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Welcometo the Seafriends web site for saving our seas. Become an informed conservationistby learning about our planet, oceans, land and resources, threats and whatto do. Tap into our independent analyses and courage to tell the truth.This web site contains well researched scientific information, made easyto understand, while not serving established interests, politics or beliefs.Learn about the world we live in. Learn about the sea and how to save ourseas and the many mistakes made. Discover the treasures on this web site.Wake up for the future of your children!Further, on 11 September2018 this site was partially or wholly de-platformed, restricting advertisingincome. "New violations were detected. As a result,ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violationsof the AdSense Program Policies were found."Wemust be doing something right by bringing you the truth.returning visitors,find quickly what has been added recently in newpages.Contact us by e-mail.Visit the OctopusHideaway website for caf , snorkel hire and school programmes.Stay with your family or group at a with our sitemapwhich is uptodate and complete, also showing planned additions. Read tips,particularly when you are a 'newbie' on the Web, and our bigpicture overview to quickly match your interest. Be challengedby our new discoveriesand our rebuttals of scientificswindles. Read tipsfor searching to find quickly what you are looking for. The autorunpage is where owners of the Seafriends CD begin their discoveries,with slide shows. What'shappening to our seas steers you to all relevant chapters for understandingmarine degradation worldwide..Recent changes to this site,press releases and news articles. Discover in the newpages which major chapters have recently been added.Orderthe Seafriends CD for your family, friends and school and pay safelythrough PayPal. The CD contains the whole web site but is free from peskyadvertising, provides fast access and is entirely safe. It also containsslideshows with more than 2000 large underwater images (800x600pix) of NewZealand and Niue. Your order helps us to survive and expand.Learn more about us:the Seafriends organisation, introduction, structure, plans, achievementsand more. Come diving or snorkelling in the Goat Island marine reserve.(45 pages, complete)Aseries of interesting articles about our coasts and seas and global itemsof interest. Excellent material for schools. Parchment worms, bather'srash, jellyfish, sea hares, storms, cyclones, marine reserves, collapsingshellfish and more (growing)Our educational videos andanimated slideshows are all hosted by YouTube. They are provided with captionswhich YouTube can translate into many languages. (growing)About atmosphere, climate,waves, currents, tides, beaches, sediment transport, storms, tsunamis,climate and weather. The natural forces that affect our seas, coasts andlives. The very basis for understanding how our planet works - ClockworkEarth. Also why ourbeaches are disappearing, and miningthe sea sand. (180 pages, complete)Soil is the most importantenvironment on Earth on which human life depends but we are losing it mainlybecause we do not understand how it works and what it needs. Read aboutgeology, soil formation, soils of the world, sustainability, management,erosion, erosion control, roadside management, and much more. (155 pages,complete)Learn about our extensivemarine environment, its habitats and creatures. Here you'll find the classificationand descriptions of seamammals,fishes,crustaceans,echinoderms,molluscs,other lower animals, seaweeds,habitats,rockyshore, plankton and more. (growing)Oceanacidification: how does it work and how serious is it? Do we needto worry? What do we know? Is it a threat or a scam and swindle? An independentanalysis and amazing reading. Inform yourself about the globalclimate. Scary or fraudulent?The New Zealand Governmentis waging a war against its own people for more marinereserves that cannot deliver. The whole marinereserves debate is fraught with mythsand fallacies. Read the many marinereserve proposals and their dishonesty. Read about flawedmarine research and monitoringresults that prove the point. Learn quickly about the fallacies inmarine conservation by reading FrequentlyAsked Questions and myths.The seas everywhere aredegrading for reasons we have just begun to understand. Learn the principlesof degradation, the planktonbalance and how to recognise marine degradation, with many photographicexamples from New Zealand.The Dark Decay Assay isa new but simple and cheap plankton tool to measure the planktonbalance and essentially the health of aquatic ecosystems. Thisdiscovery by Dr Floor Anthoni