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Beautiful red bell pepper sauce, juicy tomatoes, and mineral-rich microgreens make a delicious, colorful, and simple snack, side dish, or whole meal. Preparation time is so quick and easy, about 5 minutes. The inspiration for this recipe came from Tanny Raw, a delightful, energetic, raw food educator with tons of raw food videos for you to explore. She s an advocate for raw food dressings whole foods that are blended into thick and creamy sauces for your favorite soups, salads, breads, or dehydrator veggies like mushrooms and zucchini. Rinse red bell pepper, celery, leeks, under cold water.Trim celery parts that are wilted or dried out, and slice.Cut open red bell pepper and remove seeds, and chop.Slice leek, checking for dirt that can gather between layers (When you start to get to the green part, you will often see dirt. This can still be used, just rinse well.)Place veggies, tahini, coconut vinegar, sundried tomatoes, paprika, garlic, black pepper, and chipotle pepper into a blender or Vitamix. Do not add any water! Using the tamper, push ingredients down into the whirling blades, and blend until creamy smooth.Transfer to a bowl.Slice tomatoes into rounds and spoon on sauce. Top with a sprinkling of microgreens. The Little Story: Our Place in the Flow and Gratitude for Life In one of my favorite artist s book by Emily Carr, Hundreds and Thousands, she wrote about an unexpected conversation she had with her chimney sweep one day. He told her that her paintings did not belong to her they belonged to the people, to the world and that her talent came from God and it flowed through her, yet it was not hers . Her amazing life spanned from 1871 to 1945, and her art was often compared to that of Vincent Van Gogh. Her work was some of the first to document the wilderness of the West Coast of Canada and Vancouver Island, where she often traveled to alone, and her greatest passion was the forest, as well as Native American life and totem poles. Experiencing profound moments of deep spirituality in nature, she aspired in her later years to be the purest conduit possible for the vision of God to be expressed through her. She wrote: I sat staring, staring, staring half lost, learning a new language or rather the same language in a different dialect. So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born. The conversation with the chimney sweep got me contemplating about our purpose in life, and the flow that moves through us call it energy, God, consciousness, the quantum field, divine expression, or any name that is used to describe this creative force to see more deeply how every living being has special gifts and talents to share with the world, and, that these gifts and talents are not ours . I am reminded of Kalil Gibran s book, The Prophet, who wrote that our children come through us, yet they are not ours . Whenever I encounter a problem I am often amazed that there already exists a solution, an answer! Either this comes to me by going within, or I discover that whatever I need is already here. The universe has brought it through flow, and it sparks so much gratitude in my heart. It s marvelous, really, to know and trust this and to realized that we ourselves are a part of the solutions of the world just by being who we are. Clues abound to our special purpose: talents, hobbies, passions, things we are attracted to, natural proclivities, and resonances. In everything I see and experience, there is flow being carried out in any one of a billion different ways people being of service, giving of themselves, doing what they love in their unique ways. Thus our world is created and sustained. More and more, day by day, I see and experience how we are all connected through the invisible threads that move us in the heartbeat of creation. We wish you a beautiful holiday season, and to be in the creative flow of your unique and wondrous life path. With a grateful heart, may all blessings be. Recipe at

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