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description:Google Play Store is a tool of absolute necessity to keep you fairly frequently updated on a day to day basis, Play store download free last version
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October 22nd, 2008 marks the initial release year of Google Play. Google Play Store, originally known as Android Market, is a digital distribution platform for digital media. It is developed and operated by Google and serves as the official application download store for the Android operating system. It is one of the most astonishing API (Application Program Interface) package software for Android users. Play Store has made peoples lives all around the globe so much easier as it allows users to browse and download Android SDK developed applications, which are published through Google. Google Play has succeeded in making the world a global community as it has helped people connect and interact in the best way possible. It (Google Play Store offers digital media as well as movies, music, books, magazines, and television programs. Previously, it also offered Google hardware devices for sale until March 11, 2015, when a separate online hardware retailer was introduced, Google Store.

Google Play Store download

Anyone who has had to use a smartphone has had some experience downloading Google Play. This is especially prevalent when one acquires China-based technology or a second-hand root terminal that does not come with preinstalled Google apps.

Today, most smartphones come with a preinstalled inbuilt Play Store application. If you cannot see it on your newly bought smartphone, it might be hidden. You can search for it by opening the Applications icon. If it is not functioning, try and launch it a second time. However, those that dont come with the app at all prompt the users to get it from other users or download it off the internet. This occurs with smartphones that do not come with the Google certificate that is required for the Play Store application installation, which is not readily available to hackers and classic Chinese device clones. If this is the case with your smartphone, this article will provide you with clear guidelines on how to easily download the application on your phone without worrying over the Google certificate. Just follow the guidelines, and you will be connected with the world.

Google Play Store App Download

First, you will need to check the Android version of your device. You can go to the settings tab, then look for the section that states the device specification. There, you will find its Android version stated. If the Android version is 2.3 or newer, then your device can support the download of the Play Store application. If your Android version is older than Android 2.3, your device will not be able to download the latest version of the application.

After confirming the Android version, proceed to download the Play Store APK file. APK, which stands for .exe files, is custom built for the installation of different applications on Android devices. The APK file will make the Play Store app available for download. Once online, you will find many sites that provide the latest version of the Google Play Store app for download. Some of these sites may have virus infected APK files that may cause damage to your phone or computer, so ensure that you validate the authenticity of the site before downloading the application. It is also crucial to know that the Google Play Store app is free of charge, so avoid any sites that request payment for the application download.

Google Play Store apk

If you are unsure of the site to use for the app download, follow our post on the installation of Play Store APK to get the download link (Official Play Store App Download), which has been checked by our team and used to install the application on their smartphones. The site is secure and safe, and free of any errors that may be fatal to your smartphone or your personal computer. You can also check the reviews of the site from other users and see if it is reliable enough to download the application. You can first download the app to your personal computer, then transfer it to your smartphone using a USB cable.

Google Play Store App Installation

Once you have downloaded the Google Play Store APK file, you will need to change the settings on your device to allow its installation. To do this, go to the settings tab, and open the security bar. There, you will find an option dubbed Unknown sources and enabling it will allow installation of applications from unknown sources, in this case, the Google Play Store app. If a warning about how the application might damage your device pops up, ignore it as the application download is from totally safe authorities. Open the Google Play Store download file, and read the terms and conditions provided. Once you have accepted them, the installation process will begin. After the application has been downloaded to your device, you can disable the installation of applications from unknown sources to protect your smartphone or personal computer from virus threats.

Download Play Store for Android

Now you can open your Google Play Store app, and every Android application will be at your disposal and ready for download at the click of a button. The application provides a user-friendly interface for easy interaction with Android users, and anybody with basic knowledge can download; chat applications such as WhatsApp messenger, games, shopping applications, E-paper apps, weather apps, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and many more. This is done by just selecting the application you want and clicking the Install button on the interface. You can also read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music, or even watch your favorite movie, all at the touch of a button. The applications downloaded through Google Play Store come in a form that is readily compatible with your android device. Their updates are also automatically installed on the Android device without having to download the application all over again.

Downloading applications from Google Play Store also keeps your Android device safe from ay malware or virus attack threats, unlike downloading them from other unverified sites on the internet. Every week, Google runs a two-tier security check on all applications available on Play Store.

Whether this is your first smartphone or your first experience as an Android user, Google Play Store is an essential piece for your device, and this article is sure to get you started.


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Google Play Store is a tool of absolute necessity to keep you fairly frequently updated on a day to day basis, Play store download free last version

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