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BATTLE-TESTEDRETRACTA-BELT® stanchions have been put through 30+ years of use and abuse in the most demanding environments. We offer a variety of models and unlimited customizations to suit any application. GLOBETROTTINGOur roots began in airports/airlines over 50 years ago. Today, Visiontron products can be found in countless industries all over the world. Click to learn how we can help your industry today. HANGING TOUGHShort on floor space? Want to use one unit in multiple locations? Our WM412 Series wall-mounted barriers feature durable, safe RETRACTA-BELT® technology, multiple mounting options and customizable belts ranging from 15’–30'. MADE FOR YOUOur expert engineers and U.S. manufacturing team will customize or create crowd control solutions for any application you can dream of. Click to learn more. GLOBETROTTINGOur roots began in airports/airlines over 50 years ago. Today, Visiontron products can be found in countless industries all over the world. Click to learn how we can help your industry today. LEARN MORE RETRACTA-BELT® Posts Accessories From high-end finishes to industrial durability, there's a tried and true stanchion for any application. RETRACTA-BELT® Wall Mounts Accessories Easily block off doorways for maintenance or warehouse racks when loading shelves with postless, retractable belt barriers. Classic Post+Rope Stanchions Accessories Create a queue with an elegant swag or with durable chain barriers for amusement park ride lines. Rigid Barriers, Guards Accessories Add a rigid perimeter around your queue or create spaces with 6ft tall privacy panels. Sign Frames, Brackets Accessories Integrate post-mounted signage with new or existing queue systems. Sign Stands Accessories Provide clear wayfinding with freestanding sign posts from eye-level to over 6' tall. Branding Custom Printed Signage From logos on belts to custom post wraps, our full service art department provides unique opportunities to advertise with your indoor and outdoor crowd control solutions. Custom Products Our talented team of engineers can quickly customize a wide range of crowd control solutions. Airport Information Boards Where it all began for us! We've been suppling airlines with information boards for 50+ years. Baggage Sizers Make it easy to measure approve passenger carry-on bags for flights. Need help selecting the best products for your location? Get in touch with a People Guidance Pro today at 631-582-8600. When you wish to establish a semi-permanent queue with RETRACTA-BELT® or Classic Post+Rope stanchions, our patented MINI-SOCKET® base mount is a great solution. We offer a variety of socket lengths to accommodate most flooring types.  From reception desks to hospitality or airline check-in counters, here are some suggestions for keeping customers separated and employees guarded. Visiontron has been in the industry for over 50 years but have never grown comfortable with the two words often used to describe the products we design, manufacture and market. Your customers and employees aren’t a “crowd” in need of ”control.” They’re valued patrons and dedicated staff who require proper guidance to navigate your facility or venue in a safe, orderly and engaged manner. Therefore we believe it’s our job to enhance each and every person’s experience. From small retail stores to the world’s busiest airports, our products and solutions are there to help people get the most from their time with you.Your People Guidance Pro is ready to help! Contact us here or call 631-582-8600.Learn more about us:  OUR STORY   MADE IN THE U.S.A.  CUSTOMER SERVICE  CAREERS See how many of our new and existing products help as the world focuses on a more distanced, guarded and safer path ahead. Resource guides for guarding and social distancing employees and patrons so you can help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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Visiontron is a U.S. manufacturer of crowd control products for 50+ years and provides expert people guidance solutions. Call for quotes today 631-582-8600.

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