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Skip to content Skip to primary sidebarAdditional menuClaimingPower EcomCrooked Teeth to Adult Face RemodelingAboutMain ContentUpdate: Maxilla, Life Businessposted on July 27, 2018Been MIA for a while.Apologies.Long story short.I ve finished the reverse extraction orthodontics treatment for a while and now what I focus on now isHead PostureProper Tongue PostureI still feel like I am making progress all the time.For me, the head posture has been big. Like constantly remembering to pulling your head back.When I look at before pictures of myself from 2013 and compare to now, I do look pretty different imo, especially from profile.Quick snap shot of a pic from 2012 to 2018Also to update you guys on my personal life. Explain bit about why I became pretty inactive on claimingpower.comWhen I started this blog in 2012ish I was working a full time 9 to 5 job making $35,000 per year, after taxes my monthly pay check was $2100.I was living paycheck to paycheck, after 3 years of working there I got a raise (standard 5%) and it came out to be $60 more on my monthly paycheck.I knew at that moment I had to find something else to do with my life, so I got really serious started to do massive research to find the best online business opportunity.What I found was this local lead generation business model where you rank simple drag drop websites at the top of local search, generate leads simply sell the leads to a local business owner.Niches like your local plumber, roofer, driveway pavers, deck builder, pool cleaners, garage door repair, etc(I m in many niches now.)This biz model made a lot of sense for me and so I invested in this coaching program.Which taught me this business model step by step.7 months later I was making $2800 per month online and I was able to quit my job June 2015.I ve been grinding hustling with this business full-time self-employed ever since.Below is one of my first site, a limo rental lead gen site that I ranked in Lansing, MII haven t touched this site since 2014 and its been making me $750 every month.It delivers tremendous amounts of business to my client.Basically I m just taking a small sliver to deliver.I m now generating leads for 45 clients across USA, and last month my revenue was $44,000Net profit $38,000I ve become extremely passionate about entrepreneurship obsessed with reaching new levels of income.I ve been able to move to a nicer pad, get a new car, travel more, make new entrepreneurial friends, become my own boss, have financial confidence. Which translates to having so much more confidence in myself in every area of life.Also, now that I had a high-income skill of ranking sites for small businesses, my time became a lot more valuable.Pretty soon the time required to make on-going posts on didn t make sense financially.I still work on the tongue posture often but my primary focus has shifted to building my online business.You can read bit more in depth about my rags to riches story here.6 months ago, my mentor Dan saw my talents in blogging so he made me a partner of his, which now allows me to begin promoting this lead generation coaching program to others which I m excited about. This coaching has changed my life in my mind, this business model is the best vehicle out there today to begin earning long-term passive income using the internet.Talk soonCPFiled Under: Public No longer wearing retainers Tongue Chewingposted on September 10, 2017After I completed my orthodontics of reversing 4 bicuspid extraction, I had the biobloc stage 3 built for me as a night time wear retainer, which has flanges on it that prevent the mouth from opening at night, also takes up minimal space on the roof of the tongue, nonetheless there is still some acrylic at the roof that does get in the way of the tongue.I feel that the biobloc stage 3 is the best option for a retainer because it works on improving your posture. I used to notice for a long time that my jaws would hang slightly apart if I wasn t consciously trying to keep them together, I believe this is due to the fact that when leaving your mouth open is your regular posture, the length of your chew muscles have adopted to that length and the jaws would naturally come apart at rest. In order to change this requires conscious effort to keep them closed as much as you can remember to, and over time the jaw muscle length will shorten. Wearing biobloc stage 3 helps accomplish this a great deal and after nearly a year night time wear on it, I felt confident in trying out not wearing them at night.For the last 1-2 month, I have stopped wearing this retainer all together and so far my teeth alignment seems to be holding just fine. As I make sure that I keep my muscle tone of the jaw up with daily gum chewing, and making