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Nostalgia, meet the future! This Optimus Prime robot being developed by Hasbro is the first auto-converting, interactive, programmable, voice-activated, and mobile-controlled "Transformers" toy. It's truly the toy that all "Transformers" fans have wanted for decades! View Now What's the best method for exploration? Whatever your answer was, you're wrong! The correct answer is "fighter jet!" Outbound Course shared this video filmed from the cockpit of their fighter jet as they went for a flight above the Pacific Northwest. As far as exploring the country goes, it's hard to get a better view than from inside a jet. View Now This case of WHO-dunnit is a simple one to solve. While Legacy the eagle was sleeping peacefully on a branch, an American Eagle Foundation nest cam captured a naughty neighbor swooping in and knocking her out of the tree. If you listen carefully, you'll hear exactly "who" the culprit was. View Now Going to the movies can be a life-changing experience for some. However, in this case, it wasn't the feature presentation that stole the show. Sergio gathered friends and family to record a special video filmed by JSB Cinema. Katie and her friends saw the video when it played at their local movie theater. Little did she know that Sergio was also in attendance, and after the heartwarming video, he popped the big question. View Now In Colombia, a pair of thieves thought they had the perfect getaway plan — never in their wildest dreams did they think they would get taken down by an epic martial arts-style kick! While escaping from the scene of the crime on a motorcycle, a bystander jumps in front of the vehicle and fly kicks it to the ground like a real-life superhero!Over in Italy, these young thieves go from cell phones to the cell block. After breaking into various cell phone stores, local police used the footage to track down and detain many of the perpetrators, but are still looking for a few more. View Now Pranks! Who doesn't love them? Other than the people getting pranked, of course. View Now Now that's an undercooked french fry! Kristen and Reafe took to a few different drive-thrus in Toronto to play a friendly prank on the workers. After ordering a medium fry, the pair pulled a switcheroo and pretended to receive a raw potato instead of cooked fries. Thankfully, each employee had a positive reaction to the prank! You can find Kristen Raefe on YouTube and Instagram View Now Gokhan Yilmaz is a man on a mission, and that mission is to prove that even as an adult, you can still have fun like a kid. For example, he often drives 60 miles from his home to roll a tire down an 1100-foot hill. It's oddly satisfying to watch if we're being honest. It makes us wonder, is the video we showed you of a tire bouncing through a bar possibly related? Yilmaz says he retrieves the tires every time, but hmmm? View Now The bond between grandparents and a grandchild is special and in this video, we get a glimpse at the start of just that. Mel and Mo invited Mo's parents to meet their baby boy for the first time. Sengku Kang and Soonae Kang's reaction to meeting baby Cairo for the first time is sure to melt some hearts! View Now We're adding another destination to our travel bucket lists after watching this beautiful drone footage! This is Prespa Lake, located on the tripoint of North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece. The word 'paradise' is an understatement for this gorgeous scenery full of crisp blue water, lush green trees, and golden skies. View Now We just found our new favorite girl group! Charlotte, Holly, and Lauren are Remember Monday, an acoustic country/folk group from the United Kingdom. Their soul-melting harmonies are powerful and become amplified in the parking garage where they record each video. We could listen to them on repeat all day! View Now SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (Or, you know, whatever day you happen to be looking at this story) All the monster duck action you could ever want is here at RTM! Kiwi the duck had been attacked by a predator and luckily survived the encounter. Some helpful humans made a recovery walker for Kiwi out of monster truck wheels. Progress is slow, but Kiwi is recovering nicely. View Now Fresh salmon, anyone? Watch this close look at the circle of life as a sea lion captures its breakfast and slaps it against the surface of the water. Some seagulls get in on the action and try catch some leftovers, too! View Now Of all the sticks in all the rivers in all the world, one beaver had to pick his brother's. The thievery took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where people filmed a beaver just innocently minding his own business when his brother became a bully. It's not like