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DOT - Dictionary of Occupational Titles $98 Browse or Search 28,800 job titles and complete job descriptions. SIC - Standard Industrial Classifications $88 U.S. Government's standardized codes used to classify businesses by type of activity. Before there was a Wikipedia there was a, with thousands of informational pages on many topics. This web site was started in 1997 as a mirror to, a US immigration software business web site, and named after the owner's daughter Theodora Coutsoukis. From software sales and then merchandise, the web site eventually developed into an informational web site consisting of millions of pages. Owned by ITA, Photius Coutsoukis's company, and an internet pioneer since the early 1990's, the web site was transformed as a consequence of the way the Internet developed, and the way people used it. While trying to sell software online, the owner quickly realized that users were browsing the Internet for information, and that the key to attracting visitors, i.e., prospective customers, was to make a lot of relevant information available to them. So, the first set of informational pages dealt with US immigration, a topic relevant to sales of ITA's immigration software. Then came other information of international interest, such as Flags of All Countries, the world's first flags website. Inquiries from users lead to setting up a flag sales web site. Within a few years, as more and more informational web pages were developed, and because of the great popularity of its pages, the company changed its emphasis from selling software and merchandise to selling advertising. In short, ITA evolved into a publisher, deriving most of its revenue from advertising sales. Today, is one of a network of tightly knit informational web sites that contain vast amounts of information. A primary portal for these is Countries Of The World. Others include: Country Ranks, a collection of pages each ranking countries by one of hundreds of statistics. Dictionary of Geology, which defines terms commonly used in geology. Energy Dictionary, a glossary of terms used in the energy industry. Human Anatomy, the complete original Gray's anatomy, with over one thousand illustrations. Drugs, with complete information on all pharmaceutical drugs. International Classification of Diseases, a coding scheme developed by the World Health Organization, listing all known diseases and injuries. Genome Dictionary, a glossary of temrs used in the human genome program. Job Descriptions, and relevant information from the complete Dictionary of Occupational Titles and O*NET. Immigration information, part of the original web site contains US immigration information. IATA Airport Codes, the IATA 3-letter codes for thousands of airports around the world. Standard Industrial Classifications Index, with the SIC codes for all industries. Html Color Chart, a handy color chart for use in creating web pages. World Religions, with information about all major religions and some not so major ones.

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