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A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future. Original Mattress Factory was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 22, 2008 and since then this brand received 204 reviews. Original Mattress Factory ranks 42 of 257 in Bed and Bath category. The overall rating of the company is 2.1 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Reviewers write the most about Original Mattress Factory Mattress and give it 2.2 stars out of 5. Original Mattress Factory was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 22, 2008 and since then this brand received 204 reviews. Original Mattress Factory ranks 42 of 257 in Bed and Bath category. The overall rating of the company is 2.1 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Reviewers write the most about Original Mattress Factory Mattress and give it 2.2 stars out of 5. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Original Mattress Factory to ask questions about: Return/ Replace, Activation/ Cancellation. Review authors value the most Location and Website. Consumers are not pleased with Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy and Customer service. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. I am a middle-class person, so $1500+ for a mattress and box springs was a lot of money for me, a major purchase. I bought the top-of-the-line mattress and box springs in a queen size. My husband and I are normal-weight people, and we stated our weight to the... This mattress looks like it is 20 years old. The store does not back up the mattress. They sent us a piece of foam and told us to flip the mattress every 3 months. After reading the reviews on the internet, I have found out that we are not the only people having this... I think I bought the same. What was delivered was completely different from what we tried in the store.The mattress delivered is so uncomfortable we can hardly sleep on it. It leaves painful areas on our hips after 2-3 minutes.Worst ripoff of my life as a consumer. I hate these people. Mattres has lumps. The springs poke you. Called them they came out and said it was fine. Sorry about your luck. They did send me a two inch piece of foam. Iwas also told they guarantee the construction not the comfort. What apiece of *** bed and company. Save your money go somewhere else. Older couple, been buying OMF beds for years but had to return the latest purchase. The "normal" off gassing lasted over 6 months and was making my husband sick. Original Mattress Factory took the bed back. They did right by us but it is frustrating. We never had this before with their beds. I think it is the dark fabric, the customer service guy thinks it's the foams inside. Either way, please would you guys go back to using the old materials? They didn't stink, not even from the first day and the beds were wonderful. Paid over $2,300 for so called double spring mattress with latex and gel Thought I was getting a quality mattress It is nothing like the mattress I lay on in the shop I want my money back but am told I can only exchange for another mattress once I already know the quality of the base and mattress I have is crap I’m not interested in trying another one Told I should try sleeping on it longer for it to soften What a load of nonesense I don’t want to go through this again I am constantly on pain meds due to the mattress and at the physio It’s like sleeping on corrugated iron After first night I lay on heat bags all day the next day I was offered the one off the floor - I’m not interested in taking a mattress laid on by numerous people I’ve made a big mistake trusting the hype I was told The delivery guy also broke the lights on my stairs so I am now waking up and down my stairs in total darkness I’m told they will be fixing this issue ...hope it’s before I have a fall - it’s been over 4 weeks I’m writing this review after midnight beside myself unable to sleep I’m over it I am a paraplegic and I bought an adjustable bed from Original Matress Company in Monroe NC. When you raise the bed up and down the matress slides and pushes the matress catch bar out of the holes on the bottom. This make me have to sleep with the matress down to the point that bend is not in the place where my back bends. Call Original Matress in Monroe they sent someone out to access the problem after three weeks the guy come back with a Velcro strap to put around bed he put it on I made the bed go up and down and the matress does the same thing even without me being in it. I Have called back several times and all I get is “ we don’t have a fix for it”. Terrible customer service and a terrible product. I would advise anyone not to buy from them if this is the way they treat their customers. My old bed was worn out but I wish I had it back at least I could sleep through the night without be in pain and uncomfortable. Within the first couple months, we noticed that both my wife and I were forming lower areas on each side of the mattress, with a hill in between us. We are both about 160 pounds. The store manager suggested we rotate the mattress, and we do, but there is no position that removes the hill between us. Because the King mattress requires a set of box springs, I can't help thinking the hill is caused by the edges of these two together down the center. The photo doesn't quite capture it, but there is a visible shadow on either side of the higher center. According to the Original Mattress Factory return policy, it is possible to address a side-related issue for a 25 to 50% fee. There is also the option to exchange the mattress if it isn’t comfortable.If you have a comfort-related issue with your new mattress, you have one year from the time of possession to address any comfort-related issues with your new mattress. Within this time, you have the ability to reselect a different model for a fee of 25% of the less expensive mattress or set price. You may find more information about the Original Mattress Factory in