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3300 Wanut St. Suite 128 Denver, CO 80205303-351-2846
We help adults gain energy and find balance in their life through consistent movement and accountability created within our community, with the goal of 3x a week and direction in nutrition you won’t need to spend everyday in the gym!
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Located in the Rino Art District of Denver, CO. FGF is a small boutique studio with mighty ambitions to help people live their best lives through consistency and balance. How do we achieve that? By balancing out our workouts between stretch and strength. We set a goal of 2- Strength Classes/Sessions and 1- Yoga Class/Session each week as it is attainable and promotes consistency and longevity which is the essence of long term health. Whether its Personal Training, Virtual Personal Training, or Small Group Classes we have a variety of services to fit your needs. Let’s get moving!