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Common Sense Guide to Male Grooming

Common Sense Guide to Men’s Grooming

SkinHairFaceBodyProductsToolsFragranceWellbeingGeneralBest Matte Hair Products for MenBy admin Leave a Comment

For a true gentleman our outward appearance is extremely important because it reflects a certain level of sophistication and our desire to be the best, from top to bottom. That often starts, quite literally, with our hair. How we take care of our hair says a lot about our own style and character as it is often the first thing people will notice about us. Most people form their initial … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Hair, Products Tagged With: Hair stylingBest Beard Dyes for Sensitive SkinBy admin Leave a Comment

If you didn’t already know - beards are back, in a big way. Well groomed (or ironically unkempt) facial hair has once again become a popular and stylish feature for many gentlemen. Everyone from business professionals to hipsters, middle-aged dads to college freshmen (if they can) are growing out their stubble and donning beards.As a stylish accessory, beards can make younger guys … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Face, Products Tagged With: BeardLong Lasting Deodorants for MenBy admin Leave a Comment

As we have visited in some of our previous articles, the problem of underarm sweat and stink is one that does not discriminate and that affects all guys at one point or another. But luckily there are plenty of things we can do about it, the most basic is finding a deodorant that fights the sweat and actually lasts throughout the day.There are countless products that offer potent … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Fragrance, Products Tagged With: Fragrance guideScalp Care Tips for Bald Men (by Choice or Nature)By wgf 1 Comment

The shaved head is a popular look right now, whether you are bald-by-choice or just playing with the cards nature dealt you, shaven is sexy.  Now, we said shaven (as in totally shaven) – so if you still have that Friar Tuck halo or a receding hair line, just go ahead and take it all off!  You will look considerably more confident, a man truly comfortable in and with his own skin.Bald … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Skin Tagged With: BaldChoosing the Best Straight Razor for Beginner and Shaving TipsBy wgf Leave a Comment

With razor heads constantly increasing in complexity and number of blades (we recently unearthed a Korean razor head with SEVEN blades – a little excessive) a lot of guys are reevaluating their whole shaving routine.  The complex razor heads and new shave gels and technological shaving accessories are attracting a large portion of the male population, but there are those of us who have … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Tools Tagged With: ShavingThe Best, Longest Lasting, Winter Fragrances for MenBy admin Leave a Comment

You have been wearing that same cologne for how long now? Yes, it smells fine and your high school prom date bought it for you (and yes, it was true love) but don’t you think it’s time to try some new scents. We know change is scary, but the only thing more frightening for a man is COMITMENT (the last thing you want is to wake up one morning in your 60’s next to that same bottle of … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Fragrance, Products Tagged With: Fragrance guideBest Men’s Hair Styling Products for Thin Fine HairBy admin Leave a Comment

Some of us are born with it, others develop it slowly over the course of our lifetime becoming more and more jaded by its incidence (no, we are not talking about a reluctant trust in capitalist economy) - we are talking about fine or thin hair. Whether you have always had fine hair, or have begun the slow decline into a life defined by a thinning mane due to genetics and age, we are all … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Hair, Products Tagged With: Hair stylingWhat is the Best Men’s Face Cream for You?By admin Leave a Comment

Luckily, these days there are a lot of different products out there to choose from. Years ago a man that wanted to take care of his face needed to use a woman’s skin care product. That was less than an ideal solution since men’s skin and women’s skin are different. Today’s men’s face creams are formulated specifically for a man.Why does a man need a face cream?A man might feel that … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Face, Products, Skin Tagged With: Facial5 Best Hair Clays for Men (and 5 to Avoid)By admin Leave a Comment

Hair Clay – the new hair wax (which was the new pomade, which was the new hair gel, which was the new pomade… try and keep up)With all the hair products out there marketed toward men it can get a little confusing, maybe even overwhelming but don’t let it become so stressful that this becomes the topic of conversation at your next therapy session.  We are here to help!!!Like most … [Read more...]

Filed Under: Hair, Products Tagged With: Hair stylingTreatments and Products for Dark Patches and Spots on a FaceBy admin Leave a Comment

Now that we are all grown up we must pay for the liberal tanning practices of our youth – who knew actions had consequences? And that atonement comes in the unpleasant form of dark spots, sun spots, (or if you want to feel really old) age spots; or maybe your parents just cursed you genetically with an uneven complexion – yet another unsolicited gift.Lucky for us all there are plenty … [Read more...]

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Common Sense Guide to Male Grooming

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