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Home ♥ Satisfied patients from over  10+ COUNTRIES♥ Extensively  EXPERIENCED DOCTORS♥ 72% of our patients are referred by our HAPPY PATIENTS♥ Specially FORMULATED Homeopathy Treatment♥ New, improved, faster Homeopathy for FASTER RELIEFDr NANDURI S Appointment schedule Tuesdays Fridays (10:30 AM 1:00 PM and 4:30 PM 7:00 PM only) Know more About UsDr Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic Homoeopathy is an old and venerable branch of medicine that originated in Europe about 200 years ago and its practice and popularity has been growing steadily ever since. The philosophy of Homeopathy offers a natural and holistic approach to illness and its treatment. Homeopathic medicines are noted for their effective yet gentle effect.Homeopathy has recently been gaining increased attention in Western countries, though it had been widely practiced in Northern Europe, England, and The United States of America. India has been a major homeopathic center, with several internationally respected schools and pharmacies, and the Indian government promotes several Homeopathic treatments as the first line of preventative defense and treatment against diseases like viral encephalitis. Hair Loss Dr Naduri Homeopathic Clinic. There are lot of advertisements and information in the media about “Hair treatments”, “Hair Weaving” and “Scalp Treatments”. Read more One might experience a state of fear or worry before confronting some challenging event like a test or an interview where the outcome of the situation is uncertain. This mental state which is characterized by feelings like fear, uneasiness, worry and dismay is known as anxiety. Bronchitis is caused due to the inflammation of the mucus membrane of the bronchial tubes, the part of the respiratory system that carries airflow from trachea into the lungs. Bronchitis can be either acute or chronic. Eye allergy is a condition in which our eyes abnormally react to allergens which are several substances, perceived harmful by the eyes. When our eyes are exposed to allergens, cells present in them, known as mast cells produce histamine (a substance produced to fight against these allergens) resulting in reddening and swelling of eyelids,conjuctiva which is a thin membrane covering inside portion of our eyelids and Sclera which is the white portion of eyes. Condition where there is swelling of the veins in the lower portion of the rectum or the anus with or without pain is called Piles or HemorrhoidsAllergiesI came to Dr Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic with considerable skepticism and quickly found myself a convert. Though I still cannot accept the logic of undetectable amounts of natural substances having an impact on the body, I have witnessed just such effects sometimes quite strongly, both in my self and in friends that I have referred to Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic Dr Anil. I ve had great results in dealing with allergies, and also kidney stone pain, low back pain, and various lesser ailments like colds, flu, and stomach distress. Homeopathy is now my preferred option in medical care. I find that both Dr. Anil and his father are highl Very few doctors spend the time to understand the root of the problem before treating symptoms. Dr. Nanduri s integrated approach comprises of recommendations for alternative therapy, counseling and homeopathic treatments. He invests his time well above the norm to help patients recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. y skilled practitioners, as well as good personal friends.ShubhaHyderabad, IndiaRituArthritisI met Dr Nanduri in Hyderabad for the first time in 2012 when I was suffering from persistent cough for past 3 years. The first session with him was surprisingly detailed. His medication completely cured me of my cough, which was sort of a miracle given that I had tried every other option and treatment route. I also showed him my husband s deteriorating leucoderma and subsequently our kids with their own sets of problems, Over time, he has treated my parents, in-laws and practically most of my extended family. My mother-in-law who is a Parkinsons patient and lives alone, swears by his medicine and the fact that he is accessible over phone makes all of us very relaxed. Unlike other Homeopathic doctors, he does tell you what medicines he is giving so that you can buy them locally in case of emergency,So right from Coughs, Colds, Growing up pangs fevers to Broken Backbones, Leucoderma, Styes, Parkinsons, Arthritis, Hypertension and  Allergies he has treated them all in my family.I have recommended him to a lot of my friends as well and the most worthy testimonial is that NOT ONE person has come out dissatisfied with his treatment.He has been a great doctor and more importantly, a very good human being. Wishing him well for future and hope our association continues.Dr. Nanduri.   We are pleased to tell you that the foster puppy we rescued from the street who you treated is now perfectly well.  Due to a massive parasite infestation he manifested neurological damage – severe epileptic seizures occurring every 6 to 12 hours.  I really appreciated how caringly you worked with us, listening carefully to our report of his progress and adjusting his medication accordingly.  Within twelve hours his seizures stopped completely and in the next six days he became fully well.  And all that through long distance conversations.Thank you so much.Vera de Jong, Kodaikanal.Hyderabad, IndiaHarish My Age Related And Lifestyle ChangesI have been regularly seeking medical advise from Dr. Anil Nanduri over the past 15 years. Dr. Nanduri spends a lot of time answering my questions instead of just  prescribing medication and dismissing me like many other doctors do when they have a lot of patients waiting. I am thoroughly satisfied with the explanation he provides regarding my condition which includes why it happens, when does it happen, why his medicine works and what precautions I need to take to prevent it next time. I also like his advise on lifestyle changes that one needs to make to live a healthy life and I am able to make those changes. He is more like a medical adviser to me since he has a good knowledge of my medical history and his advise keeps pace with my age related and lifestyle changes. I will be very happy recommending Dr. Nanduri to anyone.Harish.Hyderabad, IndiaSrinivasBipolar Disorder I have been under treatment Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic by Dr,Anil Nanduri for the past four-five years. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorderand was on allopathic treatment before I met him. The allopathic treatment was causing nausea and drowsinessand I was unable to cope with the stress of the medicines and work. Eventually I went for homeopathic treatmentfor my condition under Dr.Anil Nanduri. Apart from helping me with medicine Dr Anil guided me with the nature of thecondition, which needs a lot of counseling. I am forever thankful for his guidance and support in dealing with the disorder,and I would recommend Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic to other patients. Srinivas.Hyderabad, IndiaRama KoneruBipolar DisorderMy children, now 13 and 16, have been using homeopathy medicines prescribed at Nanduri Homeopathic Clinic by Dr Anil Nanduri for the past 8 years. Ever since, their visits to the allopathy pediatrician have reduced drastically. In fact they have not had to use any antibiotics at all since then. Their immunity has improved. Even when they do catch a bug, I call Dr Nanduri immediately and they receive great relief with what he prescribes; he even offers medicine to the rest of the family to prevent us from contracting the same. The doctor is available at all times on his phone for advise. He is friendly, and the children are comfortable with him. I highly recommend visiting Dr Nanduri, especially if you have young children.Rama KoneruHyderabad, India Read More

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