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Welcome to Anxiety 2 Calm all information is free of charge. How do you overcome Anxiety? That’s the question that Anxiety 2 Calm sets out to answer. Can it be cured? Absolutely! You don’t have to live with phobias, panic attacks and depression. The majority of the information on this site is the personal opinion of someone who has been through it and tried almost everything. I include references to other related disorders such as OCD, and insomnia.There are many theories as to the cause of anxiety. But understanding the cause is not always a necessary part of finding the solution. Likewise, expensive therapies are not always necessary. Sometimes, the advice available here and elsewhere, for free, or in relatively inexpensive books, can be enough (although discussion with a doctor is a must!). In my experience, the overall solution to the problems that hold us back can be surprising and interesting. So whether you have panic attacks, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, that horrid feeling of unreality, agoraphobia, or any other stress related disorder read on, and let these pages guide you to a treatment that works for you.Further down the page I’ll discuss some treatments options and direct you to some pages that will hopefully have information that helps. But now, I want to answer one very important question:How much is too much?Anxiety is a natural emotion. It is an integral part of the human body’s defence mechanism, the fight of flight response. We need to have the potential to feel anxious to keep us safe from the threats we face, navigating city traffic, for example, or walking home late at night past gangs of drunks. But the other dangers we face in life are slow-burning, less dramatic, and require the use of the more rational part of our brains: dangers in the work place such as losing our job, or the stresses of education and socialising. The fact of the matter is, now society is much safer and much of our adrenaline is often surplus to requirements.In some people, anxiety comes at completely unnecessary moments and disrupts their lives, sometimes it’s persistent and ever-present. For others, it comes once at a moment of high stress, and then leaves again. If you suffer from too much stress, tension and fear, and you manifest physical symptoms that bother you, then it’s interfering with your life, well being and happiness, and you need to get a handle on it. See when to seek help.Types of AnxietyAnxiety was not created equal. There are various symptoms and levels of severity. Some people have clear anxiety triggers, and for some people it just appears from nowhere, completely out of the blue. Some people have several symptoms, some may have only one, and some just have an “odd feeling” that something is wrong. The mainstream medical establishment has broken up these disorders into various categories which are often used by doctors, psychologist, and the pharmaceutical industry, for example:Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which is often abbreviated to GADObsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is often abbreviated to OCDPanic Disorder, which includes a morbid fear of panickingSocial Phobia, which covers extreme social lack of confidence, shyness and all other social aspects.There are of course many other terms that you could use: stress, tension, worry, the jitters, butterflies, edginess, nervousness to name but a few.But don’t worry if you don’t feel you fit into any label or category. Everyone is different.Don’t try to beat anxiety completelyIt s is a natural phenomenon. You can’t destroy your own ability to be anxious and it wouldn’t be desirable even if you could. What you are trying to achieve is to bring your levels down to the level everyone else lives with. This is quite definitely possible.Anxiety TreatmentAnxiety makes us desperate. And desperate people make bad decisions. Watch out for people that claim to have a cure for anxiety which is instant, painless, and risk-free. The first port of call is normally Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBD), and some people opt for anti-anxiety medication. Of course there are a wealth of complimentary therapies, but you should be wary of these as they can be expensive and are often little more than placebos. I recommend checking out this page on meditation for anxiety, and I recommend avoiding hypnoanalysis.Of course there is way too much information to fit on one page. Please browse at your leisure, and don t hesitate to use the comment sections at the bottom of most pages to have your say, ask questions, or compare notes.

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