sure I am swallowing properly, and at rest I am adopting the lip sealed, teeth lightly together with the tongue on the roof of the mouth. I feel that I am seeing more new levels of progress, improving visually in the cranial facial complex.This is a very good video by Mike Mew regarding this topicTongue ChewingOne week ago, I started incorporating tongue chewing and I m already quite amazed at what this exercise is doing. I am seeing noticeable changes in such a short time, I really truly feel it has pushed my maxilla more up and forwards in the face already.I have found that using regular store bought stick gum that is soft is the best for doing this exercise. So far seems like a great exercise to add in to do on a regular basis, looking forward to continue with it. I m already noticing more volume in the lower half of the face and slight different on the nose also.You will feel your tongue get sore like its never gotten before with this exercise, which leads me to think that the tongue itself will get stronger over time causing it to naturally displace the maxilla more forwards and up in the face just on that sheer factor alone.Filed Under: Public Mike John Mew Vancouver November 2016 Video, How to achieve Forward Growthposted on January 5, 2017Mike John Mew talked at a conference in Vancouver in November 2016. Mike personally sent these videos to me to post on this site before they became public. Very good talks about the following topics:Mike Mew s new before after pictures of adult patients getting forward maxilla growth with headgearMike Mew introduces hybrid appliance of stage 3 biobloc which can also do expansion, it trains to keep the mouth shut while making the mouth bigger over time which effectively accomplishes forward maxilla growth overtime. I have been wearing the regular stage 3 biobloc now for over 8 months now because I already had the expansion and the results are becoming quite obvious. I personally feel at this time that the stage 3 is irreplaceable part of any treatment.Mike Mew reviews Dr. Moon s bone anchorage methods for extra leverage on moving facial structureorthotropics and how it achieves better results of forward facial growth by John Mew, very strong case studies and clear concise superb presentation get the mouth bigger, then train them to keep their mouth shut -John MewThe tropic premise is so simple, correct oral posture and achieve astounding results, yet it is so difficult to achieve as posture is very challenging to correct / change. But with appliances like the stage 3, dedication it is possible. [Read more ] about Mike John Mew Vancouver November 2016 Video, How to achieve Forward GrowthFiled Under: Public CATS Cranial Adjustment by Dr. Turner Progress with Proper Head Postureposted on December 4, 2016Last month I went to Toronto, CA to get cranial adjustments by Dr. Roger TurnerHe found several misalignment in my skull, here s his notes [Read more ] about CATS Cranial Adjustment by Dr. Turner Progress with Proper Head PostureFiled Under: Public Fix Forward Head Posture, Body Posture Effects on Facial Cranial Complex, Biocranials Dura Materposted on August 14, 2016I am becoming quite obsessed with body neck posture as I witness the face taking on new shapes and body also going through its changes. I am standing taller and I m learning about the profound effects body posture is having on social interactions. [Read more ] about Fix Forward Head Posture, Body Posture Effects on Facial Cranial Complex, Biocranials Dura MaterFiled Under: Public Did we overlook head posture? Falooda s muscle contracture theoryposted on July 26, 2016Last night I was contemplating about CFD (Cranial Facial Dystrophy) and it occurred to me the necessity to shorten the mid face, to add more dimensions to the face that can affect the eyes, nose, cheeks and all things that make up our face.It s just using common sense, if the maxilla has elongated, then you have less bone to work with for eye support, palate size, cheeks, etc, etcI went to a wedding over the weekend, and the girls that were beautiful, I realized the most stand out feature they had over others was the shortness of their mid face. That was the one clear difference that separated them. With makeup that can accentuate the eyes cheekbones, and the fact most people now have straight teeth because they had braces already, most can replicate those features to today s standard of beauty, yet the human eyes can judge someone that can land on a cover of magazine versus one that cannot. [Read more ] about Did we overlook head posture? Falooda s muscle contracture theoryFiled Under: Public Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 34Next Page Primary SidebarPopular PostsProper Tongue Posture

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