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for Computer Based Training Cafe. We offer free web based software video training, software video tutorials and e-learning for multimedia and graphic design in HTML, QuickTime Video, and Flash video tutorial formats. CBT Cafe's software tutorials include the most popular design graphics titles, including: Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, QuickTime, Ebay and, PowerPoint. Our web based software training is entirely free! All you need is the free Flash or Quicktime player installed. To ensure you're able to view the multimedia tutorials, you can download QuickTime from Apple and the latest Flash Player from Adobe. If you design or develop e-learning, multimedia storytelling or interactive graphics, you might enjoy E-learning Examples. E-learning Design Elements: Page curl stickers and labels in PowerPoint Vector illustrations are a breeze in PowerPoint. Here's a fun design element you can use in web and e-learning projects. How to create Flash rollover buttons and hyperlinks in Articulate E-learning courses Here's an easy way to blend Flash with your rapid e-learning program to create interactive rollover buttons. Designing E-learning Templates: How to design templates by breaking down your course design and scene elements. Learn to identify and break down simple slide elements for creating context in your e-learning templates. Creative Advertising Effect for Visual Foreshadowing in Rapid E-learning Courses - PowerPoint 2007 Learn to create a simple effect where you place a screenshot image inside a pair of sunglasses. Great effect for hinting at upcoming lessons or scenes in your elearning courses. PowerPoint 2007: Learn to Create PhotoCubes How to create a photo cube effect in PowerPoint for branching scenarios in your rapid elearning courses. Photoshop CS3: Threshold and Blend Mode Design Photoshop's Threshold command converts colors to either black or white. Blending Modes offer endless opportunities for creating special effects in Photoshop. In this video tutorial we'll take a look at combining the Threshold command to create a high-contrast, black-and-white image with blending modes to highlight specific colors in our image. QuickTime Video| Flash Video | View Tutorial Fireworks Using Paste Inside to Create Special Effects Fireworks tutorial for using Fireworks Paste Inside to create special effects. In this tutorial you'll learn to place a new image into selected parts of an existing image using masking. Fireworks Placing One Image Into Another Image Learn how to combine your Bitmap Selection tools with the Rubber Stamp tool to copy an area from one image and paint it into a defined area of a new image. A great introduction to using the cloning tool for special effects. Fireworks Custom Color Swatches Tutorial We added a Fireworks tutorial for creating custom color swatches from existing images. This is an easy way to get color schemes for your custom projects based on existing colors from images.

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CBT CAFE :: Computer Based Training featuring free web based training Video tutorials for Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Quicktime, Ebay, and more.

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