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Home Poweshiek County Boer-Nanza ABGA Ennoblements Requirements Breed Standard Comparisons Bucks Calendar of Events Contact Does Facts about Goats Goat giving birth Goat Health Goat Recipes IMGA Farm Field Day Iowa Boer Goat Breeders Kids Nutritional information for Goat Meat Our Special Guest Reference Sires Sale Page Winners Circle Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association Born To Perform Boer Goat Sale Welcome to JRCN Boer Goats owned and operated by James Rose Shepard. We are located in Grinnell Iowa right in the middle of the state, just 4 miles off Interstate 80.

We got started in Boer goats in 2007 when our daughters wanted a couple wethers to show in 4H. Since then the girls have moved on with their busy lives but it was to late James I were hooked. So much so that in 2012 we bought a bigger place to we could have even more of these lovely animals. We now have 35 breeding does.Most are full bloods with a few percentage does. We raise these goats for both show and breeding stock.

We are members of the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA), the Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association of which James iscurrently Presidentand the Iowa Meat Goat Association (IMGA) of which Rose was a board member from 2010-2013 where she was secretary, director and newsletter editor.

We love to show our goats and travel all over the Midwest and have done pretty well in and out of the show ring. We breed for confirmation as well as good mothering ability. Though we love thetraditional color we also love the paints and reds and now have 3 spotted does. So we are always excited to see what our bucks throw. Our main herd sire is Rum Arapahoe (ennobled)a son of Fern Hollow Indian Outlaw from Indiana. Who is proving to be a great addition to the herd. His kids have amazing top lines and just builds amazing kids all the way around. It is always so exciting to see what each new animal can add to a herd.

On top of raising goats we are parents to 2 beautiful daughters Carroyl and Nichole and we are Grand Parents to Kirsten, Alice, Elijah and Oliver. They are all our first loves with the goats a close second. We also own and operate Shepards Towing, and Rose is a Real Estate agent working as aBroker AssociateforBryanRealty, Inc.Believe me we live a crazy busy life but would not have it any other way. Also in 2014 we became dealers for Essential Goat feeds. We love this feed and what it does for the goats.

Even as busy as we are we always welcome guest so please give us a call if you would like to check out our goats facilities we love to show them off.

Public Service Announcement
This is a public service announcement...

In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of Goats. This substance called "Amobacter Caprine-ism" has been linked with the following symptoms in females: Reluctance to cook, clean or do house work. Reluctance to wear make-up, good clothes, or high-heels. Reluctance to spend money on home or car repairs until after the Goats have grain, hay, mineral, supplements and any medical care needed.

"Amobacter Caprine-ism" usually results in long hours away from the home, spent in the barn. Exhaustion, which may lead to a loss of physical contact with other humans is expected. (especially husbands)

"Amobacter Caprine-ism" is thought to be addictive, driving the need for additional sources-this may lead to a "herd mentality" or like the commercial "You can't have just one".

BEWARE! If you come in contact with a female human infected by this substance, be prepared to talk about Goats for hours.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Goats are expensive, addictive, and may impair the ability to use common sense.

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