from families, “no smoke? Are you serious, no smoke?” People are curious and interested and wanting to change; and are especially excited that our project is being offered to everyone! I am also very pleased to announce that Kim Forrest has been named the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Kim joined StoveTeam’s Board in 2018 after serving on staff as the organization's Programs and Volunteer Manager for two years. Prior to joining StoveTeam, Kim had been living, working, and studying Anthropology and Archaeology in Guatemala and Mexico since 2009, through which she developed an interest in helping solve the social and environmental challenges facing Latin American communities. StoveTeam International, PO Box 14707, Portland, OR 97293, StoveTeam International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Tax ID 42-1757328.© 2020 StoveTeam International

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