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Technical drawing Contents of this page: basic courses and information about Technical drawing. This site is the basic technical drawing to mediate and thus directed to technicians, engineers, mechanical engineers, students and all others who are involved in engineering and construction to do. And especially to all the Technical drawing learn. In various online scripts are the basics (such as line types, projection types, design bases, etc.) described in further basic courses are special topics of technical drawing depicted (such as cuts, representation of threads, assembly drawings and much more). We have not yet all subjects in this website, but there are more and more information about the Technical Drawing published. About Technical drawing Definition The objective of the technical drawing, it is a standard representation of an object to create. The drawing must be clearly identified so that their assistance to me the object depicted is reproducible. Typical professions involved in technical drawing have to do are engineers, draftsmen, designers, architects, Architectural, etc. History The history of technical drawing began in principle in the 15th Century after Christ. Today's best-known representative was Leonardo da Vinci, his many inventions (including a chain of links, war machines, Flugaparate etc.) in many (technical) drawings stated. The fundamental basic knowledge of geometry was even before the birth of Christ by mathematicians such as Pythagoras of Samos or Euclid of Alexandria discovered and explored. JUEG mementos and documents for technical drawings can be found in works of the French flight pioneer Jacques de Vaucanson (around 1700) or in patent documents from the 19th Century. In recent centuries, the Technical drawing ever developed. There are a variety of tools established to create technical drawings such as easier Drawing board, ink pens, writing templates, Kurvenlineale and much more. While still only in pencil and ink pen on Tranparentpapier or transparent Zeichnefolien was drawn, have worsened since the advent of computer technology in the office everyday increasing number of computer-assisted methods (CAD) enforced. Currently, most 3D CAD systems. It will produce three-dimensional body, of which the technical drawings can be derived.

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This site offers free online courses on basic technical drawing. Instructions, information and facts about technical drawing.

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