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Money in MedicineAboutFacebook0Twitter0Google+0Medical School Success reveals How to Get in, How to Survive,and How to Pay for Medical School and much more time-tested advice and tips from a medical student!Welcome to Medical School Success!This is a free website in which I will show you what I have done to conquer anything related to medical school. I will show you:what a medical education is likewhat schools to apply tohow to applyhow to get inhow to do better than average in class (from 1st year to 4th year)how to pay for schoolhow to make free time to stay sane in the sea of medical informationand much, much moreI Never Dreamed of Becoming a Doctor; I Did NOT Prepare for Medicine All of My LifeWho I am? Why should you listen to me? My name is Alex and I am currently where you want to be in medical school, doing better than average, and have enough free time for a balanced life style.For most of my life, I never thought of becoming a doctor. When I was little, I wanted to be a police officer or a soldier. When I was applying for colleges, I had no interest in pre-med. Instead, I envisioned myself as a rising, hotshot banker. After college, I joined a public accounting firm. After a few years of working, I decided to change fields and go into medicine.And now, here I am! I somehow stumbled into being a doctor. I have almost no background in science. I did not get a master’s degree, unlike many of my classmates. And yet, not only am I surviving, I am thriving. Some would consider this an act of God. I sure do.If I Can Do It, You Can Do ItMy school has a helpful program called Big Brother, Big Sister which I am part of. I first joined the program as a first-year and received substantial help from my big brother adjusting to my new environment.Now, as I am more experienced, I am a big brother to a first-year student. I pay-it-forward by showing him the ropes telling him what to expect in classes, how to prepare for them, and what to do if he has any problems.Just like how I help my little, I am also going to help you. I am going to break down the steps of getting in and staying in. I am going to give you success tips so you too may be where I am today. So, let s get started.Mr. Onionhead and Seal (in the pocket) will accompany and accommodate you as you explore the site.You Must First Get InIf you are not yet in medical school, you should visit the how to get in section. It does not matter if you are currently a high school student, college student, graduate student, or out of school, this section will help you get in.The first thing you should do is to learn as much as you can about medical training and being a doctor. Being a doctor is not for everyone. In fact, it is not right for most people. If you ve already made up your mind to be a doctor, you may skip the introduction. But if you are on the fence, I would strongly advise you to start with the introduction.Also, if you are serious about getting into medical school, do not miss the articles written by professional medical school coaches! The latest article they wrote is 9 Things to Say in a Medical School Interview (and Kiss Your Acceptance Goodbye). Check it out!In addition, if you want an advantage over the other applicants Although I share a lot about getting in and succeeding in medical school, I have special information that is only reserved for those who are truly serious about medicine. If you are a player (and not just another wanna-be), head over to my premium advantage section and get the information that will:get you into medical school, no matter your backgroundsave you $50,000get you better grades with less rote memorizationSeriously, there are countless of pre-medical students who will never become doctors. Don t become one of them.You Must Then SurviveOnce you are in medical school, you cannot relax yet. Rather, you will study the hardest you have ever studied in your life. Make sure you do not fall behind, or else you could fail out. This is no joke. Make sure you visit the how to survive section for tips on making through the four years of medical school.Be sure to check out the medical books section for books that you will truly need (instead of some lame 50-pound textbooks that you will never open in your life). I guarantee you that you will save money by listening to my advice.Also, before you become a licensed physician, you must first pass all your national licensing exams. If you are in an osteopathic medical school, you will take the COMLEX. Read up on that section for advice on how to prepare for Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3.You Must Finally Make MoneyOnce you make it out of medical school alive, the hardest part of becoming a doctor is over. But now, you are part of the real world. You must work, just like everyone else. You are not guaranteed success and riches just because you have a medical education. You will quickly find out that making a lot of money in medicine is a bit trickier than memorizing books and preparing for multiple-choice exams. If you choose to work for someone else, keep in mind you will not get rich. But if you are brave enough to seek out your own destiny, the money in medicine section would definitely apply to you.And you better start making money very quickly. Most likely than not, you have accumulated a huge amount of medical school loans. At a 7% annual interest rate, you better start paying back the loans quickly or else you would be in deep financial trouble.Could you make it and become a doctor? Or would you fall in one of the many pitfalls and see all your hard work go down the drain?Comments I ve found this website extremely useful and really enjoyable and easy to understand. You ve given us a very realistic approach to applying to med school which is really helpful and honest. (I met you in Chels/Westminster in the Doctor s Mess the other day, I m the potential med student Kate) I ll definitely be keeping this page saved! Thank you

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Learn how a non-traditional applicant beat the odds to get into medical school and how you can do it too. I reveal my secrets on how to get in, do well, and have free-time in medical school.

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