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description:Try our Comprehensive Military Records Search - TogetherWeServed is the largest community website for finding U.S. Military Veterans and honoring their service.
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Find Your Basic Training Photo Find yours in our archive of 19,609 Basic Training and Boot Camp photos.

Member submitted photographs contribute to the largest collection existing today.

Honor a Military Veteran Create a Military Service Tribute Page and Plaque on behalf of a Living Military Veteran.

Help preserve their military service history, photos, and memories in a unique format that can be shared, or printed out and framed.

Start Now Remember a Military Veteran Create a Military Service Page and Plaque for a Veteran who is now deceased or a serviceperson who died in combat.

Their legacy of service will be preserved forever on our National Veterans Roll of Honor.

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Find a U.S. Military veteran with our comprehensive military records search. TogetherWeServed.com (TWS) contains comprehensive U.S. Military records of Military Veterans posted by the Veterans themselves including memories and photographs. Find a veteran by name, by their military unit, or by years served. View the largest directory of U.S. Military Units, with detailed history, unit patches, photos, and more for over 154,952 Military Units.

Veterans join TogetherWeServed.com to locate and re-connect with people they served with, or to find witnesses to events that occurred during their military service for medical claims purposes. TWS enables Veterans to find those they served with by matching their service information entered on their TWS Military Service Page with the service information of all other Veterans in its vast membership. TWS has a membership of 2,101,473 Veterans and thousands of Veterans join its ranks every month, therefore increasing the possibility to find old service friends.

In addition to its military records search capability, TWS is the largest online community of Veterans existing today and is a powerful Veteran locator. Find your military buddies, view historic boot camp photos, read service histories of veterans, build a printable military service plaque, or honor a veteran on TogetherWeServed.com today.

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Try our Comprehensive Military Records Search - TogetherWeServed is the largest community website for finding U.S. Military Veterans and honoring their service.

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