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A Leading Provider of Fiberglass Panels for Walls, Ceilings, much more.When you require translucent or opaque fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall, ceiling, or custom panels, there are a few options to turn to. The questions you need to ask yourself is Do the options available meet my needs? In many cases, the answer is No. Kal-Lite has dedicated our business to being the FRP installers to say Yes!No project is too large. Our customers come to us from a variety of industries that require super tough, flat, FRP panels and sheets for installation by our contractors. You can expect a high quality product with custom specifications to suit your unique application. Custom Flat Sheet FRP Panels (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) You Won’t Find Anywhere Else As a provider of high grade, flat sheet FRP panels for walls, ceilings, and a lot more, Kal-Lite is focused on being the unique custom supplier you’ve been looking for. We provide a wide variety of colors, sizes, and specifications to meet your fiberglass panel and fiberglass reinforced plastic needs. Three Simple Reasons So Many Choose Kal-Lite Flat Sheet FRP Panels for their Wall, Ceiling, and Customer Projects Our service is second to none when it comes to your FRP needs When you choose Kal-Lite as your source for translucent and opaque FRP, you get more service perks than with any other flat sheet FRP supplier/ manufacturer. We don t just provide remarkable material we combine it with individualized service that makes a difference. We work hard to help solve problems and provide solutions. Our FRP product gives you options for your wall, ceiling tiles & custom projects Kal-Lite flat sheet FRP/GRP is manufactured on a proprietary, continuous laminating machine. This process creates a completely homogenous fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet. These FRP sheets are ideal for use in a diverse range of applications such as food and agriculture, display manufacturing, transportation, industry, and much more. Our capabilities empower your vision You not only get more than just the standard colors finishes that you might find from any other FRP supplier, you get a broader material selection and the specifications needed for some of the toughest industries. Whether you are looking for beauty and aesthetics or strength and durability, we are here to help. At Kal-Lite, the flat FRP sheets available to you do not limit your vision, they support it and we wouldn t have it any other way. Close this module Did You Know?All Kal-Lite Sheets Panels are USDA accepted and ideal for antibacterial applications.Learn More

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Kal-Lite specializes in FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic panels for walls, cielings, signs and more.

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