the article “Mattress Firm vs Original Mattress Factory Pros and Cons”.You may also reach out to the Original Mattress Factory customer care team for assistance. The company contact information is available on the Original Mattress Factory Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website. @Larry Taylor You guys need to do your research better the original mattress factory has no stores outside of the USA and the mattress firm vs original mattress factory is very inaccurate on both companies... I love it this author has no clue what she is talking about terrible research on both companies...this is a lazy Millennial trying to act smart typical millennial there’s a reason your generation has such a bad reputation.... You’re not trying to be helpful at all you’re just trying to hurt two companies Bought at $2000 matterss and was told to sleep on it for 6 weeks before it will be comfortable as it will be hard for that long. Ive waited 6 weeks and matterss still hard and uncomfortable and is now giving me a sore back and sleepless nights!! It has been very hard to get a full refund and the head management in Cairns store, Anna, was pushing me to get another matterss from them and that is not what i wanted. Be very careful of these matterss thay have a very think layer of memory foam which never gets it's comfort We have Orthopedic EuroTop Set(King) that was purchased 12-19-17 as Christmas gift.We have spent the last year trying to get the Original Mattress Factory to work we us because of constant back problems.They have removed the mattress and kept in for a week(asked if we... Back pain is a comfort issue warrantees do not cover comfort from any corporation on any item. Sounds to me like you want your money back because your back hurts that has nothing to do with the quality of the product you snowflake I bet you're overweight your back hurts because you have what's called lordosis which is what pregnant women get Sealy 1.8 94 Reviews “I bought what I thought was a top-of-the line product. My mattress was delivered 5 weeks after ordering...“ Mattress Firm 1.8 1203 Reviews “I recently on Memorial Day bought a queen mattress memory foam with the contempo queen adj base. Four...“ Serta 1.7 329 Reviews “We bought Serta Icomfort King Mattress in Oct.2013 it came with 25 year warranty but warranty would be...“ TempurPedic 1.7 396 Reviews “If you have experienced a tempurpedic mattress that feels like it is falling apart and not doing what it...“ Whoever wrote this review about a mattress at OMF has never bought a mattress before. No companies accept returns on mattresses. Welcome to Earth. I've bought 3 mattresses from OMF. One was just the wrong size. I bought a queen instead of a full. Guess what. No returns but you can get 50% off the next buy. I donated my other one and took the full tax deduction. Seems fair to me. My personal advice would be to buy the orthopedic luxury firm mattress. It's a basic no nonsense standard mattress that's well made. The review above is ridiculous. I have a neighbor a little like that. He'll use something for 6 months and then want to return it. Yes I'm aware they just bought the mattress. That's why they have models all over the floor. Lie down on them. I agree that they will work with you I’ve bought from them many times, just last year I bought one for my mother in a nursing home facility she said it was too firm guess what I bought another one and it was only 25% of the total cost of the new mattress seems fair to me my mother’s 93 years old so she was unable to come in and lay down on the mattress so I had to guess, you’re just complaining like most people do because you chose the wrong mattress and now you want the company to give you your money back. I know they tell you you can’t return them...Be an adult and take responsibility for your own actions in life that’s what’s wrong with this entire country lately, it’s full of a bunch of big babies like you. Grow up! It is horrible. Original Mattress Factory will do nothing to correct. They just want me to spend more money.Or should I say waste more money. A nightmare of an experience. Purchase of King orthro was second mattress . Delivermen damaged coils, hinging during unprofessional delivery on a Saturday. That Monday contacted store in Douglaville, GA. A 'fix-it' guy came to my home a week later, inspected the mattress and acknowledged damage. They pick-up the mattress and returned it to their factory to open and do an internal inspection. I didn't pay for a damaged, re-opened, repaired mattress. I requested a new mattress of same type. I refused re-delivery, so they still have the mattress. AmEx reversed charges after a month long investigation. I went and purchased two other kings'. One month later, after recevieving an intimidating response from the Original mattress Factory, AmEx reverses their decision. I no longer need a King mattress, but am expected to pay for a mattress that the Original Mattress Factory has. They could have resolved this months ago. There are warranties that donate returned mattresses to charity. The Original Mattress Factory chose this route! FYI the only way American Express Visa MasterCard or any other card provider will reverse the disputed charge is if you are in the wrong. They always initiate an immediate credit to the account pending the outcome of the investigation it's in your card term agreement.There are laws that they have to follow so according to your statement The mattress factory did everything they agreed to do in your purchase agreement which is a legally binding contract might I add and I'm sure they'll bring your mattress back, since obviously you own it... i'd be willing to bet there's a clause in their warranty that they will repair or replace at their discretion all warranties have that clause does not matter what the product is...but this is the world we live in nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore and everybody is the victim.... pretty sad state of affairs we have become