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HOW THEY'VE TURNED YOU INTO A MENTALSLAVE & SOME TOOLS TO HELP YOU DECONSTRUCTING THIS BRAINWASHING ANDGETTING FREE FROM THIS CIRCUSNOTE FROM WEBMASTER : I DIDN'T write the text below. I found it in thenet and am just reproducing it here. The original text was anonymous,although the author used the alias piece_of_nothing. A grammar spellcheck is pending, as well as a remissive index of ideasand subjects which will be added later on. Some chapters, sub-chapters andadditional examples are still being edited in the HTML codes. If you reachone of these sections, please be patient and return afterwards.NOTE : Concepts and practical exercises includealso ideas from "The Matrix", "The Truman Show", CarlosCastaneda, philosophy, quantum physics, George Orwell, Pavlov, kundalini,and Alice in Wonderland.SHORTCUT TO INDEXArtificial Synchronicity, Language Manipulation, Kundalini and the Corners of RealitySUGGESTION :Avoid reading the followingtexts prior to watching the movies below :1) THE MATRIX (with Keanu Reeves);2) THE TRUMAN SHOW (with Jim Carrey).(You may also consider buying these videos and keeping them athome for future reference).* Because the text you are about to read may be too strong for your brain,in case you didn't watch yet any of these movies, I suggest you stop here andgo watch the movies. You may bookmark this page and return later, or savethe texts to your files and read them afterwards (there are dozens of pagesof texts).* If you're going ahead, go slow and chew well every sectionand sub-section before jumping into the next. FEEL YOUR SPEED.* There is also a General Index at the beginning ofSection 3, that you may want to use as a reference.1) INTRODUCTIONAs of March, 2000, THEY represent about 95 to 98 percent of the totalEarth population. YOU KNOW IT. YOU FEEL IT.THEY have been growing in numbers since a "spiritual hurricane"swept up this planet from 1993 to the present day. YOU are a SURVIVOR ofthis situation. YOU KNOW IT. YOU REMEMBER IT.THEY live in two different realities at the same time : THE STAGE and THEBACKSTAGE. You live in one. YOU KNOW IT.THEY read your mind all the time, and manipulate language andsynchronicity to keep what you call "your life" under their control. YOUKNOW IT.THEY try to bend your belief system through falacies, false dichotomies andfalse premises, in order to sell you distorted ideas about their SECONDreality, which is presently only a reality-to-be to you. YOU KNOW IT.THEY sell a dreamworld that doesn't exist, which is quite different fromtheir REAL second reality (the so-called BACKSTAGE), and force you todeliriously fantasize about it. YOU KNOW IT.THEY create DELIRIOUS RULES and sell you free access to their BACKSTAGE ifyou follow these sick rules. YOU KNOW IT.THEY try to describe your day-to-day reality in a distorted way, usingtheir sick beliefs to convince you. YOU KNOW IT.THEY try to turn what you do in your ordinary "life" - for good or for bad- against you. YOU KNOW IT.THEY manipulate every aspect of your "life", from your innermost fears, tothe future your heart truly wishes to live, to the tiny details of yourday-to-day routine (for instance, the decision you will take to have yourcoffee with sugar, sweeter or none of them). YOU KNOW IT.THEY try to turn your thoughts against you. YOU KNOW IT.THEY may even manipulate facts and change realities in the "society" youmay think you live, in case you try to change, "improve" or "fix" things inyour STAGE-WORLD reality. YOU KNOW IT.THEY give you the sensation that you are being JUDGED by them. YOU KNOW IT.THEY manipulate your nightly dreams, through symbols, archetypes, toons orcomics, controlling and hypnotizing your behavior in these dreams. YOU KNOW IT.THEY create false news, performing like actors in your world, just to keepyou "tuned" in their PRISON, or ZOO, or CIRCUS, or MAZE, or whatever name yougive it. YOU KNOW IT.THEY use key words or symbols in the very sentences you hear andsituations you watch all the time, so as to keep you under