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How can human fluids be sterile? There are no bacteria inside the bodyGut flora, the bacteria inside human s digestive tract, performs a fundamental role. Without it, humans would not be able to digest a large variety of food (including complex carbohydrates). And there are a lot of these bacteria: they compose up to 60% of the dry weight of faeces. There are... Does coffee make you poop?As I sit here, holding a half-finished cup of coffee, I can already feel the internal rumbling. Soon, I will go to the toilet and do my business. I m sure you re glad I told you that. Who wouldn t want to know about my bowel movements. This is the internet, after... Why does rain smell?It s one of those days. You re inside, reading a good book while drops of rain gently fall, the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day. Or maybe you re soaking wet under the torrential rains down in Africa (insert Toto reference here). Whatever the case may be, I m sure that you re not... Unskilled and unaware of it The Dunning-Kruger EffectThe fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. -Shakespeare, As you like it, Act 5 Scene 1 In 1995 a short, fat, very recognisable man called Macarthur Wheeler robbed 2 banks at gunpoint in Philadelphia. He didn t bother to cover his... The USSR landed probes on Venus over 30 years ago, is it time to go back?The atmosphere of Venus is over ninety-five per cent carbon dioxide, the pressure at the surface is 92 times that of earth and the average surface temperature is 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F), higher than the melting point of lead. Not to mention that there are large clouds of... What’s the connection between a failed moon mission and global Carbon Dioxide levels? I was rewatching Apollo 13 recently, you know the movie with Tom Hanks stating the biggest understatement in history: Houston we have a problem . If you haven t seen it or can t remember, it’s a fantastic true story about human ingenuity. The year is 1970, it s NASA’s seventh manned space mission and the 3rd to the moon. Another routine trip. Little did anyone anticipate what was about to unfold. Two days into the mission and more than halfway to the moon, one of the oxygen tanks exploded. (Incidentally, … Continue reading Who doesn t love ice cream? It s sweet, delicious and refreshing. Frozen yet creamy. It s no wonder that Americans consume more than 20 litres (about 42 pints) each a year(!). I love ice cream. I m the kind of person that would eat ice cream at any time, no matter the weather.  You could dunk me into a frozen lake and then ask me if I d like some ice cream and I d probably say yes. If I have to die of hypothermia, I might as well do it while eating ice cream. But what is ice cream? What is it made of? And … Continue reading How many planets are there in the solar system? If you went to school sometime before 2006 you re likely to say 9. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, since then, Pluto has been demoted to dwarf planet due to the discovery of several other objects of the same size and composition beyond Neptune. One such object, Eris, is actually bigger than Pluto. If Pluto is a planet so are hundreds of other celestial bodies. Hence the reclassification. Pluto was discovered in 1930, but 100 years or so before, there was another candidate to the planetary club. … Continue reading This is not a happy story. This is a sad story. This is the story about a lonely, lonely whale. Under the deep waters of the ocean it s quite hard to see. It s really rather dark. Molecules diffuse very slowly in water compared to air, so smell is also quite limited. So whales and other mammals rely on sound. Sound waves propagate much faster in water than in the atmosphere at sea level (4 times as much). Some marine mammals, such as dolphins, use sound for echolocation. They produce a series of high-frequency clicks to get information about their environment, in much … Continue reading There is an arms race going on. Farmers are competing to breed the hottest chillies ever, with terrifying names such as Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Carolina Reaper. Sauce manufacturers are selling more and more potent hot sauces, some of which have to have “not for people with respiratory or heart problems” warnings on the label. It seems as though humanity’s quest for hot, searing pain is never ending. But, why are chillies hot and why do we like them so much? Chilies, or chilli peppers or chile peppers, are the fruits of a plant that originates in South America. Before … Continue reading If I don t eat something I m literally going to die, says your friend. Of course, even if you re really hungry, in the vast majority of situations you are not literally going to die if you miss a meal (unless you re diabetic with dangerously low blood sugar). In fact, more and more of us carry around quite a lot of extra energy around our bellies. A spare tire of fuel, if you will. But there is an animal that would die if it wasn t constantly eating. Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures. Found in the americas, they are some of the smallest birds … Continue reading It s one of those days. You re inside, reading a good book while drops of rain gently fall, the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day. Or maybe you re soaking wet under the torrential rains down in Africa (insert Toto reference here). Whatever the case may be, I m sure that you re not only feeling or hearing the rain, you are also smelling it. Why does rain smell? I hear it all the time. X is better than Y because it s natural. It s not full of chemicals. It s herbal. It s not artificial. You know what else is natural? Cancer. Bacteria. The polio virus. Tsunamis. Mass extinctions. Malaria. Poisons. Natural disasters. How come we give so much faith to nature, when in fact nature does not like us at all? Nature is not nice. Out there in the wilderness only the fittest survive. Are we watching the same documentaries? The ones where the weak gazelle gets eaten by the lion, the ones where animals die of thirst, illness, starvation. … Continue reading In what sounds like a chapter from Journey to the Center of the Earth, the chemical makeup of a tiny, extremely rare gemstone has made researchers think there s a massive water reservoir hundreds of miles under the earth. -vice.com In the last couple of days newspapers and other media outlets have reported what they ve been calling an ocean deep inside the earth . What if the outermost layer of the earth was floating on a boundless sea, bigger than all of the ones present on the surface? (translation mine) writes Laura Berardi on ilFattoQuotidiano, which is normally quite a decent newspaper (though their … Continue reading Apparently, I m immortal. Because I, for many hundreds of nights, have slept in a room with a fan on. And survived. True story. You might now be wondering if I have gone completely insane (which is not too unlikely). Of course, why would I not have survived. Millions, if not billions, of people sleep with the fan on every night without much consequence. When I was living in a tropical country having those giant ceiling fans on was a basic requirement for being able to get a decent night s sleep. But, the thing is, in South Korea it is widely … Continue reading Join thousands of subscribers! Enter your email address to receive blog posts directly to your inbox! Email Address

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