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By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement Title: Thirty Years LaterFandom: Young Justice cartoonPairing: Bart/JaimeRating: generalNotes: I actually wrote this a while ago, between Intervention and Summit, and luckily didn't get jossed by the finale.Summary: An Allen-Reyes family evening. 270 words.Title: Analyze And SuggestFandom: Young Justice cartoonPairing: Bart/Jaime and oh you know Bart/Jaime/ScarabRating: teenNotes: I actually wrote this a while ago, between Intervention and Summit.Summary: Just a little ficlet about making out. 391 words.Tags: bart, bart allen, drabble, fanfic, fic, impulse, young justice Leave a comment Title: How To Cheer Up A Robin!Rating: GPairing: Tim Drake/Bart Allen (Young Justice Animated Series)Summary: Requested on the yjanon_meme - Tim's really grumpy. Someone cheers him up.Warnings: NoneA/N: Bart's failed attempts to cheer Tim up come directly from Young Justice In No Man's Land 1, where Tim's grumpiness at being kicked out of Gotham forces Kon to make Bart (unsuccessfully) try to cheer Tim up. I adore that scene, so I couldn't help myself when I drew this comic. :) ( How To Cheer Up A Robin! )Tags: bart/tim, fanart Leave a comment Today's episode of the Young Justice cartoon, 2x06 'Bloodlines', introduces a version of Bart Allen. The episode was actually written by Peter David who did the original YJ comic.I had fallen way behind on YJA and just watched episodes 1x14 to 1x26 yesterday and S2 today, so I'm still reeling from trying to deal with a lot of plot and development and all these new versions of characters.But just as to Bart, he's not the horrible non-Bart I had feared. He's kinda typical of what this show does with a lot of characters: a little less bright and shiny, a little more up to something and keeping secrets. But he was nice and I think I'm into the idea of Bart with a smart plan.Also they made fun of Flashpoint and inserted a Doctor Who reference.This month is Bart's 18th anniversary of first publication, so happy birthday to him and appropriate to celebrate that by animating him! 5 comments | Leave a comment So, what do you guys think of the new Kid Flash design?It looks like this is almost certainly Bart. However, it looks like this is the first time the gang are meeting, which means Young Justice has been retconned out of existence (which takes a chunk of the Impulse comic away too, though I guess we won't know how much until after the reboot). So... I like the costume, I don't know if it suits Bart, and I don't know if Kid Flash is going to be the Bart I like. 8 comments | Leave a comment

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