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Saturday, May 8, 2021 A New Chapter Begins

Life is a series of chapters. We have certainly had many; small and large, conventional and offbeat. But through it all there has been one constant, our dogs. Our life has been filled with 6 wonderful, loving, funny, happy dogs. Each one has a unique personality which brings depth and joy to our life.

We have loved chronicling our life of dogs. We have tens of thousands of pictures of them and a few of us. They started with film and moved on with new technologies.

The TakingPaws blogs first entry was August 27, 2008 with our crew of Dyna and her grandson Dylan. Dyna crossed the rainbow bridge in 2013 and Dylan is a now himself a senior citizen. Our canine crew has ridden the blog era to fame, becoming far more recognizable than their mom and dad. We have loved blogging about the crews adventures and have met so many great people along the way.

The Red Head crew has now begun a new chapter. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora became the new owners of a beautiful home in Key West. Along with their staff of two (better known as mom and dad) they will be spending the fall and winter lounging by their pool and wandering the streets of this funky town. That doesnt mean they have forsaken Red Head. She will continue to be their home as they travel north for the summer. So you can see they continue to live the hard life.

All of these changes have led to a hard decision. This will be the Red Head crews final TakingPaws entry. It has been a wild and wonderful ride but it is time to move on.

As many have noted, the crew has been rather sporadic during this past year+ of COVID, so we will leave you with a digital collage of the past few months. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora hope everyone remains well as we emerge from this unusual time and they thank you for your many years of support and kindness. You can still keep an eye out for them on the waterways.

The crew settled well into life at Titusville to wait out the pandemic. They played during the day. And cuddled at night. Meanwhile, mom and dad found themselves browsing Zillow.

In late February, the crew piled into a rental car to help with the inspection of a Key West house. Dora thought it was perfect.

It was a very long day but the crew did great. They signed on the dotted line.

Red Head was moved north, out of the hurricane zone, where she awaits the crews return.

After stuffing a rental van to the gills, the crew took off for their new home. It was close but there was room for Dee Dee and Dora on the two bucket seats, while Dylan lounged in his bed on the floor.

Dee Dee immediately discovered the pool. She would stay there 24/7 if she could.

Dora explored every nook and cranny.

Dylan hung around the pool remembering his glory days.

They seem to like it here and are doing very well settling in.

Dee Dee discovers the hot tub.

Doradiscovers the sunny spot. She dislikes the pool. What a princess.

But it all leads to a quiet evening.

After many weeks getting the house together and the successful completion of mom and dads COVID vaccine, the crew had their first houseguests, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Wayne!!! Everybody had fun. They are now greatly missed.

In a few weeks the crew will head back to Red Head but theres still plenty of time to play and relax in their new home.

Peace and happiness. Its been a hell of a ride.
8 comments: Tuesday, February 2, 2021 A Busy Boy

Dylan has fun at the dog park too. Hes very busy. And what a cute little bottom he has. Love you big boy


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