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Continue reading...Play It Again, Sam (Part One)(Part Two)Errol's latest film, Standard Operating Procedure, will be released on April 25th. The Sony Pictures Classicswebsite is now online.The trailer is now available on BelieverWerner Herzog talks with Errol Morris FOR YOU TO STEAL A CHARACTER OR A STORY ISN'T REAL THEFT.BUT TO STEAL A LANDSCAPE, THAT IS A VERY, VERY SERIOUS CRIME. Things Werner Herzog and Errol Morris have done together:Visited serial killer Ed Kemper in prisonVisited Plainfield, Wisconsin, to investigate the murderer Ed GeinDug up Ed Gein's mother's grave to see if she was still there (almost)Continue reading...Standard Operating Procedure, the first documentary ever shown in competition at the Berlin film festival, won the Silver Bear Jury Grand Prize.Liar, Liar, Pants on FireWill the Real Hooded Man Please Stand UpWhich Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)Brandy Agerbeck comments on the recent lecture by Errol at the Chicago Humanities Festival. The transcript will soon be available.The BelieverAdam Curtis talks with Errol MorrisOn October 31, 2005, Errol Morris, Academy Award winning director of The Fog of War, interviewed Adam Curtis, director of The Power of Nightmares , the documentary film which asks the question Did Johnny Mercer bring down the World Trade Center? The Stop Smiling Interview with Errol Morrisby James Hughes / Photograph by Nubar AlexanianNo matter how despairing the tale, Errol Morris, the 58-year-old filmmaker and self-described secular antihumanist, can't get enough of people and the wealth of stories they have to tell. They're not adversarial interviews, Morris said by phone from Cambridge, Massachusetts, his home of 16 years. They're interviews where I encourage people to talk at length. (This lecture was given at Harvard and includes clips for Vernon, Florida, The Thin Blue Line, and The Fog of War.)Vernon, Florida - The Sand that GrowsContinue reading the LectureThis Island Earth (1955) Directed by Joseph NewmanImitation of Life (1959) Directed by Douglas SirkWhy does Sara Jane crawl into a crate addressed to Ryberg Electronics? Was an Interociter delivered to the set of Imitation of Life?NPR, All Things Considered - May 2, 2005I believe in truth. And in the pursuit of truth. When I was ten years old, I asked a neighborhood kid who was older than me: Which city is further west ? Reno, Nevada or Los Angeles, California? The correct answer is Reno, Nevada. But he was convinced that it was the other way around.This is a slightly modified version of the editorial published in The New York Times, January 18, 2005.So why is George W. Bush taking the oath of office this week and not John Kerry? For me, the answeris clear: Mr. Kerry failed because of his inability to tell his own story. John Kerry could have presented to theAmerican people his full biography, but instead he chose toedit who he was. Why?1. Preventive bite. Hand is bound to betray you eventually. Get it before it gets you. Remember, every hand is capable of naked aggression. 2. Preemptive bite. Hand is ready to do something. Just look at it. You've got to protect yourself, don't you?3. Keeps gums healthy.4. Hand less likely poisoned than food.5. Tastes good.Continue reading ReexaminationsThis is a slightly modified version of the editorial published in The New York Times, November 20, 2004.All of life seems to be about denial the denial of death, the denial of reality, the denial of everything that it is convenient for us to deny. Photography because of its causal relationship to the world seems to give us the truth or something close to the truth. I am skeptical about this for many reasons. But even if photography doesn't give us truth on a silver-platter, it can make it harder for us to deny reality. It puts a leash on fantasy, confabulation and self-deception. It provides constraints, borders. It circumscribes our ability to lie to ourselves and to others.10.26.04:Fox News and Accidental Bias10.27.04:The Flip Flopper vs. The Prisoner of His Own Ideology10.28.04:Preemptive vs. Preventive War11.03.04: Potterville Miller High LifeThe High Life Man is back! Watch the spots here.VimeoFollow Errol on Vimeo for surprises from the archives...Exhibition"Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera" on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from February 8th to June 21st. Check out a screening of The B-Side in March!VODWatch American Dharma on Amazon, iTunes, Kanopy, and more.Now PlayingTickets available now for American Dharma.PodcastsListen to Errol's podcast appearances on Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara and Longform.The New YorkerErrol in conversation with Daniel Gross about Stephen K. Bannon, Elizabeth Holmes, interviewing, insanity, and much more.A.V. ClubAndrew Paul calls Errol's Global Meltdown campaign "cute" and "terrifying."UtopiaUtopia acquires American Dharma. Read more about the film's upcoming theatrical release in The Hollywood