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American Made craftsmanship is built into every stitch and seam of a Tat2X® Ink Armor sleeve. The wick away fabric blend, tagless design, no visible logo and flat inseam all combine to make Ink Armor one of the most comfortable sleeves you can wear for covering and protecting tattoos. Thousands of professionals wear Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves every day! Our revolutionary Tat Skin Tattoo Cover Up Tape is easy to apply and can be cut to any size.  Look no further than our Tat Skin™ line of premium concealers for tattoos featuring easy application and natural ingredients. Get the Best... Get Ink Armor Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves!When you visit our online store you can rest assured that we have researched and perfected every product we offer in order to give you the best!  Years of fine tuning have gone into our tattoo cover up sleeves and they are the most comfortable sleeves around.  We proudly make our premium Ink Armor tattoo cover sleeves right here in the USA, unlike our competitors.  Ink Armor by Tat2X is part of our Nelson Wear small business family of brands.  Tat2X is privately owned and sweat shop free.   A portion of our proceeds are donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation, a cause we feel very strongly about. If you need to hide, conceal or cover up a tattoo there s no easier way than Ink Armor and they are MADE IN THE USA (sweat shop free)!  We also offer Tat Skin Tattoo Cover Up Tape, Tat Skin Concealer and a wide selection of Tattoo Aftercare Solutions.  We guarantee quality and comfort and Tat2X welcomes you to compare Ink Armor directly to our competition. Safety Update: Our fulfillment center practices social distancing and our staff are required to take all safety precautions possible while processing your orders. We take the safety of our team and our customers seriously and will continue to comply with all social distancing and Covid related security measures. About Us Tat2X is dedicated to helping you protect your ink from the sun and your boss. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers and our products represent the very best quality available. Our premium brand U.S. Made Ink Armor sleeves have helped thousands of people keep their jobs.

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Shop TAT2X for products to cover tattoos: Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves, Tat Skin tattoo cover up tape, tattoo concealer and tattoo aftercare products.

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