a nation of pansies Yeah this person is crazy no way American Express would let the merchant keep the money if the merchant was in the wrong I work for a credit card processor I see this type of stuff happens all the time The only way that you get to keep your money is if you prove the fraud... it's funny by this person issuing a charge back they committed fraud against the mattress company lucky for them Credit card companies don't actually prosecute people for attempting fraud against them unless it exceeds $10,000....there's a reason credit card provider have people sign an affidavit stating that this is true and accurate when you issue a chargeback... be lucky that company is not pressing charges against you... what an idiot...you basically put online that you committed fraud... your like these young kids these days that rob peoples houses and post the video on YouTube and wonder why they get arrested I also had been a happy previous customer til this last purchase. We bought a $1400 California queen pillow top as I had purchased many years ago and it was a great mattress for 14 years. I checked around before going back to omf and couldn’t find anyone that makes a cal queen. Since I’d bought and loved the previous mattress I figured it was safe to buy again from omf. 11 months later we noticed a low spot in the mattress and we were waking up with back problems. I called omf and they sent someone out, he agreed it had a 1” indentation but said per specs they’re allowed up to 1-1/2” indentation (what????). Representative said they could take it back to factory take it apart inspect to see if they could find a problem. They picked it up had it for a day and sent it back and said they didn’t find anything wrong with it. That night sales Mgr and production mgr called me said they found nothing wrong with it and they weren’t going to do anything else, basically I spent more money for their mattress and I was stuck with a sagging mattress less than a year old. Ok, got me once but you won’t get me twice nor will my friends and contacts cause I’ve posted this and told friends looking for mattresses. I’ve notice they’re advertising more than I can remember they ever did before, huh. All they had to do was keep putting out a good product but they forgot about the customer and providing a good product that I want to buy again. When I replaced the year old mattress, I didn’t even consider Original Mattress Factory (omf). Friends don’t let friends buy junk (omf). I have bought from these folks numerous times and yeah usually a new mattress feels a tad firmer than the one in the store because people try them out in the store it's not brand new however if you need foam I know for a fact they will give you the foam for free to soften the bed and they let you donate the old set if you reselect and you pay 25% of the lower-priced item so if you donate it covers your cost which is very fair if you ask me you're just complaining because you're dissatisfied that you can't return something that you changed your mind about I own a beer drive thru in rocky river and you can't return the beer once you've left even if it's not open. people complain online to try to hurt the business reputation instead of working something out and being adult about it.... I don't understand why people have the attitude now a days that they're not responsible for anything it's always someone else's fault I know for a fact they tell you that you cannot return the mattress once you buy it like I said been a customer of theirs for 20+ years only defending them because I've always treated me fairly and I've had the same issue you've had in the past. Update by user Jul 31, 2018 when you wake up every morning, if you feel tired and aching back, you should change the mattress. oh wait, its new old school junk!if you can feel the spring and ridge on the surface of the mattress when you sleep, the mattress can be changed. oh wait, its new old... I purchased a mattress and was told i have 100 days to try if not happy we can swap well today 24/6/18 i rang them up to swap and the manager of warrawong store was so rude and cold and she served us when we purchased and today she said there will e a fee of $35 for collection and $65 for delivery when she said at the time of purchase just $50 if you change now 50 is not even a number so so unfair and rude and missleading i will never ever ever go there again and ill make sure people know how they loe and trick people and have hidden fees Original review posted by user May 10, 2018 My husband and I bought an mattress from The Original Mattress couple months ago. It is miserable. When we tried the mattress out in the store in Snellville, GA it was a dream. The one we received the mattress at our home was not the same as in-store. I feel like I am Sleeping on a bed of Bricks. The only way we can begin to sleep on the bed is that we have a 4inch mattress foam from Plush Beds. ( the Plush Bed foam is the bomb). The return Policy is Awful. If I am going to pay OMF 25% to exchange the mattress, I might as well go the competitor to buy a new one. I promise you I will not recommend OMF to anyone. I plan to notify the state of Georgia and file a complaint against the OMF. The rating for OMF is a negative zero. I am affiliated with this business and need to report something about this review or business Full Name Job Title Email Issue Description I am the author of review and would like to remove it If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter I want to report something else I am affiliated with this business and need to report something about this review or business Full Name Job Title Email Issue Description

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Original Mattress Factory has 204 reviews with an average rating of 2.1. Consumers are mostly dissatisfied with their purchases and say: Piece of Junk, Bought top of the line mattress. Ruts in less than 30 days., Miss My Wife

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