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Garnets are popular gemstones for sale from garnet jewelry to garnet earrings. Garnets make excellent collectable rocks and minerals. Gypsum is one of the more common minerals in sedimentary environments. Gypsum crystals are the largest crystals found in nature. Gypsum is used to make drywall for homes and a wide variety of gypsum decorations. Green fuchsite is a greenish variety of muscovite mica that is high in chromium. Fuchsite is a mineral used in the manufacture of fireproofing and insulating materials. Tigers eye is a gemstone and a mineral form of chalcedony quartz. Common colors are blue and brown tigers eye. Tiger's eye is what is known in mineralogy as a pseudomorph. Read about tigers eye mineral and healing properties. Kidz Rocks offers a wide array of high quality natural crystals. These types of rocks and minerals are highly prized by all rock collectors the world over for their beauty and diversity of color. Among the many crystals and minerals for sale you will find quartz crystals, quartz clusters, amethyst, smoky quartz crystals and clusters, rose quartz, keokuk crystal geodes, baby blue celestite, orange citrine points and citrine clusters, black tourmaline crystals. Crystals are excellent minerals for kids to foster their interest in the world around them and to use in their study of geology. Crystal healers will also find the high quality crystals to use in the practice. The mineral fluorite is a mineral with a veritable bouquet of brilliant colors and known as "The Most Colorful Mineral in the World". Fluorite is well known and prized for its glassy luster and rich variety of colors. Among the many favorites fluorite crystals are fluorite octahedron, fluorite stars, purple fluorite, green fluorite, blue fluorite and many other colors. The meaning of fluorite comes from the Latin word "fluere" which means "to flow" because it melts easily. The word fluorescent was derived from fluorite and fluorite minerals glow under black light. Be sure to visit our educational pages to learn about fluorite healing, uses for fluorite and other fluorite properties. What is agate? Agate is chalcedony formed from layers of splintery quartz. The meaning of agate was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher who discovered the stone along the shoreline of the river Achates. Agate is the most creative stone made by "Mother Nature" with popular names describing their appearance such as moss agate, blue lace agate, crazy lace agate, blue agate, red agate, white agate, black agate and dendrite agate. Some of the most popular and attractive agates are fire agate, beach agate, petrified wood and agate geodes. Agates are for sale as rough agate, agate slices, finished agate jewelry are agate carvings or every imaginable shape and size. Some of the most interesting rocks for kids are metal ores. These types of rocks and minerals have some of the most brilliant colors found in nature. Chrysocolla with its bright blue to the vibrant greens of malachite and rich gold of pyrite. Azurite s deep purplish blue has adorned artwork spanning the centuries as oil paints to mascara used by ancient Egyptians. These mineral resources are used across all sorts of industries from making the copper pipes in our plumbing to the rings we wear around our fingers. The mineral mercury is used in thermometers, iron ore makes the metal that we build our consumer world with, and galena is one of the densest mineral on earth. And who can resist the rainbow of colors in chalcopyrite. The mineral mica is sheet silicate mineral including several closely related materials having highly perfect cleavage. Popular mica minerals include biotite mica, book mica, lepidolite mica, silver mica, black mica, blue mica and muscovite mica. Color of mica includes nearly every color of the rainbow. Sheet mica is flexible and elastic, meaning they can be bent and will flex back to original shape. Also some specimens may show triboluminescence which is an optical phenomenon in which light is generated when material is pulled apart. These sheets are chemically inert, dielectric, elastic, flexible, hydrophilic, insulating, lightweight, platy, reflective, refractive, resilient, and range in opacity from transparent to opaque. Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are four varieties of the mineral gypsum. Gypsum is a common, rock-forming mineral, with thick, extensive beds formed by the evaporation of extremely saline waters. You will find selenite for sale on our site from selenite crystals to selenite wands, selenite logs, selenite rose and baryte roses which are all wonderful rocks and minerals for children to collect. The meaning of Selenite is an Ancient Greek word for the Moon. Read about selenite mineral and healing properties. Obsidian is the result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water. Often the lava pours into a lake or ocean and is cooled quickly. This process produces a glassy texture in the resulting obsidian rock. Obsidian is not made of mineral crystals; therefore, it is not a true rock. We have black obsidian palm stones, mahogany obsidian, snowflake obsidian and Apache Tears for sale. Read about obsidian mineral and healing properties. Blue sodalite in a member of the feldspar group of minerals and is a popular semi-precious gemstone. It is a rock and mineral named for its sodium content. Green opal is a common opal while the precious version of opal is one of the most beautiful semi-precious gemstone in the mineral kingdom. Red jasper is just one of a myriad of jaspers found in mineral collections and used in jewelry making. Howlite was discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How and is a white to grey mineral that has erratic streaks that look like cracks. Read about howlite mineral and healing properties. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions.

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