Reporter.Reddit AMAReddit talks to Errol about his Sviatoslav Richter NYT essay.TDOB/TBOD PodcastErrol in conversation with Michael Bierut at the Yale School of Management.EsquireRon Rosenbaum calls American Dharma a “valuable warning.” Filmmaker Magazine Anthony Kaufman writes about American Dharma's “skillful mix of moral outrage, apocalyptic imagery, and...cinephilic inquiry.”VoxAlissa Wilkinson calls American Dharma a “character study in the soul-corroding effects of extreme self-regard.”SalonWatch Errol in conversation with Salon’s executive editor about American Dharma.Slash FilmMarshall Shaffer writes that American Dharma shows “how a warped ideology can graft itself onto heroic narratives in order to convince itself of its own good and necessity.” IndieWireEric Kohn's review calls American Dharma "the most disturbing movie of the year." The Hollywood ReporterDeborah Young says American Dharma will "engage the viewer in American politics through a strategy of detached passion." WeathsimpleWatch Errol’s new films for Wealthsimple, featuring interviews with Brian Tyree Henry, Aubrey Plaza, Alex Karpovsky, and more.PBS NewsHourErrol discusses the ugly truth about truth.Bullseye PodcastErrol in conversation with Jesse Thorn about Wormwood.Wormwood PodcastThree episode Wormwood podcast now on iTunes! Special guests include Jon Ronson, Peter Sarsgaard, and, of course, Eric Olson.Rotten TomatoesWormwood is certified fresh! EsquireWormwood ranks first on Esquire's list of the year’s best films.What is the Truth?!?!!A detailed exploration of Wormwood’s stylistic language, including aspect ratios, collage, and framing.Type NetworkType Network interviews Wormwood’s graphic designer Jeremy Landman about his interpretation of psychedelic typography.The New York TimesA.O. Scott reviews Wormwood and calls Errol “our great cinematic sleuth.”VultureMatt Zoller Seitz interviews Errol about Wormwood, reenactments, and arbitrary rules.The New RepublicRachel Syme writes about Wormwood and grief in the January-February 2018 issue. The Hollywood ReporterTodd McCarthy reviews Wormwood following its Telluride Film Festival premiere.The New YorkerErrol writes about Nathan for You’s season four finale, his new favorite love story. New York Review of BooksPraise for Wormwood from J. Hoberman in the New York Review's December calendar.The New YorkerRead Richard Brody's article on The B-Side: "An Artist's Soul Unleashed by a Polaroid Camera."Paste MagazineRead Paste's review of The B-Side, in theaters June 30th.Slant MagazineAn interview with Errol on The B-Side, Elsa Dorfman, and weirdness.EsquireTake a look at a list of Errol's three favorite self-help books. National PostAn interview with Errol on his latest film The B-Side and reinventing nonfiction.The GateA review of The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography. In theaters June 30th.Scientific AmericanA review of the conversation between Errol and Barry Lam heard on HiPhiNation.The Ashes of TruthHiPhiNation: Philosopher Barry Lam and Errol discuss his difficult relationship with Thomas Kuhn and teases his forthcoming book The Ashtray or: The Man who Denied Reality (Spring 2018, University of Chicago Press).NYT Opinion Read Errol's NYT Opinion article, "Who is Dangerous, and Who Dies?"SlantSlant's review of The B-Side.Rolling StoneRolling Stone's list of movies to see in June includes The B-Side.EsquireEsquire's list of "14 Movies Worth the Haul to the Multiplex" this June features The B-Side.Summer MovieErrol's newest film The-B-Side is a must-see this summer.Film CommentErrol interviews himself on the subject of interviewing.The B-Side TrailerTake a look at the trailer for Errol's latest film The B-Side.IndieWireThe B-Side makes it on IndieWire's list of "50 Movies to See This Summer."NeonNeon acquires The B-Side. Theatrical release of Errol's latest film is scheduled for June 30th.NYT Sunday ReviewRead Errol's piece for the New York Times on Bowe Bergdahl and Trump: "Judge, Jury, Executioner, President."Flavorwire Flip through their list of "10 Must-See Movies at the 2016 NYFF, which includes The B-Side.The Film ExperienceRead TFE's review of The B-Side out of NYFF.BFI: European Premiere The B-Side will have its European premiere at the 60th London Film Festival.Film Freak CentralRead Film Freak Central's review of The's review of The B-Side.VarietyVariety's review of The B-Side.Screen DailyScreen Daily's review of The B-Side.FandorFandor's review of The B-Side.The GuardianRead The Guardian's review of The B-Side.The Hollywood ReporterRead The Hollywood Reporter's review of The B-Side.Rolling StoneRolling Stone's list of "25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at TIFF 2016" includes The B-Side.KottkeErrol's newest film profiles 20x24 portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman.NYFF Sets Doc ProgramNYFF's "Spotlight on Documentary" includes The B-Side.Docs at 2016 TIFFRead about this year's documentary selection at TIFF, which includes The B-Side.The B-Side at TIFF