uncovered a number of important ecologicallaws and principles that have so far been overlooked. Important and challengingreading but not mainstream science yet. Read the ddafor dummies chapter that makes it sound easy. (large section, 100pages and growing)An extensive section aboutNiue Island, north-east of NZ: geography, geology, history, ecology, futureand much more (116 pages) and thumbnailimages with narrative (44 pages, 8.5MB)Theory and practice of advancedunderwater photography, complete with photographic examples. Skillsrequired. What film andlens to use. How lightchanges as it enters the water and travels through it. Theory andpractice of mixed lightphotography and how to use colour correction filters. What to demand ofa serious underwatercamera, and how to improve your chancesand video footage.Revolutionarydigitaldarkroom techniques and much more. (123 pages, nearly complete)Thephoto library is a stock library from which you can buy high resolutionphotos and affordable A3posters. See how itworks, what we offer and what quality you can expect. View the manyglorious images of New Zealand seas.Orderimages here. Assortedimages.slide shows.Schoolsplease note that this site is orientated towards schools. It is full ofresources, photos, diagrams, ideas, lectures, references. Find here possiblelinks with the school curriculum. Discover our exciting school programmeswhere everyone goes into the sea, does a rocky shore study and listensto riveting lectures. Find out what else we do for schools and how youcould help. (25 pages)More information about organisationsin NZ and overseas. Searchthis site,searchNew Zealand and searchthe world. Use our sitemap as an alternative method to find your way in the maze of thisweb. It gives a more detailed overview of which sections have been completed,and which have been planned. (40 pages, complete)Books and references wethink are worth studying. The Seafriends library from which you can hire,and a list of available Seafriends publications. Important and useful glossaries,tables, classifications, and more. (160 pages, complete)Meet the sponsorsof this web site and learn what you can and can't do with the informationobtained from this site. Read whatpeople say about this web site and of our schoolprogrammes. (3 pages)Makea difference for the future of our children and support our fight for healthyseas. Support the effort that really matters: providing reliable and completeinformation for making decisions and for understanding our place underthe sun and how to keep it sustainable and healthy. We accept any donationpaid by credit card through PayPal, or by cheque. For bequests to the SeafriendsFoundation, our lawyers will contact you.Where on Earth can you find a well-researchedinformative environmental web site untainted by government policies, UnitedNations conventions, beliefs, fads, religion, political correctness, greenextremism, big business propaganda, middles-class morality and majorityrule? If you value democracy, truth and common sense, support Seafriendsin a tangible way because it is unique. It fights for the future of yourchildren.Linux/Xandroscorner documents the move from Windows to Linux with compatibility betweenthem.Did you know that in 2010 this web site fedover 180 Gigabytes of information to more than 2 million distinct visitors?Most of these live in the USA.... and we are still growing.January 2009: Governmentdeals fatal blow to Marine Education Centre. Be angry and act! Readmore . .PRESS RELEASE 16 Nov 2005:Local Government forces Marine Education Centre to closeThe world-acclaimed SEAFRIENDSMarine Conservation and Education Centre in Leigh, New Zealand, is forcedto close because subdivision is disallowed by the Rodney District Council.Readmore . .Seafriends for sale.June 2006: With deep sadness we are offering theSeafriends property and business for sale (However, we're still operatingand fighting to survive, being open all days, business as usual). Thisdocument gives you insight in Seafriends as a marine conservation and educationcentre, and the 10ha estate on which it is located. Readmore . .Thank you for supporting Seafriends and making a differencefor the future of our children.Your donation will be handled safely by PayPal who handleyour credit card details.Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre. 7 Goat Island Rd.Leigh R.D.5. New Zealand 0985.Phone +64 9422 6212. Fax +64 9422 6212. e-mail.GooglemapRevised 20041210,20050428,20050810,20060528,20060806,20070707,20070806,20090625,20110703

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A complete resource about the sea and marine conservation, with many photos and drawings.

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