their control andmanipulate your mind. YOU KNOW IT.Words apparently innocent like : FIRE, MOTHER, POOL, HAIR, DOG, RAIN,TICKET, DEATH, DISABLED PERSON, ALLIGATOR, CAR, WHITE, HELICOPTER, ALCOHOL,PRINCE, BIRTHDAY, ANGEL, HOME, HORSE, PHONE, SHOES, MEAT, LOOKING-GLASS,LEFT AND RIGHT, TEACHER, PHYSICIAN, DENTIST, JAPANESE, KEYS, BANANA, PREGNANT,MILITARY RANKS, WINDOW, JEW, WAVE, BABY, LOTTERY, FOREIGNER, NAKED,ASSIGNMENT, ICE-CREAM, CUBAN, CONTEST, SMOKE, GLASSES, INJECTION, PLAYER,WATERFALL, and so many others. Words that shoot. YOU KNOW IT. YOU KNOWTHEM VERY WELL.THEY have turned you into a mesmerized puppet, and your mind into aslavery condition. YOU KNOW IT.But if you open up your mouth and try to unmask them, THEY will DENYeverything and call you a CRAZY person. If you insist, THEY may even get youliterally under arrest or take you to a madhouse. YOU KNOW IT.THEY ARE CHARACTERS. YOU ARE NOT.THEY LIVE. DO YOU ?In the beginning, you enjoyed it. You were caught in the middle of theWAR between THEM and THE OTHER SIDE, and you were trying to help THEM win thewar.Through mind reading, synchronicity, language and the association ofideas, THEY have created a SECOND MEANING for the very words you hear,repeating thoroughly the key words and intentionally avoiding the synonyms,the other words, and phrases without this second meaning.You probably started to hear a voice (or voices) in your heart, and fellin love for somebody very special. This was good.But now, that the "hurricane" is over, you're still a PRISONER of THEIRlanguage, and can't find your way out of this MAZE. Like Alice, you arestill in the rabbit-hole of THEIR Wonderland, which they try to sell to youas YOUR reality-to-be.Wonderland, Ixtlan, the Promised Land, Xanadu, Magonia, Shangri-La,Paradise, Shell Beach, Santa Claus and the Christmas Day, and so on. Manynames, the same disease for your mind.What a crap, don't you think ?However, it is NOT impossible to get out. Do you wanna try ?Remember John Lennon :"Imagine there is no heaven, I wonder if you try,No hell below us, above us only sky."and at update your links and/or Favorites/Bookmarks)This is one of several copies located on different servers.Write down the following URLs to look for in case you do not manage tofind this page here some day in the future : - THE FORMATION OF THE PRISON(Original upload)3 - ANALYZING AND LISTING THE KEYWORDS(Updated on April 18 th, 2000) -(Related sections added on July 09 th, 2000)* Short Dictionary of Keywords in Alphabetical Order(with Synonyms and Derived Words)* SHORTCUT TO 'DENYING THE TRUTH' SECTION4 - DECONSTRUCTING THEIR SPECULATION - PART I(Original upload)4-A) THEY DON'T TALK ABOUT YOU4-B) SIMILAR DECEIVES SIMILAR4-C) PRACTICAL EXAMPLES* Example #1 - Manipulating your will to "Change the World"* Example #2 - Creating the sensation of Messiahnism8-H.2) THE TRUMANIZATION OF AUDIENCE* Example #6 - The Reincarnationist Approach* Example #7 - The Inevitability Approach* Example #8 - The Cannot-be-changed Approach* Example #9 - The "Follow the Rules like Cattle" Approach* Example #10 - The Conformist Approach* Example #11 - The Astronomical Approach* Example #12 - The Come-and-Have-Fun Approach* Example #13 - The Suicidal Approach12-B) THERE IS NO PODIUM IN THE BACKSTAGE(Pending)12-C) YOUR BELOVED WIFE IS NOT YOUR MOTHER(or YOUR BELOVED HUSBAND IS NOT YOUR FATHER)(Original upload)12-D) KUNDALINI IS NO FIRE(Original upload)12-E) THERE IS NO "GOING BACK HOME"5.III - The homo-rooted vampirism(both gay and lesbian cases) (pending)5.III.1 - History5.III.2 - The false mirrors5.III.3 - Your beloved one as a dentist : muscular women ortranvested men5.III.4 - Deconstructing prejudices in their linguistic brainwashing* Introduction* Emotional distortions* keyword DOG* keyword POOL* keywords HAIR, FAT and NAIL* keyword HANDICAPPED -(Added on July 02 nd, 2000)I - General conceptII - Generic fishing and disabled personsIII - Vampirism, sex, the art of stalking and the idea ofimpedimentIV - Deconstructing the archetype of Forrest Gump and itsrelationship with