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What's New previous entriesRSS Feed twitter facebookTuesday 8 September 2020: PRIMARIES in NEW HAMPSHIRE RHODE ISLAND by StaffToday's Primaries:NEW HAMPSHIRERHODE ISLAND97 changes to the candidate list. by Staff97 changes to the candidate list:Alabama: President: Shawn W. Howard (Write-in) - removed. Senate Class 2: Michael Mike Parrish (Independent) - removed. House CD 2: John C. Page (Libertarian) - removed. House CD 6: Kaynen Bryant Pellegrino (Other) - removed.American Samoa: Governor: Fatumalala Al-Shehri (Independent) - apparently not a candidate. Delegate to the House of Representatives: Meleagi Suitonu-Chapman (Democratic) - added.Arizona: Senate Class 3 Special: Mohammad Mike Arif (Write-in [Democratic]) - re-added; Adam Chilton (Write-in [Democratic]) - added; Edward Davida (Write-in) - added; Nicholas N. Glenn (Write-in [Independent, Republican]) - previously listed as Write-in; Perry Kapadia (Write-in [Democratic]) - added; Benjamin Rodriguez (Write-in [Independent]) - added; John Scheiss (Write-in [Republican]) - previously listed as Write-in; Debbie Simmons (Write-in [Republican]) - added; Buzz Stewart (Write-in [Democratic]) - added. House CD 2: Brandon Schlass (Write-in) - added. House CD 4: Brett Brennan (Write-in [Libertarian]) - added; Ana Perez Gissy (Write-in) - added; Emily Robinson (Write-in [Independent]) - added.Arkansas: President: Don Blankenship (Constitution) - added; Brian T. Carroll (American Solidarity) - added; former Former Libertyville Township (Illinois) Phil Collins (Prohibition Party) - removed; Roque Rocky De La Fuente, Jr. (Independent) - added; Howie Hawkins (Green) - added; Gloria Estela La Riva (Socialism and Liberation) - added; John Richard J.R. Myers (Life and Liberty) - added; Brock Jeffrey Pierce (Independent) - added; Kanye Deez Nutz West (Independent) - added.California: Governor: John Cox (Republican) - added.District of Columbia: President: Shawn W. Howard (Write-in) - removed. Delegate to the House of Representatives: John Cheeks (Independent) - added; Ford Fischer (Libertarian) - removed; Amir Lowery (Independent) - added; Barbara Washington Franklin (Independent) - added.Georgia: President: Barbara Ruth Bellar (Write-in [Republican]) - added; Eric C. R19 Boddie (Write-in [Non Affiliated]) - added; Brian T. Carroll (Write-in [American Solidarity]) - added; Loren Collins (Write-in) - added; Gloria Estela La Riva (Write-in [Peace And Freedom]) - added; Deborah Ann Rouse (Write-in [No Affiliation]) - added; Kasey Wells (Write-in [Non Affiliated]) - added. Senate Class 2: Allen Buckley (Independent) - removed; Nathan Ethan Franklin (Other) - removed; Tom Jones (Independent) - removed; Clifton Julius Kilby, III (Independent) - removed; Darrell McGuire (Write-in) - removed. House CD 13: Martin Lindsey Cowen, III (Write-in [Libertarian]) - previously listed as Libertarian.Hawaii: President: Brock Jeffrey Pierce (American Shopping) - added. House CD 1: Calvin Griffin (Nonpartisan) - apparently not a candidate.Illinois: Senate Class 2: Kane County Regional Board of School Trustee Chad Koppie (Constitution) - apparently not a candidate; Willie F. Wilson (Willie Wilson Party) - previously listed as Independent. House CD 1: Ruth Pellegrini (Independent) - apparently not a candidate. House CD 4: Christopher Lasky (Republican) - apparently not a candidate; Jesus Solorio (Republican) - added. House CD 15: Kathleen McManamon (Libertarian) - apparently not a candidate.Kentucky: President: Kanye Deez Nutz West (Independent) - added.Massachusetts: House CD 4: former Brookline Select Board Member Jesse R. Mermell (Democratic) - lost Primary.Mississippi: President: Don Blankenship (American Constitution) - added; Brian T. Carroll (American Solidarity) - added; former Former Libertyville Township Illinois Phil Collins (Independent [Prohibition Party]) - previously listed as Prohibition Party; Howie Hawkins (Green) - added; Brock Jeffrey Pierce (Independent) - added; Kanye Deez Nutz West (Independent) - added.North Carolina: President: Don Blankenship (Constitution) - added; Howie Hawkins (Green) - added. Senate Class 2: Jeremy James Thomas (Independence) - removed. House CD 1: Eshan Patel (Independent) - removed. House CD 6: Jennyfer Jen Bucardo (Independent) - removed. House CD 12: Billy Joel Bill Brewster, Jr. (Republican) - removed.North Dakota: House At-Large: Matthew Gullo (Independent) - apparently not a candidate. Superintendent of Public Instruction: Brandt J. Dick (Nonpartisan [Republican]) - re-added.Oregon: President: Shawn W. Howard (Write-in [Non Affiliated]) - removed. Senate Class 2: Gary Dye (Libertarian) - added; Senator Jeffrey Alan Jeff Merkley (Democratic, Independent Party of Oregon, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic, Independent Party of Oregon. House CD 1: Member of Congress Suzanne M. Bonamici (Democratic, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic. House CD 2: Patrick Shane Archer (Non Affiliated) - removed; Robert Werch (Libertarian) - added. House CD 3: Edward Ed Baker (Non Affiliated) - removed; Member of Congress Earl Blumenauer (Democratic, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic; Josh Solomon (Libertarian) - added. House CD 4: Member of Congress Peter Anthony Pete DeFazio (Democratic, Independent Party of Oregon, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic. House CD 5: Matthew James Rix (Libertarian) - added. Secretary of State: state Senator Shemia P. Fagan (Democratic, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic; Kyle Markley (Libertarian) - added; Ken Smith (Non Affiliated) - removed. Attorney General: Lars D. H. Hedbor (Libertarian) - added; Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum (Working Families, Independent Party of Oregon, Democratic) - previously listed as Independent Party of Oregon, Democratic. Treasurer: Michael P. Marsh (Constitution) - added; Treasurer Tobias Read (Working