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No air and no chance to escape The slave gets no air! Mistress Anfisa has overpowered him and now lies on the floor with him. She holds him tight between her legs and presses her hands firmly over his mouth and nose. She wants to see him suffer and push him to his limits. She is merciless and holds him so tight that he cannot defend himself. No oxygen and no chance to escape... How long will he last? Oxygen deficiency for the slave Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna incapacitate the slave by rolling him up into a carpet. He cannot defend himself and is at the mercy of his Mistresses. Only his head is looking out of the carpet and he awaits his fate! Mistress Jane sits down on the carpet and presses her hands over his face, encloses his mouth and nose with them so that he can t breathe. Let s see how long the curled up slave can handle this lack of oxygen! Queen Hanna likes the ideaand tortures the slave with her. Smother Homework Control How extensively did the slave practice his task? Princess Serena will find out. She covers his mouth and nose with her hands. How long can he hold his breath now? His homework was to learn to hold his breath for a very long time. Now the training is over. Now we are going to get serious! Princess Serena checks his homework and takes his breath away. He can t breathe and is defenselessly trapped in this smotherbox. Now the slave has to show his training and prove to his mistress Princess Serena that he has been a good student for her.

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Homsmother | Hand domination. Girls like hand over mouth fetish. Hot hand domination and homsmother videos with dominant breath play girls.

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