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A short film which calls for the 12 month ban on gay men donating blood to be lifted. A film which encourages people with hearing loss to not let their disability hold them back. Nicole Sneddon (23) from Grangemouth, Stirlingshire shows young people the reality and responsibilities of being a young parent in this Fixers film. A short film which encourages young people to ignore negative stereotypes and fulfil their potential. James Ellis performed at the event after Fixers launched the Get James to Bestival campaign James Connolly wants to to get people talking about the toll of suicide in Northern Ireland Rianna Raymond Williams, 24, is warning young people about the importance of appropriate behaviour in formal environments. A short film educating teachers about how to help students with mental health issues. Chanelle Hopkins, 19, from Havant, Hampshire, wants to encourage young people being sexually exploited to seek help. Jade Forsyth, 19, from Falkirk, wants people to open up about their mental health Natasha McCormick, 16, from Southampton, wants to show girls the benefits of boxing Luke Ambler, 27, from Halifax, wants men to speak out if they are suffering from depression Owen Leach, 16, from the Isle of Sheppey, wants young people to follow their dreams Frances Shillito, 26, has battled anorexia and wants to help others with the condition. Laurence Griffin, 25, from Skipton, wants young people to receive more support when they transition from education to work Nathan Barr, 17, wants to highlight the lack of youth facilities available in Waringstown, Co Down. Tonicha Simpson, 19, from Alnwick, wants young people to stick by friends with mental ill-health Gurdeep Singh Cheema, 21, from Slough, wants to highlight the dangers of online grooming. Morgan Williams, 17, from Stirling, wants improvements to be made to the Customs Roundabout underpasses. James Underwood, 17, from Chesterfield, says it's important to remain positive in the face of adversity Hayley Coombs, 27, from Bath, wants to educate children and their parents about asthma. Samuel Remi-Akinwale, 16, wants to ensure young people are taught life skills at school Poppy Clough, 16, from Llantarnum, wants to inspire young people with hearing impairments. Jodie Broadley, 26, from Sheffield, wants to show the crippling nature of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Lauren Taylor, 20, from Bournemouth, wants to show people that being bullied made her a stronger person. Shane Donaghy, 17, from Cookstown, wants support and understanding for people with autism. Janine Carapatan, 19, from Belfast, says nobody should be bullied because of their differences Lauren Seward, 21 and Marta, 22, from Canterbury, want to show you can have fun without drinking Ryan Howells, 25, from Neath, wants to help young people with dyslexia to get support in school Ben, 25, from Southampton, wants to encourage victims of domestic violence to seek support Tony Supreme, 27, from South London, wants to show how poetry can help young people from the most challenging of backgrounds to express their feelings. Harriet Davis, 25, from Lancaster, wants better understanding of eating disorders in the medical profession. Ella Denton, 19, from Colchester, wants to show what being a young carer entails. Bee Daws, 25, from Gloucester, uses puppetry to help with depression and anxiety. Natasha Mead, 22, from Plymouth, wants people to get into sport regardless of the challenges they face. Alice*, 17, from Stockport, wants to encourage people who are self-harming to ask for help Lisa-Marie Belcher, 21, from Jaywick, wants to show what it's like to have social anxiety Matt Hood, 16, from Edinburgh, wants to educate students about the issues facing trans teens. Gemima Christodoulou-Peace, 19, from Ipswich, doesn't want gender to prevent youngsters from choosing a career. Cody Rennie, 24, from Manchester, wants to break down prejudices about homelessness Ben Evans, 21, from Southfields near Wimbledon, wants to encourage openness about being transgender. Nichola Wright, 21, from County Durham, wants more young women to take up engineering as a career. Lauren Taylor, 22, from Bournemouth, wants to show how bullying can impact someone with disabilities. Catherine Divers, 18, from Penrith, wants young people to be aware of their rights in the workplace. 