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An artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics platform contains the means to derive value from the wealth of information enterprises are constantly generating. AI and analytics aim to make enterprises more efficient, effective and productive while eliminating the need for manual big data processing by presenting valuable business insights in a way that is accessible and relatable to the most critical objectives of the organization.The best artificial intelligence and analytics software leverages machine learning algorithms in big data platforms to transform big data and big content into self-service data visualizations for users across the organization to increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. Data is business optimization s catalyst, but its amount, growth rate, diversity and complexity pose a challenge. To succeed in today s digital age, enterprises need the right insight-generating tools that fit their needs andmaturity.OpenText AI and Analytics offers a comprehensive set of AI and analytics tools that help enterprises overcome data challenges at their pace. It ensures a smooth path towards AI technologies focused on improved decision making, automation and business optimization. OpenText Magellan Machine learning and predictive analytics platform Analyze big data made up of structured and unstructured data stored in enterprise data management platforms and external sources using a flexible, artificial intelligence, open source data analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with predictive analytics and self-service analytics. OpenText Magellan Text Mining Text mining, Natural Language Processing and Understanding Extract terms, concepts, entities, sentiment, emotions, intent and more to unlock the value hidden in unstructured content and yield business insights. OpenText Magellan Analytics Suite Business intelligence and data analytics software Identify patterns, relationships and trends through interactive dashboards, reports, actionable alerts and smart data discovery using a comprehensive set of data analytics software on an enterprise-grade analytics platform. OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite Text mining and interactive visualizations Leverage Big Content insights required for tangible business outcomes with an integrated AI suite that combines natural language processing with enterprise-grade BI and visualizations. OpenText Magellan Integration Center Data integration software Access and consolidate data from all systems in an organization's IT environments to create a basis for analyzing all enterprise information. AI-augmented capture AI solution for document digitization Build on the foundation of intelligent capture with capture technologies in OpenText Intelligent Capture, leveraging Magellan’s ability to understand natural language elements, such as sentiment and complex concepts contained in documents. AI-powered Voice of the Customer AI solution for sentiment analysis Identify and highlight what people are saying on social networks and the web about products, product features and competitors to offer data visualizations that expose new patterns and business insights. Intelligent recommendations AI solution for product recommendations Uncover opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell business models by analyzing structured and unstructured customer data at every step of their journey. Attract, serve and retain customers to improve decision making, increase customer engagement, strengthen retention, increase brand loyalty and drive profitability. Asset performance optimization AI solution for predictive maintenance Maximize production output and perform predictive maintenance through AI-augmented asset performance optimization insights. Process big data and big content made up of sensor, EIM systems and external data to improve decision making related to unplanned downtime, safety, asset and operational efficiency. AI-driven content advisor AI solution for data governance and compliance Assess and classify information contextually to improve workflow automation for greater efficiency and compliance. Increase overall operational efficiency Leverage Spark machine learning to unlock the value within Enterprise Information Management (EIM), structured, unstructured and IoT sensors data to understand and analyze customers, trading partners, employees, orders, invoices, cases, documents and other data that shape operations, improving efficiency through AI data-driven decision making. Reduce costs Decrease the costs of disparate tools with limited processing power and benefit from an open source artificial intelligence software that caters to big data analytics. Increase productivity Automate unnecessary tasks with an integrated AI analytics platform to reduce manual processing and augment enterprise data management, giving valuable time back to employees and making the overall enterprise more productive. Accelerate time to value Deliver artificial intelligence value faster and more cost-effectively by deploying a cohesive platform with pre-integrated components, minimizing the effort and expertise required to operationalize big data insights and opportunities. Improve visibility and decision making Empower business users to delve deep into massive amounts of data with self-service insights powered by advanced artificial intelligence. Maintain continuous operational improvements Rely on a trusted software leader with an unrivalled track record in EIM to digitally transform the enterprise with open source analytics tools.Our goals were to find a product that would handle our end to end needs our longer term plan is to have all our reporting in this platform. Craig Chu, CIO, Asia, Westpac Banking Corporation The OpenText Analytics has helped [ us,] so I am now looking at my data and how I can benefit The next step is Magellan we ll be able to see what s coming down in the future we can be proactive instead of reactive Mike Nippo, IT solutions manager at North Star BlueScope Steel Not only could they take in Social Media Feeds, but they could go deeper and extract concepts, classify sentiment, and even train their engine to get better over time. In short, it fits all our use cases. Jennifer Jo Wiseman, VP Consumer Product Insights at Gallo Our goal is to bring the ability to have a single source for detailed analytic information to our team. [ This ] means we can deliver quotes faster and more accurately. There are so many [ more ] applications for an analytical tool like Magellan. Mandar Adkar, director of Business Intelligence at LGA Reduce customer churn Learn how disruptive and transformational technologies support superior omnichannel customer experiences.Watch the webinar Dive into AI and Analytics Learn about the tools and technologies behind the AI & Analytics platforms and their benefits and applications.Download the eBook Transform content with AI Learn how enterprises can leverage AI and machine learning solutions to gain insights from their vast amount of data.Read the IDC Brief Request a free analytics trial Talk with an AI and Analytics expert to request an analytics free trial, access the OpenText machine learning platform click tour experience or learn more about how to innovate with AI and analytics. JavaScript must be enabled to send the form.

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AI and Analytics tools leveraging data discovery, BI & reporting, text mining software, NLP and machine learning tools. Increase revenue, innovate and automate.

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