your past* keyword JEW - (Added on July 09 th, 2000)* Cynical euphemisms for THEIR brainwashing* keyword RAIN* keyword WATER* keyword ALCOHOL* keyword DRUGS* keyword NEWS* keyword MEDICINE* keyword INTEREST RATE* keyword POETRY* Other distortions* keyword NUDE* keyword DINOSAUR* keyword INDIAN* keyword CUBAN (2)* keyword POLICE* Example #2 - The Imitation Approach* Example #3 - The "Going Back Home" Approach* Example #4 - The "Something-to-learn" Approach -(Added on June 13 th, 2000)* Example #5 - The New Belief System Approach -(Added on June 24 th, 2000)* Deconstructing Their Illusions - Strengthening your description of reality* Choosing your Path - The Key Question* Option A - The bib exercises* Option B - The sex path* Character "vampirism"* Comparing Measurable Quantities - You on Top with Keywords* Comparing Knowledge* Comparing the so-called Beauty - You alone and a kundalinic Shellaccompanied* Comparing the so-called Beauty - You versus a person of the same sex* Comparing Alleged Positions in Their Dreamworld-to-Sell* Comparing Biographies in the Stage World(new)* The same importance of every one of us* The creation of idolatry and its mesmerization in the social groups* Mind reading and artificial fame* Idolatry and the media reality makers* Illusory projection of other people's fame over your brain and itsimplications* The role of the media as an instrument of power and the creation of sexsymbols - Updated on August 11 th, 2000* Press manipulation and the formation of fame : putting yourself in theposition of the puppet master* The money connection : sponsoring idolatry through the media* Being in the "news" in the Stage World : deconstructing the circus ofdistortions, reductionism and labels* Beauty contests : deconstructing descriptions of reality* Model career : deconstructing descriptions of reality* Idolatry and the false looking-glass : when he/she is famous in the StageWorld* Dosing the doors of perception : filtering and pulverizingidolatry-based "news"* Deconstructing idolatry through physical opportunities* Gurulatry and doctrines : deconstructing religious-based, belief-based andbehavior-based idolatries* The country idolatry and other geolatries : sponsoring patriotismin the Stage World (new)* General concepts* The apparent kundalinic value of human shells and its elastic variation* The connection between the production of kundalini and the illusion of"vampirism"* Producing kundalini in the Stage World : Bangs, plaits, curly hair, etc. Using special products : colors, dyeing, reconditioners, gels, etc. Special techniques : blow dry, highlights, interlacing, etc. Wigs, hair implants and artificial hairpieces Shave, beards, moustaches, goatees and sideboards Baldness Sensual pieces of clothes : creating a fantasy in your mind Tight or large clothes The huge illusion of vivid colors Textures, shiny clothes and special materials and combinations Accessories, trinkets and jewelry Stuffings (for breasts and buttocks) Female adhesive (indication of sexual excitement on the backside)* Producing extra kundalini in the world of photography, TV, movies, fashionand propaganda Lighting Angles Close-ups, poses and framing (camera) Base cream on the skin : instant apparent tan Stuffing por penis (male models)* Producing kundalini through the use of "nagual elements" - Transformingthe kundalinic level of a shell in 24 hours or so -(new)13 - QUICK REMINDER -USING THE RIGHT LABEL ... OR NOT(Original upload)14 - DECONSTRUCTING THEIR SPECULATION - PART III14-A) THE REALITY FISHING TECHNIQUESPart I(Original upload)* Doubt Fishing* Generic Fishing* Association of Ideas Fishing* Conversation Fishing* Subject FishingPart II(Original upload)* Information Fishing* Kindness Fishing* Honestity Fishing* Charity Fishing* Routine Fishing* Complaint Fishing* Expectations Fishing* Fear FishingExample #1 - 'Clicking' your phone lineExample #2 - Generic fear and the top of memory stackExample #3 - The forbidden subject taboo - (Added on April 10 th, 2000)Example #4 - The chase-and-run-away approach - (Added