'Amy', 24, from Kent, wants to make young people aware of the joint enterprise law. Rachel Harris, 20, from Middlesbrough, wants more support for young people with dyspraxia in schools. Raymond Lillycrop, 21, from Milford Haven, wants employers to look beyond disabilities Naomi Lloyd, 18, from Lisburn, wants anorexia to be recognised as a mental illness Charlie Bowie, 17, from Fife, Scotland, wants young people caring for loved ones with alcohol or drug addictions to get support The first parliamentary inquiry into sexual harassment in schools was launched following research from Fixers. Zenisha Peterkin, 17, from Camberwell, wants to encourage self-confidence in young people Risa Romy, 17, from Dorchester, wants more people from ethnic minorities to become organ donors. Raymond Lillycrop, 21, from Milford Haven, wants employers to see past jobseekers' disabilities Rosie-Anne Wright, 19, from Taunton, wants to help young people with the transition from school to college Carla McCallion and Naomi McGill, 17, from Cushendall, want to show the dangers of texting while driving Guy Holness, 26, from Dudley, wants to use creativity to make his home town a place where people can be proud to live Aneica Duffy, 22, from Four Glen in County Derry, is encouraging people with IBD to live life to the full Emma Oldfield, 22, from Stockton-on-Tees, wants medical professionals to improve how they treat people recovering from an eating disorder. Courtney Thomas, 16, from Daventry, wants to show how creativity can help people deal with challenges Martin Berisford, 24, from Coventry, wants to encourage people not to be held back by their disability. Rediat Abayneh, 24, from Bristol, wants to thank Britain for giving her a safe place to live. Proscovia Kongai, 22, from Woolwich, wants schools to do more to help bereaved youngsters. Chris Bird, 29, from Bridgwater, wants people with mental health issues to embrace their differences. Lyla Asif, 26, from Leeds, wants to change attitudes in the south Asian community towards disability Mac Cook, 16, from Orkney, wants to highlight the challenges for teens growing up in isolated, rural communities. Jessica Ofori-Forbes, 20, from Hackney, is encouraging young carers to look after themselves. Manus Corr, 19, from north Belfast, wants to educate young people about the negative sides of social media Georgia Edwards, 23, from Hereford, wants the police to be better trained when dealing with people in mental health crisis. Caitlen Middleton, 17, from Holyhead, wants to stop young people putting themselves in danger by drinking underage Luke Murphy, 22, from North Lanarkshire, wants to highlight how chronic illnesses affect young people. A short film encouraging professionals to have more understanding of young carers. Bethany Roberts, 17, from Milford Haven, wants to help young people being labelled to build resilience Ben Rist, 24, from Chatham in Kent, wants people to follow three simple steps when helping others suffering with anxiety. Ed Southgate, 20, from Bristol, who developed anorexia when he was a teenager, has launched a campaign to show that the illness doesn't just affect females. Swansea University student, Ella Wilkinson, 21, has launched a campaign with Fixers to get young people to make more of an effort when it comes to recycling. Jane (not her real name), 20, from Cambridgeshire, wants to urge all professionals working with young Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) victims to treat them with respect. Abi Fraser, 17, from Wem near Shrewsbury, wants to warn people about the growing dangers of antibiotic resistance. Luke Moynan, 17 from St Cleer, Liskeard, is campaigning with Fixers for a better bus service to serve young people in the area. After being diagnosed with post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter 4-years-ago, Lauren Murchison, 23, from Carlisle is encouraging other young mums not to bottle up their emotions. Megan, 17, from Southampton, wants people to be more understanding towards those grieving for a pet. Naomi Rodgers, 21, from Tain, is highlighting how hard it can be for people to open up about their mental health issues. Sian Bentley, 20, from Kendal, is campaigning for the use of natural flood management measures Evangeline, 20, from Chesterfield, wants people to spend less time on their mobile phones and be more present. Chloe Hopkins, 25, from Prestatyn, wants to warn young people about stalkers and to encourage them to stay safe. Chloe Neesham, 19, from Workington, wants young people to be positive about their body image. Rae Bolton, 25, from