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Right to Manage, Lease extensions and enfranchisement law & processes explained. click for Ringley Group Leasehold Guidance.co.uk is brought to you by The Ringley Group to bring together the work done by our Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Solicitors or to help you do-it-yourself. Our Services Hi it's click here to read stories of £££ s we've saved for Clients... DISCOVER NOW You have been managing on my behalf for well over 10 years. In all that time your firm has managed the property in a highly professional manner and it has been interesting to see how you have developed over the years from a small but competent firm into the very sophisticated, able and multifaceted management company you are today. Anthony Ashton For the past 10 + years I have been a directors of Prince of Wales Rd Property Management Co Ltd, with Ringley acting as Managing Agent. Over the years I have found Ringley to be helpful and agreeable to deal with, and any problems which arise are always dealt with professionally. In particular I deal with their blocks management and estates dept. team on a regular basis, and they are always prompt in dealing with any issues.I would therefore recommend Ringley to any management co. considering a new managing agent. Justin Higham Ringley started managing the apartment block in which my property is situated in 2001 after the previous company did not provide us with the service we wanted. Not only did Ringley maintain and manage the property to a whole new level than we could have expected but they also put all records and accounts in order. All meetings were very professional and all our concerns and demands were considered and dealt with expeditiously and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending them Michel Nicolaides I have known the team at Ringley Chartered Surveyors for over 15 years and have always found them to be highly professional and extremely customer focused. They have acted for me in both a private and business capacity on many occasions and have consistently demonstrated great integrity and sound professional judgement. I have had many dealings with them in respect of their Property Management services and have no hesitation in recommending them. Jack Jones Throughout the period of our association with Ringley at different levels, from their top Company Management officers to their Estate Managers we found their contact to be extremely professional and impartial ensuring that all their decisions, when acting as Managing Agents, are reasonable and fair to all parties. Ringley have been accommodating when we required land valuations to be carried out expediently and were supportive throughout; from the initial valuation of a project until the start of the maintenance. In the instances where other Managing Agents were engaged, we found that Ringley's performance in both administrative and maintenance issues were far better. In particular, where they have taken over the management of the project from existing Managing Agents, their input in ensuring the smooth and efficient transition period was clearly evident. In the preparation of new leases for sales, we found Ringley's involvement not only in ensuring that both parties are adequately protected but also striving towards eliminating future disputes resulting from not clearly defined clauses. We would not hesitate in recommending Ringley Chartered Surveyors as Property Valuers and Managing Agents Yiovis Servas The way that Ringley took over the management of a problematic block in South London, and improved it quickly by focusing on the anti-social environmental matters as well as the more typical property issues. They have also successfully dealt with residents' concerns and some complex technical lease issues during the construction of three additional rooftop flats by a developer at the site. Darren Pither 'Whilst it was a joint Board decision to appoint Ringley, no-one could have anticipated the positives. Of greater support has been Ringley's ability to keep an entirely professional and neutral position... Instead of ignoring leaseholders they have focused on our objectives, and have kept an attitude of 'business as usual' to leaseholders' relief while Board Members fight among themselves. For the EGM, Ringley's have advised us strategically and despite these rather difficult times they continue to strive forwards for the good of the whole building.' Maura Ryan Dommergue I first came across Ringley when I purchased a flat at Alliance Close in 1998. I have always found Ringley's staff to be pleasant and curteous, perhaps beyond what is the norm for property management. Some notable achievements that RIngley have achieved at Alliance Close include; installation of vehicle gates (we used to suffer greatly from dumped cars), getting every private leaseholder on board in a voluntary UPVC window replacement project. This was achieved through financial justification that we would break even in 2 decorations cycles. We even ended up with Everest Windows. Increased anti-social problems at Alliance Close led to Ringley researching and including security and safety improvements in the internal decorations project. London and Birmingham bars were installed to the communal front doors and the new front doors chosen were of a type where smashing glass to open the lock was not possible. The community and living at Alliance Close has improved as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending Ringley. Mr Rahnama As a landlord of two properties in Geneva Court, the Ringley Maintenance Company, when compared with our previous Agent, the difference is like black and white. As soon as Ringley took over from OM Peveral at Geneva Court the service and maintenance changed dramatically for the better. Ringley are far more communicative with tenants, their management team at Geneva Court are very on the ball, highly pro-active, I receive regular e-mail updates and progress reports both on work in progress and future projects. Moreover, Ringley also invite the tenants to meetings, discussing with them matters pertaining to the building, and involving them in the decision making process, making for a far more harmonious atmosphere all round. 2 All in all, in my opinion, Ringley is a far better company to work with, are more efficient and give better value Ari D Norman Since purchasing a property in Olympia Park I have been impressed by the professionalism and attentiveness of the managing agents. Having properties elsewhere has taught me the importance of good agents. Ringley seem to get on top of things early and decisively . This cannot be easy with such a large estate and I find the charges levied to be very reasonable considering the complexity of the tasks involved. N. Hodd Highly recommend Ringley Law. They offer an incredible service, with friendly staff who are there every step of the way with you. Ringley Law helped me and 2 other leaseholders to form a company and buy the freehold on our flats following a very difficult period after a large management company had taken it over and started charging us huge sums of money. Ringley Law gave us great advise, helped us get out of a hard and stressful situation and we're just brilliant. Thank you Ringley Law Sue Sammes Articles & Blogs Read our back archive of 200+ published articles. Our Ringley Property Blog and specialist PlanetRent Blog to track the rental market.

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Leasehold Guidance.co.uk is brought to you by The Ringley Group to bring together the work done by our Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Solicitors or to help you do-it-yourself.

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