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The September 3 swing state poll found Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania among likely voters; presidential race is too close to call in Florida.The September 2 national poll found Biden tops Trump by 10 points among likely voters; nearly 6 in 10 say the country is worse off than it was in 2016.The August 6 Kentucky, South Carolina and Maine poll found Senate races are all close; 2020 presidential race: Trump up in KY, SC, trails in ME.The July 23 Florida poll found 79% in Florida say require face masks in public, coronavirus handling weighs on DeSantis, Trump numbers; Biden opens up a double-digit lead in 2020 race.The July 22 Texas poll found Texans say 2 to 1 that coronavirus spread is out of control, governor s ratings drop; Biden and Trump locked in tight race.The July 15 national poll found Biden widens lead over Trump to 15 points in presidential race; Trump job approval rating drops to 36 percent.The June 24 Ohio poll found Biden, Trump locked in tight race; Gov. DeWine approval surges to record high.The June 18 national poll found Biden ahead of Trump by 8 points in presidential race; nearly 6 in 10 support vote by mail in November.The June 17 national poll found 68% say discrimination against black Americans a serious problem slight majority support removing Confederate statues.The June 3 Texas poll found Biden vs. Trump: neck and neck in Texas; nearly 6 in 10 say yes to mail-in ballots in November.The May 20 national poll found Biden holds 11 point lead as Trump approval on coronavirus dips; almost half say second wave of coronavirus very likely in fall.The May 6 NY/NJ/CT poll found majority say take months not weeks to reopen; more than 6 in 10 know someone who has had coronavirus.The April 22 Florida poll found 72% of voters think social distancing should continue into May; Biden vs. Trump: it s close.The April 8 national poll found Fauci, governors get highest marks for response to coronavirus; majority say Trump s response not aggressive enough.The March 9 national poll found Biden crushes Sanders in Democratic race; more disapprove of Trump s response to coronavirus.The February 20 swing state poll found Trump up in Wisconsin while Dems have the edge in Pennsylvania; in Michigan it s close.The February 10 national poll found Sanders takes top spot in Democratic primary as Biden falls; Bloomberg rises in primary, runs strong against Trump.The January 28 national poll found 75% of voters say allow witnesses in Senate impeachment trial; 53% say President Trump not telling truth about Ukraine.The January 13 national poll found voters divided on killing of a top Iranian general; 66% want to see Bolton testify in Senate impeachment trial.The December 16 national poll foundTrump job approval and economy rating hit highs; On Ukraine: 52% say Trump pursued personal interest.The December 10 national poll found Buttigieg slips, while Biden and Sanders gain in primary; slightly more than half of voters say don't impeach Trump.The November 26 national poll found Biden retakes lead as Warren plunges, Buttigieg rises; voters not swayed by impeachment hearings.The November 18 South Carolina poll found Biden dominates South Carolina Democratic primary; undecided is in second place.The November 11 New Hampshire poll found Biden holds slight lead in New Hampshire Democratic primary; 54 percent definitely wouldn't vote for Bloomberg in primary.The November 6 Iowa poll found four-way race in Iowa Democratic presidential caucus; half of likely Democratic caucus-goers might change their mind.The October 24 national poll found Warren opens up lead in Dem primary as Biden slips; Dems say Sanders is most honest candidate.The October 23 national poll found approval of impeachment inquiry reaches 55 percent; voters disapprove of Trump's decision on Syria 2-1.The October 14 national poll found Warren 30%, Biden 27%, Sanders 11% in Democratic primary; opinion on impeachment, Trump approval barely budge.The October 8 national poll found voters remain divided on impeachment; Warren and Biden top Democratic primary field.The September 30 national poll found support for impeachment grows; majority of voters approve of impeachment inquiry.The September 25 national poll found Warren continues to climb while Biden slips; Democratic primary is neck and neck.The September 11 Texas poll found Biden still leads Texas Democratic primary, but Warren narrows gap; Texas voters are divided on gun issues.The August 29 national poll found majority of voters say climate change is an emergency; 72% say Congress needs to act to reduce gun violence.The August 28 national poll found all top Dems beat Trump as voters' economic outlook dims; Democratic primary stays stable with Biden holding the lead.The August 6 national poll found Warren up, Harris down, but Biden leads among U.S. Dems; 14 Dems have less than 1 percent.The July 30 national poll found Trump is racist, half of U.S. voters say; but voters say almost 2-1 don't impeach president.The July 29 national poll found Biden bounces back as Harris slumps among U.S. Dems; 54 percent of all U.S. voters say never Trump.The July 26 poll found Ohio voters oppose fetal heartbeat abortion ban; 90 percent support universal gun background checks.The July 25 Ohio poll found Biden is only leading Dem to top Trump in Ohio; former VP has big lead in Democratic primary.The July 18 California pollfoundCalifornia has a housing crisis, say 78 percent of Golden State voters, both renters and homeowners.The July 17 California poll found Harris up as Biden fades in California Democratic primary; Warren leads on best ideas; Biden leads on beating Trump.The July 2 national poll found Harris gets big debate bounce while Biden sinks; despite drop, Biden still seen as best bet against Trump.The June 20 Florida poll found voters support almost 4-1 minimum wage hike; voters split on making felons pay fines before voting.TheJune 18 Florida pollfound Biden, Sanders lead Trump in Florida; most Sunshine State voters say they're doing better.The June 12 national poll found a sitting president should face charges, U.S. voters say; but voters still say don't impeach Trump.The June 11 national poll found top Dems lead Trump in head-to-head matchups; Democratic primary race narrows as Biden goes flat.TheJune 6 Texas pollfound voters oppose 3-1 refusing service to LGBTQ; even young voters back raising age to buy tobacco.TheJune 5 Texas pollfound Biden leads Trump 48 - 44; Democrats say 2-1 O'Rourke should challenge Cornyn.Timely and accurate polls

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The independent Quinnipiac University Poll regularly surveys residents in Connecticut, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and nationwide about political races, state and national elections and issues of public concern.

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