South Shields, wants more support for children being bullied in school. Janie Banks, 20, from Basildon, wants young people to take up a hobby to help with life's troubles. Jess Stoddard, 20, from Manchester, is warning people about the dangers of binge drinking. Stephanie Keenan, 18, from Ramsgate, is encouraging victims of bullying to confide in someone they trust. Dylan McCoarty, 18, from Portstewart, is warning young people about the dangers of alcohol misuse. Jorjia Reed, 16, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, who has been bullied in the past, has teamed up with Fixers and is using music to inspire others with similar experiences to stay strong. Thirza Walton, 19, from Preston, wants teachers to better understand what life is like for young carers Lucy Prentice, 19, from Pencada near Carmarthen, wants young carers to be able to study full time. Saba, 18, from Calderdale, wants to break the taboo surrounding the issue of forced marriage. Georgia Edwards, 23, from Hereford, wants the police need to stop treating mentally unwell people like criminals. Onyx Uwandulu, 16, from Newbridge, wants young girls to find something they are passionate about Olivia Rees, 17, from Swansea, wants to show the benefits of volunteering for young people and businesses. Chezelle Craig, 37, from Croydon, wants to raise awareness of Neonatal Herpes virus after it claimed the life of her son. Judith and Chloe MacCombe, 21, from Claudy, want to challenge preconceptions of albinism. Izzy Harris has struggled from compulsive tendencies since the age of eight, and has teamed up with Fixers to raise awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Jessica Jayne, 23, from Leyland, wants to help young people talk about their mental health Aidan Furlong, 23, from Manchester, wants to show the impact death anxiety has on him Lucia Harrington, 17, from Grange-over-Sands, is calling for more support for young people with anxiety. Jack Davis, 22, from Bradford, wants to encourage grieving fathers to ask for help Andy Dunne, 24, from Cambridge, is urging more men to open up about their mental health Emily Long, 18, from the Isle of Sheppey, and Daska Knapcova, 18, from Sittingbourne, want to encourage people to learn basic mental health first aid skills. Tara Henry, 16, from Craigavon in County Armagh, wants to show what it's like to suffer from agoraphobia Sam Bakarat wants Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to be more accessible Ashley Carter, 16, from Taunton, wants to stop people being bullied because they look different Rachel Frier, 27, a youth worker from Rotherham in South Yorkshire wants to educate young people on the risks of online grooming. Jordan Smith-Howell, 23, from Milford Haven, wants people to be mindful about the language they use when talking to trans men and women. Shannon Johnson, 18, from Seaton Delaval, wants to encourage girls to take up rugby. Bonnie Fox, 20, from Derby, wants people with mental health conditions to be treated equally. Marcus Allen, 17, from Tonbridge, is highlighting the signs that someone may be feeling suicidal. Lou Rapado-Evans, 18, from Swansea, wants to help people understand the term 'non-binary'. Female Genital Mutilation survivors working with Fixers share their harrowing testimonies in a film designed to promote understanding and awareness among midwives. Jordan Mothersole, 16, from Sittingbourne, wants to raise awareness of complex PTSD. A short film highlighting the prejudice faced by LGBT communities in homophobic countries and the importance for victims to be able to claim asylum. Chloe, whose real name has not been used, wants to encourage people struggling with addiction to seek help Lucia Mee, 17, from Ballycastle, has had three liver transplants and wants children to learn about the organ donation register in schools George Gathern, 17, from Brighton, is encouraging people to think about the amount of food they waste Alice, 24, from Caerphilly, wants to raise awareness of domestic abuse in LGBT relationships Pembe Tokluhan, 18, from Hackney, wants to improve relations between the police and young people Jess Oman, 20, is encouraging young people not to believe everything they read online Jade Lochhead, 21, from Paisley is campaigning for transport to be free for young carers Milly Banks, 23, from Cheltenham, wants to encourage people to be more understanding of hidden illnesses. Luis John, 22, from Catford, London, has Asperger's Syndrome. He has created this