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Precision Nanopositioning Instrumentation, Nano-Positioning Equipment, Pico-Positioning, Ultra-Precision Motion Control, Piezo Technology, PiezoStage, Piezo Stage Nano Positioning Nanopositioning Equipment & Piezo Technologies for Industrial, OEM Research ApplicationsPI's precision positioners (piezoelectric and motorized) are available in many different configurations from actuators to 6 degrees of freedom complex alignment systems. A variety of different drive principles (linear motors, classical motors, screw drives, voice coil drives, etc.) is also offered. PI ultra-high precision motion control & nanopositioning solutions have helped leading companies in in fields as diverse as semiconductors, microscopy, telecom, photonics, data storage precision machining & tooling, and other markets to achieve Nanometer Precision Faster.PInano™ particle Tracking Microscope Stages are the fastest multi-axis piezo stages for high resolution microscopy. Available in XY and XYZ. The M-811 Miniature Hexapod 6-axis positioner combines high precision, high force, and very compact dimesions, ideal for use in small vacuum chambers.PILine M-663 piezo motor stages are the smallest piezo-motor-driven translation stages with linear encoders.M-663 stages are based on patented, ultrasonic P-661 piezo motor drive developed by PI; the miniature drive can provide accelerations of up to 10 g and velocities to 400 mm/s. Self-locking at rest for high positional stability PIHera® Low-Cost, Ultra-Long-Travel PZT Piezo Stage: Longest Travel Piezo flexure stage with capacitive feedback for higher linearity & stabiity. Now Available in X, XY, Z, XYZ Travel to 1800 µm Compact Design Resolution 1 nmUp to 0.02% Position AccuracyVacuum-Compatible Versions PICMA® High-Performance Monolithic Multilayer Piezo Actuators (LVPZT): Work up to 150 deg C. Ceramic insulation (a worldwide first).Ideal for extreme conditions (high temperature, high humidity, vacuum, etc.) Zero outgassing (no polymer insulation). Award-Winning Multilayer Piezo TechnologyLow Operating Voltage Superior Lifetime Even Under Extreme Conditions Excellent Temperature Stability High Stiffness UHV Compatible to 10-9 hPaSub-Millisecond Response & Sub-Nanometer ResolutionS-334 Ultra-Long-Range 2-Axis Piezoelectric PZT Fast Steering Mirror: Optical Deflection to 100 mrad (~6°)1.0 kHz Resonant Frequency with MirrorClosed-Loop for Higher Linearity2 Fixed Orthogonal Axes with a Common Pivot PointExcellent Temperature StabilityPrecision Flexure GuidesPicoCube SPM & AFM Piezo Stage / Scanner: P-363 is the smallest, highest precision closed-loop XYZ piezo scanner for AFM, SPM,nanotechnology, nanomanipulation. Resonant Frequency 9.8 kHzUltra-High-Precision Capacitive FeedbackParallel-Motion Metrology for Highest Linearity and Stability50 Picometers Resolution5 x 5 x 5 µm Travel RangePiezo Scanner for AFM Catalog Products for Optics Algnment and Optical Telecommunications PI offers a great selection of automatedoptical alignment systemsand beam steering platforms for freespace optical telecommunication. Our positioning systems and components have helped many customers to improve performance and manufacturing throughput of various optical components. Technotes on Automated Optical Alignment, Photonics Packaging and Imaging Space Technology for NanoTech: Eliminate Settling Delays Developed for the space station, Input Shaping® technology is now available for the NanoWorld: The exclusive Mach™ Throughput Processor™ eliminates resonant ringing in high-speed Nanopositioning systems, allowing rapid motion without a settling phase. This technique also eliminates resonances excited in neighboring components, outside the nanopositioning system's servo loop. The result is significantly increased throughput. PZT Nano-Positioning Stages (Piezo Systems) Hexapod 6-Axis Stage in motion, time lapsePIHera® Long Travel Piezo Scanning Stagein Motion (up to 1800 µm travel)M-664 low profile piezo motor stage Small Hexapod, Standard & Vacuum CompatiblePicoCube®, high-performance piezo pico-positioning and scanning systems.Automatic Optical Alignment Systems (Fiber / Device Alignment & Packaging)The exclusive Mach™ Throughput Processor™ eliminates resonant ringing,allowing rapid motion without a settling phase.Animated 3D Mode Shape of a Rotary Ultrasonic PZT Motor,

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