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Are You Safe At A Laser Light Show? The assessment of laser beam exposure used for entertainment applications is a challenging undertaking. Both the emission and the environment pose particular obstacles to persons with the responsibility of ensuring emissions are below the permissible exposure limits. This article discusses how use of Ophir s BC20 detector is able to offer significant improvements in measurements quality over traditional laser power detectors intended for CW beams. FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras Monitor Stress Levels Of Helicopter Pilots Flying a helicopter is a stressful activity. Pilots have a high workload and are constantly under pressure. Italian helicopter manufacturer Leonardo wanted a reliable and objective way to measure the stress that pilots experience, so they would be able to design more functional cockpits and train helicopter pilots more efficiently. The company brought in high-end thermal cameras from FLIR to monitor pilots during flight simulations and tosee which procedures and operations cause stress. Visual Inspection On Hard Disk Drive Cases HDD production quality controlhas become more vital as product characteristics have evolved to be more complex. This case study presents how Allied Vision s G-505B PoE and Mako G-125B PoE are used in hard disk drive case quality control. UVC LED Disinfection: How UVC Radiation Makes The Coronavirus Harmless UVC is high-energy, short-wave radiation with a wavelength range between 100 and 300 nm. It is absorbed by RNA strands of the corona pathogen SARS-Cov-2 and causes their nucleotide sequences to clump together, preventing the cells from reproducing or killing them. Laser Forensics: The Invisible, Revealed And Measured According to the developers at Scanovis, brushes, powder and chemicals will soon be tools of the past for securing evidence at crime scenes. The company has developed a laser-based solution that, among other things, uses IR laser radiation to detect fingerprints at the scene of a crime, quickly making them visible in a 3D scan and recording them digitally. Decisive factors for this technological breakthrough are the precision of the results delivered by the laser scanner and the easy handling of the system. But how to adjust the optics of a system using a low power laser in the mid-infrared spectrum? Working together with Ophir s measurement experts, the company was able to combine different measurement methods to this end. Product Customization For OEM Integration Need to integrate laser beam measurements in a system? Gentec-EO can make it happen thanks to a broad range of custom solutions. All products can be customized to meet specific requirements and they can all be used as original equipment manufacturing. IR Optics Optimized For 10 – 12 μm Uncooled Detectors Ophir Optics Group delivers new optimized IR optics designs that match the needs of upcoming 10 12 m uncooled detectors that must meet superior SWaP standards, enable a reduction in the size of the optical system, and provide a shorter focal length and a longer detection range. SWIR Performance Camera For R&D Applications: FLIR A6260 FLIR offers the A6260 imaging camera for SWIR science and R D applications. Pairing high speed performance with fully customizable features, this high-resolution detector offers improved sensitivity and linearity across the full dynamic range, making it ideal for radiometry and temperature calibrated applications. In-Vacuum, Digital Monochrome EMCCD X-Ray Camera: Falcon III XV Raptor Photonics Falcon III XV is the latest camera model designed for the in-vacuum X-Ray market and is perfect for imaging very weak X-Ray samples close to UV and VUV, where speed is important. FLIR Research Studio: Designed To Work The Way You Do FLIR Research Studio ispowerful, simple-to-use software for analyzing how thermal imagery changes over time. Designed to work the way you work, the software makes thermal analysis faster, more convenient, and enables better teamwork. Whether a Windows, MacOS, or Linux user, Research Studio provides customers with an easy way to quickly and efficiently display, record, and analyze accurate thermal data on their machine in anyof22 languages. Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors Unlimited Products), is the world’s leading manufacturer of indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)-based imaging products. As renowned experts in shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging, Sensors Unlimited, Inc. introduced the world to the concept of imaging in the shortwave IR spectrum with simple, compact, and uncooled cameras. Our company began with an ingenious idea: combine high-volume, low-cost commercial glass manufacturing with the technical precision of optics and thin film coating. A quarter-century later, you can rely on us with confidence - because we put all those years of experience into every component we create for you. Raptor Photonics Limited is a global leader and manufacturer of high performance, industrial-grade and extremely rugged ultra-low light digital and analogue cameras. Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corporation, began making laser power meters, energy meters, and beam profilers in 1979, and we ve never looked back. We have headquarters in the United States, Israel, Japan, and Germany, as well as distributors in over 50 countries worldwide. With decades worth of knowledge and experience, Ophir Optronics Solutions LTD., Optics Group, an MKS Company (NASDAQ: MKSI), is a world-leading designer and of high performance IR thermal lenses and optical elements for VIS,imaging and high-power lasers optics. Schneider Optics designs, develops, and manufactures high performance lenses for machine vision, robotics, document scanning, industrial inspection and metrology, gauging, military, surveillance, other image processing applications. Standard products include Compact C-Mount lenses, F-Mount lenses, Bilateral and Object Sided Telecentric lenses, a modular Macro system, large format lenses (area line scan), 3-CCD lenses and industrial filters. Custom lens solutions are also available. Key markets include Machine Vision, Robotics, Document Scanning, Industrial Inspection, 2D/3D Metrology, Surveillance, SWIR/Hyperspectral Imaging. Get the latest photonics industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox. Join your peers Tailoring 2D Materials To Improve Electronic And Optical Devices New possibilities for future developments in electronic and optical devices have been unlocked by recent advancements in two-dimensional (2D) materials, according to Penn State researchers. New Type Of Graphene Photodetector Enables Low-Cost Cameras For Self-Driving Cars And Robots In general, most of the objects we use in our everyday life emit light in a range of the spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. Typically, for those room-temperature objects, this emission happens in the infrared optical range. Creating AFM Resonant Probes Using Shattered Silicon Resonant probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM) can be created using shattered silicon wafers. This video describes how to create silicon shards and then attach them to a quartz tuning fork for use in an AFM. Creating Tungsten Tips For Atomic Force Microscopy Using Mad City Labs SPM Etch Kit This video describes how to use Mad City Labs SPM Etch kit to produce tungsten tips for atomic force microscopy (AFM). The tungsten tips are attached to quartz tuning forks for use in a resonant probe AFM. Creating A Diving Bell For An AFM Resonant Probe This video describes how to implement a diving bell concept for imaging samples in liquid using a resonant probe AFM. A MadPLL phase lock loop controller and an AFM diving bell kit are used from Mad City Labs. Ophir's Long-Range MWIR 45-900 mm f/4 – Thermal Imaging Demo Video The SupIR 45-900 mm f/4 delivers superb image quality and accurate line of sight (LOS) for long-range security and surveillance applications, with up to 24.7 km detection range. Designed for 20 m or 15 m VGA format cameras, as well as for 10 m HD format. The lens is based on the legacy SupIR 15-300 mm MWIR f/4 zoom lens with its proven track-record of thousands of units operating in the field and its ruggedized design. Integrated in Sierra-Olympic s VGA MWIR Ventus-900 thermal core.The Information Source for the Photonics IndustryWelcome to Photonics Online, the Internet's leading source of cutting-edge technical information about the laser, optics, optoelectronics, fiber optics, and imaging industries. If you are a scientist, engineer, designer, or system integrator working in any of these fields, you now have instant access to a comprehensive web site that delivers the latest information on a wide variety of pertinent topics such as display components, camera components, light sensors & detectors, lasers, optical components, optical fabrication, LED, fiber optics, light signal analysis, photonics positioningdiode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser systems, nonlinear optics, high-speed detectors, fiber optic components, optical coatings, and optical design and fabrication. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge technology, the latest business developments, engineering reference data, or hot new products, Photonics Online has all the information you need.Photonics Online's database is structured to serve the needs of designers, engineers, system integrators, product specifiers, technical managers, business executives, consultants and OEM manufacturers who are involved in the design and manufacture of products such as tunable lasers, diode lasers, optical amplifiers, scanners, electro-optical devices, CCD detectors, photodetectors, thermal imagers, focal plane arrays, precision optics, spectrum analyzers, spectrometers, and related devices and equipment. Reflecting the dynamic and interactive character of the Internet, Photonics Online is the most accurate and convenient source of technical, product and news information available for this fast paced industry.Please take a moment to join our community and discover all the benefits of your FREE membership. 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