film showing the world through his eyes and hopes it will help people understand him better. Kirsty, 17, from West Yorkshire, wants to show how damaging it is to share explicit images online. Lewis Hern, 17, from Pontypool, wants to change the guidelines on gay men donating blood. Azzees Minott, 24, from Upton Park, wants to show young people that politics in entrenched in every aspect of their lives. Rudolf Brenyah, 25, from Chatham, Kent, wants young people to find their purpose in life and pursue it. Alisha Mitchell, 21, from Forest Hill, wants to show the impact gang crime has on families Demi-Leigh Freeman, 19, from Dudley, wants young people to talk about their mental health James Ireland, 24, from Southend-on-Sea, wants more disability sports shown on mainstream TV Simeon Wakely, 19, from Timsbury, wants more disability sports to be shown on television Harriet Davis, 24, from Lancaster, wants to show that eating disorders can happen to anyone Jasmine Rankin, 22, from Taunton, wants prospective employers to look past disabilities Kobe Still, 17, from Folkestone, wants young people to be compassionate towards veterans Ellie Rodger, 16, from Banchory, wants people to stop making negative judgements about others Caitlin Ronan, 17, from Ledbury, and her team wanted young hospital patients to be involved in the 'transition' process. Zishi Zhang, 18, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, wants young people to make changes at a local and national level Guy Holness, 25, from Dudley, wants young people to embrace creativity to make positive changes Will Lyon Tupman, 22, from Cambridge, wants young people from foster care backgrounds to reach their full potential Ben Bengey, 19, from Ilfracombe, Devon, wants young people to pursue a career in the fishing industry. Howard Wicks, 21, from Kingsbridge, has locked-in syndrome and wants to encourage people to stay positive whatever life throws at them Aaron Kinney, 12, is encouraging youngsters not to use drugs as a coping mechanism Jodie Broadley, 26, from Sheffield, wants to show how serious Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is. Stefan Clarke, 21, from Ballymoney, wants people to stop making assumptions about people with learning disabilities Nat Pattinson, 20, from Cumbria, says that wheelchair basketball has changed his life Jack Marasco, 20, from Newport, wants young people to know the signs of domestic violence Amy Payne, 19, from Southampton, wants people to realise that bullies need help too. Serena Arthur, 19, from South Yardley, wants to tackle poor literacy rates amongst children in the city. Sophie Clarke, 18, from Framlingham, wants to educate parents and teachers on self-harm Farid Saleh, 21, from Islington, wants to challenge negative attitudes towards care leavers. James Gordon, 24, from Derby, wants people to find a creative outlet for their emotions Cynthia, 20, from Birmingham, wants every child in the UK to be given the same opportunities regardless of where they were born. Ryan Dack, 23, from Middlesbrough, says powerchair football has changed his life. Amy Hepburn, 18, from Glasgow, wants to show that young people can also be affected by arthritis Emilia Ashton, 17, from Rotherham, wants to challenge the negative reputation of her hometown Ellie*, 21, from Aldershot, wants to show that drug use can spiral out of control Jemma Watson, 17, from Pudsey in Leeds, wants creative subjects to be taken more seriously in schools. Jessica Atkinson, 24, from Crediton in Devon, wants mothers to be more open about postnatal depression. Nathan McCard, 18, from Lisburn in County Antrim, wants to encourage people being bullied to seek help. Amy Blockwell, 21, from Milford Haven, wants more support for the parents of premature babies Louise Bown, 20, from Erdington, wants to show that your mental health doesn't define you Terri Reid, 24, from Liverpool, is encouraging mothers with postnatal depression to seek help. 