Families, Democratic) - previously listed as Democratic.Tennessee: President: Don Blankenship (Independent [Constitution]) - added.Texas: House CD 21: Tom Wakely (Write-in [Green]) - removed. House CD 26: William Robert Billy Bob Cunningham, Jr. (Independent) - removed; Jay Taylor (Independent) - removed. House CD 33: Viktor J. Valencia Avalos (Write-in [Democratic]) - removed. House CD 34: Chris B. Royal (Independent) - added.Wyoming: House At-Large: Zoilo Adalia (Desert Greens) - apparently not a candidate.Presidential Candidates: Loren Collins (Write-in) - added. Welcome! This site is dedicated to the dissemination of facts, figures, tidbits and commentary- in fact, information of many different kinds- related (primarily) to the American political process. We sincerely hope you very easily find the kind of information you are looking for here, perhaps even information- all gathered here in one place- you might not so easily find anywhere else. Historical Analysis of the Presidential Nominating Process WHY ARE THEY ALL HERE, ANYWAY? An historical analysis of the apportionment of delegate votes at the National Conventions of the two major parties. State and Local Government of the United States Traditional Sections and Regions, Constitutions, Links to State Constitutions, Official Name and Status History, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Major Executive Officers Elected Statewide, State Court Systems, Primary and Minor Civil Divisions, Incorporated Municipalities Statutory Election Information, General Election, Presidential and State Primary, Polling Times. Historical Data in the STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT section Traditional Sections and Regions Change in Representation in U.S. House by REGION and Subregion between 2000 and 2002 Members of Congress (U.S. Senate & House of Representatives) by REGION/subregion (as elected: 2000) The Trump Administration Updated Tuesday 25 August The 58th Presidential Administration (as it resulted from the 58th Presidential Election) 20 January 2017 to 20 January 2021 Vox Populi - "Your Letters to the Editor" Updated Wednesday 31 May 2017 Your comments are welcome, so long as they are relevant to the subject matter of 'The Green Papers' (American Politics and Elections). Click on this link to see our policy on submissions and to read other 'vox Populi'. A BRIEF HISTORY OF AMERICAN MAJOR PARTIES and the "Two-Party" System in the United States Electoral College WHAT ARE THEY ALL DOING, ANYWAY? An historical analysis of the Electoral College Electoral College 2004 State by state elector allocation, population (2000 census), percentage of total electors, percentage of total US population Electoral College 2000 Decennial Census 2000 Census - Apportionment of Representatives and Electors 2010 Census - Population and the Apportionment of Representatives and Electors Federal Representation 2002 - 2010 In the wake of the Election 2000 there has been talk about the unfairness of the Electoral College. This page displays the number of people per Elector, per Senate Seat, and per House Seat for each state. Presidential Administrations 1789 to current Administration number, term dates, President and Vice President Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States (by number of ADMINISTRATION) Judicial Branch United States Supreme Court Justices (current) Justices of the United States Supreme Court (by Term of Court) Explanation of certain items in the Justices of the United States Supreme Court" Table Federal Court System Sessions of the Congress of the United States A comprehensive list of Regular, Extra, and Special Congressional sessions; the convening and adjournment dates; the type of each session; Presidents pro Tempore of the Senate; and Speakers of the House. Explanation of the types of Sessions of Congress Political Party Floor Leaders in the Congress of the United States A Brief History of Congressional Leadership Historical Data Presidential Elections, Presidential Administrations, U.S. Congress, U.S. Courts, Political Parties, National Conventions, Electoral College, Sections and Regions International Politics and Elections (a work-in-progress) Introduced 3 February 2005 Historical data on Countries of the World and the United Nations Visit our archives! State by state coverage of elections for President, Governor's chairs, U.S. Senate seats, U.S. House seats, primaries, regional politics, party strength, and debates. State by state coverage of Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions, the delegate selection process, delegate allocation, primary types, voter eligibility, and poll closing times. 2020 General Election 2020 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions 2019 Off Year Election 2018 Midterm Election 2017 Off Year Election 2016 General Election 2016 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions 2015 Off Year Election 2014 Midterm Election 2013 Off Year Election 2012 General Election 2012 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions 2011 Off Year Election 2010 Midterm Election 2009 Off Year Election 2008 General Election 2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions 2007 Off Year Election 2006 Midterm Election 2005 Off Year Election 2004 General Election 2004 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions 2003 Off Year Election 2002 Midterm Election 2001 Off Year Election 2000 General Election 2000 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions Site Biography Mission Statement of 2009 Mission Statement of 2008 Mission Statement of 2006 Mission Statement of 2004 Mission Statement of 2002 Mission Statement of 1999

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The Green Papers: Off Year Election 2020. Facts, figures, and tidbits about the General Election, Primaries, Caucuses, Delegate selection plan, State and National Political Conventions, and Candidates.

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