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It’s easy to fall in love with glitter, and most of us probably did so when we made that first glitter craft before we were even old enough to read. Glitter is a cheap, colorful craft supply with endless variety to entertain crafters from preschoolers to professionals. Even CAGW has fallen for Big Glitter! When […] More Dandelions are surprisingly easy to love (as long as they’re not in your veggie garden). You can eat them, you can play with them–heck, you can PAINT with them! It’s dandelion art whether it’s with dandelions or about them. Do you want to craft with a seasonal, natural material in the moment, or do you […] More Are you Team Wrapping Paper or Team Gift Bag? Once upon a time, I was Team Wrapping Paper. I liked using unusual ephemera, or embellishing large-format blank paper. It was fun to upcycle paper, and I loved how cute and unique my presents looked. The problem, though, is that even upcycled wrapping paper generally gets […] More Is it weird that making handmade baby gifts is my favorite thing about babies? I mean, yes, greeting a brand-new life is sweet and precious, and the babies, themselves, are of course adorable and wonderful, but mainly it’s the making of tiny and cute things that I get excited about. Give me a sewing machine […] More I don’t have any kind of yearning to restore my wonky old house to its original condition, but it would be pretty cool to clean and refurbish just those antique door fixtures, just to see what they actually look like. More What do you make for the person who always makes beautiful quilts for everyone else? More Instead of tossing it into the waste stream and feeling bad about yourself because of it, give that broken dish a second life by upcycling it into something fun, beautiful, and useful. More It’s easier than you think to cut ceramics with a couple of standard tools, and there are loads of ways to finish off the pendant to your taste. More If you enjoy wine, you probably wish your house was equipped with a beautiful wine cellar at the perfect temperature. Unfortunately, most homes don’t feature such a luxury, and built-in storage can be a pricier investment than you might think. To add to that, many premade storage racks aren’t even particularly eye-catching, and it seems […] More Whether you make your sewing table from scratch, or modify it from an existing piece of furniture, DIYing it is a great way not only to avoid buying something else new that will one day end up in the waste stream, but also to make yourself the exact custom sewing table that you need, exactly the way you want it. More No matter how big you want your star to be, or how many points you want it to have, you can make the pattern for it completely from scratch, and the assembly is the same no matter which type you create. More A new table runner is an easy way to transform the look of your table setting. More Fortunately, sewing a button back on your pants is a super easy and low-fuss skill that requires only a basic amount of hand-eye coordination. Anyone can do it! More Autumn is a great time for eco-friendly crafting! More Check out my list, below, of my favorite eco-friendly ways to store embroidery floss. More I’m obsessed with how easy strip quilts are to sew, and with how many fun design looks you can achieve from these identical cuts of fabric. More Denim quilts are about the warmest, snuggliest quilts you’ll ever nap under. More

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