'Lily' and a group of young people from Newcastle have made this film to show that anyone can become a victim of sexual exploitation Ayesha Khan, 17, from Peterborough, wants young people to get involved in politics Shano Khorshed, 18, from Leeds, is using coffee cup sleeves to help refugees to bridge language barriers Kobe Still, 17, from Folkestone in Kent, wants to encourage respect for people in the armed forces Emma Rogerson, 17, and her sister Toni, 19, from Hartlepool, want to prevent people from taking their own lives. Alice Gray, 25, from Cardiff, wants more girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths Robyn Wimble, 22, from Croydon, wants young people to open up about their mental health Georgia Goodman, 19, and Jonathan Hughes, 21, from Cumbria, want to warn people about sextortion Scott Parker, 23, from Brighton, wants to encourage greater acceptance of alternative families Caitlen Middleton, 17, from Holyhead, wants young people to stay safe when they're having fun Louie Greenwood, 20, from Swansea, is campaigning for more gender neutral toilets. Tatiana Draper, 25, wants to show that people with disabilities can live independent lives Jemima Browning, 16, from Stutton, wants to promote activity groups for young people with disabilities. Connor Moody-Russell, 19, from Southampton, is encouraging young men to feel happy about how they look. Emma-Louise Petrie, 16, from Falkirk, wants to encourage young women to achieve their goals Emma Oldfield, 22, from Stockton on Tees, wants health professionals to individualise treatment of eating disorders. Josh Adams, 19, from Towcester, wants professionals to engage more with young people caring for relatives with mental health conditions Ashleigh Parker, 25, from Brighton, wants young people to make friends with members of the older generation Nick Walker, 23, from Gloucester, wants to help young people not in education or employment to find their self-worth. Alizeh Abdul Rahman, 17, from Plymouth, wants to show the benefits of teaching religious education in schools. Andrew Hughes, 24, from Carlisle, wants young people to have a better understanding of autism. Chloe Hammond, 18 from New Brancepeth, wants to see better public access for young disabled people. Rochdale Fixers Bilal Khan, 17 and fellow Fixer Abid Rahman, 18, hope that their campaign will improve understanding of their religion. Charley Zakrzewski, 25, who was born with a rare disorder which affects her movement is encouraging young people to make the most of life despite the challenges they may face. Kate Grant, 19, from Cookstown in County Tyrone, wants people with disabilities to be taken seriously. Nicole Williams, 24, from Wrexham, wants primary school children to be taught about mental health Ben Dalton is calling for age limits to be imposed on tyres fitted to buses and coaches Jenny Brooks, 20, from Leicester, wants to show that autism affects girls as well as boys. Jayde Shane, 16, from Folkestone, Kent, wants people with autism to use it to their potential Calvin Glen, 17, from Poole, wants to increase the public's understanding of autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Leanne, 22, from Solihull, started cutting herself when she was at primary school. She gives an insight to the world of self-harm in a bid to equip parents with better knowledge. Charlene Woracker, 25, from Sheffield, is calling for the parents of children with special needs to share their experiences so they can help each other feel less isolated. Cal Lunt, 26, from Liverpool, is campaigning for better representation of transgender people in the media Kieran Benito-Knight, 21, from Cambridge, wants to improve people's understanding of gender identity. Jacob wants to show that having a disability doesn t need to stop you from excelling within the sports industry. A group of young people from Kent want to highlight the benefits of Outdoor Learning as a positive alternative to mainstream schooling. Daniel Habte, 19, from Folkestone, wants teens living in the UK to appreciate how lucky they are. Kayleigh Clinton, 17, from Ashford, wants to take the fear out of coming out for many LGBT+ teens. Ackley De Silva, 17, from north east London, wants to help people speak up about their experiences of abuse A short film encouraging people with special educational needs to know they can achieve great things. Judith and Chloe MacCombe, 21, from Claudy, want to challenge preconceptions of albinism. div" data-cycle-auto-height="calc" data-cycle-carousel-fluid="true" data-cycle-next="#right11335" data-cycle-prev="#left11335"> Young people who've struggled with anxiety, seek to smooth the path for others. In May 2015 the nation shared a hug in memory of Stephen Sutton. Find out more

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The website of young people [Fixers] using their past to fix the future. They are motivated by personal experience to make positive change for themselves and those around them.

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