the world is short on sticks! Come on, let your bro have his stick to himself. View Now Jessica Hord is taking our salad game to the next level with this simple yet delicious recipe from This is Tasty! Grilled, crispy halloumi cheese tops a bed of fresh greens, tomatoes and avocado with a drizzle of citrus herb dressing. Is your mouth watering yet? Yep, ours too!You can get the step-by-step instructions by watching the full video below. View Now Who said vegan recipes have to be boring and plain? Certainly not the folks at BOSH.TV! They've created a recipe for a quick vegan mac cheese that's perfect for those who might want to try eating vegan or just need a healthier alternative to a great comfort food. Our mouths are watering just looking at the final product! View Now You don't need to go to the store and buy your pup all those fancy dog treats! Well, you can, BUT if you want to give your dog something made with a little more love and a lot more flavor, then our very own Jessica Hord has just the recipe for you! She has found a "Pumpkin and Oat No-Bake' doggie treat that is sure to please any pooch out there. View Now Last year, actress, activist and environmentalist Jane Fonda added TikTok star to her impressive resume by posting some of her iconic workouts from the 1980's on the app. Since then, she's teamed up with the environmental organization Greenpeace to host virtual climate change events to help spread awareness in an initiative called Fire Drill Fridays. If you'd like to attend an upcoming Fire Drill Friday event, head on over to their website for more information! View Now Actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo has been topping the charts with her hit song "Drivers License," so it only makes sense that she sits down with ELLE Magazine to play the Song Association game. Let's be honest, with a voice like hers, Olivia's already a winner!You can watch the full video below: View Now When most people post questions to celebrities online, they don't really expect to hear a response. Well, that's what GQ is here for, and they've got DJ Khaled to answer his fans' burning questions. Whether you want to know about his appearance on "Hot Ones" or the craziest things he's ever done, DJ Khaled is about to enlighten us.You can watch the full video below: View Now Gender reveals come in all shapes and sizes, but even though they differ, they usually garner the same reaction: celebration! In this first video, that's not the case. Hollie the Housewife is expecting her fourth child, so she sat her three kids down to reveal the gender of their newest sibling. With a simple balloon pop, blue confetti signaled a baby brother! Her girls cried because they aren't getting a new sister and her son cried because his favorite balloon had been popped. View Now Brooke and Brad are spicing things up on date night by picking out each other's outfits, and after a quick trip to the thrift store, they both look pretty...unique. Now, they're off to paint the town red while rocking their hilarious getups! These two sure know how to have a good time. View Now Amy and Mike were on their way to take engagement photos, even though there hadn't formally been a proposal yet. That's when they came across a very pregnant woman in labor. Amy sprang into action because she runs the labor department at her hospital. However, while the pregnancy was real, the woman's emergency was not. It was all a ruse so that Mike could pop his proposal on Amy. While she seemed annoyed in the moment, she didn't hesitate to say yes. View Now Kobe Freeman was enjoying a hamburger when he felt a sharp pain in his mouth. Somehow, a bee had gotten onto Kobe's burger and it stung his tongue while he was eating! His tongue swelled up to massive proportions, so he took to social media to find a remedy that worked.You can keep up with Kobe Freeman on Instagram and TikTok. View Now What started as just a normal Zoom classroom meeting turned into a call for action to help a fellow student. A woman in Ecuador was robbed while she was taking part in the virtual classroom, her laptop capturing the whole thing.Other students and the professor sprang into action, contacting the police right away. Fortunately, nobody was harmed and the suspects were arrested soon after the incident. The cellphones they stole led the police right to their location. View Now Here at RTM, we love getting to watch people experience seeing color for the very first time. Vic is colorblind, so his girlfriend surprised him with a pair of EnChroma glasses for his birthday. He's so stoked to see all the vibrant colors around him, and we're so stoked for him! Sometimes it's the simplest things in life we take for granted the most. via ViralHog View Now

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