on June 21 th, 2000)* Self-Pity Fishing* Self-Analysis Fishing* Intimacy Fishing* Intimacy Fishing with Speculation over your AnonymityPart III(Original upload)* Opinion Fishing* Opinion Fishing with Self-Positioning* Criterion Fishing* Behavior Fishing* Multiple Fishing14-B) THE REALITY CLONING TECHNIQUES(Added on April 09 th, 2000)* Definition and general concept* Subject Cloning* Dream Cloning* Self-Pity Cloning* Chat Participation Cloning* You Thought First* You do it because You Want, Not because of Them* They don't Laugh at You* Preference Cloning* Gesture Cloning* Multiple Cloning - (Added on April 11 th, 2000)* Homepage Cloning (by Webmaster Zero Left) -(Updated on July 28 th, 2000)14-C) THE BEHAVIOR INDUCEMENT TECHNIQUE(Added on April 05 th, 2000)14-D) THE TRACING TECHNIQUES -INDUCING YOU TO DEFINE AND LIMIT YOUR REALITY(Pending)15 - QUICK REMINDER -SUGGESTED ARCHETYPES FOR GENERIC USES(Updated on July 25 th, 2000) (Added text "Anti-Homepage Movement")16 - DECONSTRUCTING THEIR SPECULATION - PART IV16-A) DENYING THE TRUTH -THE PRETENDED NATURALNESS TECHNIQUE(Updated on April 22 nd, 2000)* Keeping your mind in the prison* Their characters and the customization of survivors' perceptionfields* The true nature of reality - observer or observed ?* Their characters and the intersection of survivors' perception fields* Forging conflicts between their characters* Associating their characters' alleged "misfortunes" with naturalness16-B) DENYING THE TRUTH -THE "HURRICANE IS NOT OVER" TECHNIQUE(denying the passage of the hurricane through your city years ago)(Updated on April 26 th, 2000)* General concept - The "tight shoe" reality inducement* Remembering the hurricane* The cover-up of the truth with the "sedimented auras" delirium* The "Wally report" technique : anchoring your perception in thetight reality -Added on April 27 th, 2000* Leaving the "source" ... or not* Simulating the existence of the OTHER SIDE and the movements of theWAR - Updated on May 03 rd, 2000* Deconstructing the sensation of having lost the 'train of History' - Added on April 28 th, 2000* Denying the proximity of the 'Global D-Day' -Added on June 11 th, 2000* Example #1 - The guidance approach* Example #2 - The partial free will approach* Example #3 - The Devil's advocate approach* Example #4 - The classroom approach* Example #5 - The retirement approach* Example #6 - The safety approach* Example #7 - The intellectual approach* Example #8 - The wrong direction approach* Example #9 - The something-to-prove approach* Example #10 - The brainwashing inducement* Example #11 - The constructive review approach* Example #12 - The natural synchronicity approach* Example #13 - The 'literal' label approach16-E) QUESTION REALITY -NOTICING LITTLE INCONGRUITIES IN THE VERY STRUCTURE OF THE STAGE WORLD(Added on June 09 th, 2000)16-F) QUESTION REALITY - VANISHINGWITH SOME OBJECTS BELONGING TO YOU (AND SOMETIMES BRINGING THEM BACK)(Pending)16-G) QUESTION REALITY - PRODUCINGAN IMAGES CIRCUS(Pending)16-H) CONTROLLING YOUR'GLOBAL D-DAY' WORRIES(Pending)16-I) BYPASSING YOUR REALITY CHECK -LIQUIDIFYING YOUR MEMORY(Pending)16-J) ANCHORING YOUR PERCEPTION -MAKING YOU LIKE THE STAGE WORLD(Pending)16-K) THE ANTI-LOVE DICTATORSHIPTECHNIQUE - REPRESSING THE EXPANSION OF YOUR AURA(Pending)17 - DECONSTRUCTING YOUR NIGHTLY DREAMS(Updated on April 16 th, 2000)18 - DECONSTRUCTING THEIR SPECULATION - PART V* Primary Defense - The ENERGETIC DOLPHIN* Secondary Defense - The REPLACEMENT MANEUVER* Some HORSE TYPES - (some are pending)* Manipulating Contradictions - (Added on August 21 st, 2000)* Bypassing your Reality Check - (Added on August 23rd, 2000)* The Quantum Horse (and the "if I had" maneuver) -(Updated on August 21 st, 2000)* The Bib Horse* Multiple Horse : Bib + Quantum* Horse Movement with Self-Positioning : Calling you a horse* Horse Movement in the Workplace : Trying to Enslave youa) Your boss in the horse positionb) A workmate in the horse position* Criteria Disparity with Keywords* Horse Movement with Stalinism Technique* Presumed Horse