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consumer enterprise"> Dragonconsumer &enterprise Nuance AI empowers organizations to unlock value and meaning in the millions of interactions that happen every day. These are challenging times that are affecting all of us in profound ways as we each learn how to live and work within a new reality. Learn how we’re taking specific actions for Healthcare and Enterprise customers to help during this difficult time. Let’s transform business as usual From revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship to reinventing the way brands connect with their customers, Nuance technology helps organizations all over the world push the boundaries of what’s possible. When Raghu Vemula first formed the Nuance cross functional team that created PowerShare, his goal was to improve the cumbersome and time consuming process of sharing radiology imaging among medical providers and hospitals. But he had no way of knowing that his team's innovation would enable a quick thinking pediatric care team in Melbourne, FL, to save the life of a newborn by instantly sharing digital X rays with the area’s only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, which was 70 miles away. AI is in our DNA Nuance created the voice recognition space more than 20 years ago and has been building deep domain expertise across healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and government ever since. Our AI powered solutions amplify human intelligence, deliver meaningful outcomes, and empower a smarter, more connected world. Get to know us#digital \/a>-first fu\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , Recent efforts in a href= target=\ _blank\ >#AI \/a>-powered solutions now empower clinicians to automatically document care and help curb physici\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceHealth \/a> , Three examples of Nuance spirit! We re working from home, we re spirited, we heart Nuance. a href= target=\ _blank\ >#LifeatNuance \/a> a href= target=\ _blank\ >#TeamNuance \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceInc \/a> , Join Nuance at the a href= target=\ _blank\ >@AuntMinnie \/a> a href= target=\ _blank\ >#virtual \/a> tradeshow on April 30th - May 1st. Visit our booth to learn how Nuance diag\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceHealth \/a> , How can organizations better manage customer engagement amid disruption-and beyond? Reserve your seat for one our u\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , From webinars to articles and podcasts, explore our hub of content created to help organizations navigate today s c\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , a href= target=\ _blank\ >#Spracherkennung \/a> im a href= target=\ _blank\ >#Homeoffice \/a>. So profitieren Anwälte von cloudbasierten Lösungen: a href= target=\ _blank\ > \/a>\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@DragonTweets \/a> , What do leaders from top a href= target=\ _blank\ >#financialservices \/a> firms have to say about a href= target=\ _blank\ >#AI \/a> and its impact on banking? Hear what was d\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , Read about our a href= target=\ _blank\ >#NuanceThanks \/a> campaign to learn why now, more than ever, it s important to express our gratitude.\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceInc \/a> , \u201cNuance Mix: built to let client organizations design and deploy their own a href= target=\ _blank\ >#ConversationalAI \/a> systems, without the n\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , A look behind the scenes with a href= target=\ _blank\ >@deutschetelekom \/a> shows new technologies such as a href= target=\ _blank\ >#conversationalAI \/a> improve the\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , In our newest blog post, Karen Holzberger, SVP amp; GM, Diagnostics, discusses how a href= target=\ _blank\ >#radiologists \/a> are working together\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceHealth \/a> , Introducing Nuance Voice-to-Agent Messaging - using a href= target=\ _blank\ >#AI \/a> to eliminate putting customers on hold.\n\nRead about the lau\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> , \ The idea is not to create something brand new, but to make it easy and fast to build customized virtual assistants\u2026 a href= target=\ _blank\ >\u2026 \/a> br/> a href=\\ target=\ _blank\ >@NuanceEnt \/a> ]"/>

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