Theory* Description of Horse Movement over another person with Interpretationand Fear Fishings* The Quick Horse* The Child Horse - Spiritual Child in the Stage World* Horse Movement : punishing you through a sabotage maneuver* Scientific Realitymakers Nazism - Cheating descriptions of reality in ascientific position of authority* Horse Movement and the Thought Punishment* Horse Movement with Event Tracing and the Foregone Conclusion Argument -Making a Storm in a Teacup* Manipulating your Common Sense : calling you a "goofy" if you consider"natural" something that they define as "absurd" and accusing you of"foregone conclusion" if you consider "absurd" something that they define as"natural" - (new)"19 - PLAN B - USING ANTONYMS(Added on April 11 th, 2000)20 - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION* FINALIZATION(Original upload)* 20-A) INTERESTING EXCERPTSFROM THE MOVIES "The Matrix" AND "The Truman Show"(Updated on July 09 th, 2000)* 20-B) SUGGESTIONS -ADDITIONAL VIDEOS AND BOOKS(Added on April 08 th, 2000)* RULES TO COPY THIS TEXT(Original upload)* MINI-LIST OF EQUIVALENT WORDSFOR BRITISH ENGLISH READERS(Added on May 30 th, 2000)(by "piece_of_nothing")* ARCHETYPES INDEX IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER(Pending)* KEYWORDS INDEX IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER(keywords, synonyms and derived words)(Pending)* REMISSIVE INDEX ON ISSUES AND IDEAS(Pending)* LIST OF SOME KEYWORD-INFESTED SONGS AND SOME OF ITSLYRICS(Pending) - (see message from webmaster)* LIST OF KEYWORD-INFESTED HEADLINES(including some news transcriptions and pictures)(Pending) - (see message from webmaster)* PRE-HURRICANE HISTORY - GALLERY OF PICTURESOF NEUTRAL PEOPLE(Initial sample available) (Updated on March 04, 2001)- (see also message from webmaster)* LINKS TO OTHERS PAGES ON THIS ISSUE(Updated on December 28 th, 2000)* Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"(from Plato's "Republic", Book VII, 514a-c to 521a-e)(Added on June 18 th, 2000) (Comments added on July 02 nd,2000)[NOTE FROM WEBMASTER : The link above is to a very interesting text thatPlato - the philosopher - wrote two thousand years ago in Greece, and thatI'm reproducing here. While reading the text, you can just replace "cave"(or "den") by "linguistic prison" (or "mental slavery"), "shadows" by"illusory archetypes in language and in your perception field", "upper world"by "Backstage", "visible world" (or "world of sight") by "Stage World", and"instrument of knowledge" by "activated crystal". The difference isthat at that epoch the world was populatedalmost totally by neutrals and today after this hurricane itis the opposite. You can say that you need someone with thought readingcapabilities to form and reinforce this linguistic prison in your mindthrough the association of ideas and artificial synchronicity, so theconclusion is that a small group of people with the capacity of reading minds(FOREIGNERS ?) was there two thousand years ago around Plato...You may find also very significant the presence of the expression"guardians of the visible world" as well as of some keywords in thetext, like "sun", "fire", "wall", "prisoner", "marionette players" and"puppets", as well as the notion of "competition among prisoners" placed asthe root of many illusions.]"The Cold War ethics is over"(Al Gore, US Vice-President and candidate for the 2000 elections) (May, 2000)IF YOU HAVE HAD ACCESS TO THIS TEXT IN THE INTERNET,IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALLOWED YOU TO.THINK ABOUT IT.Webmaster Area // Keywords for search engines :Matrix - Truman Show - artificial synchronicity - reality - what is reality -nature of reality - language prison - linguistic - Carlos Castaneda - Ixtlan- quantum physics - chassid - gao - gau - sunin - zoriban - dissahc

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Matrix, Truman Show, artificial synchronicity, linguistic manipulation, kundalini, the true nature of reality, brainwashing and freedom.

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