Errol's latest documentary The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography is headed to TIFF.Filmmaker MagazineAn article about Errol's newest short film Demon in the Freezer.New York Times Q AErrol answers questions about his short film Demon in the Freezer.The Monster is MommyErrol on the Criterion Collection's release of The Manchurian Candidate.Karen Schmeer FellowshipCongratulations to Eileen Meyer, 2016's Film Editing Fellow!Co.DesignErrol interviewed about Baskerville and his new Pentagram book about how typography shapes our perception of truth.Documentary of a Murder Read Errol's Time piece on Walter Scott's death. Watch his HuffPost interview.The Thin True LineWhat is documentary? Read Errol's piece in The Boston Globe.Criterion CollectionThe Thin Blue Line and Gates of Heaven / Vernon, Florida box sets are available on Blu-ray.IndiewireErrol talks about his Criterion releases and compares The Unknown Known and The Fog of War. A Fascinated ManRead about Errol's short films for Grantland at Movie Mezzanine.Karen Schmeer FellowshipCongratulations to Anna Gustavi, 2015's Film Editing Fellow!CBC RadioErrol speaks about his portraits of sports fanatics and remembers Albert Maysles.SlateRead: "Watch Errol Morris' New ESPN Shorts, Even If You Don’t Care About Sports."ChromeWatch Errol's final film for Grantland's Errol Morris Week. Most Valuable WhateverWatch Errol's 5th film for Grantland's Errol Morris Week about sports collectors.Being Mr. MetWatch Errol's 4th film for Grantland's Errol Morris Week about the man behind the Mets mascot.The StreakerWatch Errol's 3rd film for Grantland's Errol Morris Week about a prolific streaker.The HeistWatch Errol's 2nd Grantland film about Michael Jordan's stolen jersey.The Subterranean StadiumWatch Errol's short film about electric football, 1 of 6 for Grantland's Errol Morris Week. Grantland Q&AAlex Pappademas interviews Errol about his life and work.American Haiku Read the article The Brilliant Ads of Errol Morris on Grantland.Errol Morris as ProsecutorRead Wesley Morris's Grantland article.The Wrap Read about Errol's new documentary series for ESPN.It's Not Crazy, It's SportsWatch the promo and read the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times pieces. Errol's six short films air Sunday, March 1st, at 9 PM EST on ESPN.The MomentErrol's new short film The Moment, featuring Bob Geldof, screened at the IFC Center October 3rd through 9th. Telluride Film FestivalErrol screened Three Short Films About Peace at Telluride. Read more in Variety.Cannes LionsErrol was awarded a Silver Lion for his Taco Bell spots and a Bronze Lion for his Unilever spots.Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!Errol was quizzed on Mickey Rooney and spoke about his films on NPR's game show.The EuropeanMax Tholl spoke to Errol about The Unknown Known.The New YorkerRead Adrienne Raphel's article "Competition For McDonald's, And For Ronald."The New York TimesA.O. Scott reviews The Unknown Known in "Deciphering Donald H. Rumsfeld."Los Angeles TimesKenneth Turan says The Unknown Known "finds Donald Rumsfeld free of self-doubt." The Boston Globe Mark Feeney on The Unknown Known: "There is no more robust and searching mind at work in American film."Slate Dana Stevens on The Unknown Known: "Rumsfeld [expresses] himself in koan-like platitudes that hover over the divide between timeless wisdom and obfuscatory bullshit."The Boston GlobePeter Keough on The Unknown Known: "They may have once commanded the most powerful army in the world, but they should beware Errol Morris and his fearsome Interrotron."The Colbert ReportErrol returned to The Colbert Report to discuss The Unknown Known.True False Errol skyped into the True/False Film Festival to talk about The Unknown Known.Cult MontrealLorraine Carpenter on The Unknown Known: "The Horror of (Interviewing) Donald Rumsfeld."Cornell Daily SunZachary Zahos on The Unknown Known: "The Incredibly Unknowable Donald Rumsfeld."The NationJon Wiener interviews Errol about The Unknown Known.ZimbioJoe Robberson's list of the top twelve Errol Morris quotes about Donald Rumsfeld.NewsdayJosh Anderson gives The Unknown Known a four-star review and calls it "a must-see documentary."Arts FuseGerald Peary calls The Unknown Known "insanely entertaining."The AtlanticPhilip Bump's article on Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld mentions The Unknown Known: "Welcome to the Torture Apologist Renaissance."Now TorontoAn interview with Norman Wilner on The Unknown Known.Film MonthlyDaniel Engelke reviews The Unknown Known.PasteBrent Simon interviews Errol about The Unknown Known.Fast CompanyRead Ari Karpel's article: "Errol Morris on The Value of Just Listening."The AtlanticRead Peter Osnos on The Unknown Known: "The True Subject, Smugness."VICE PodcastErrol talks about The Unknown Known.The Daily ShowJon Stewart: "Back to the Torture."The Bob Edwards ShowListen to a conversation with Errol on The Unknown Known.The Washington PostRichard Cohen on The Unknown Known: "Donald Rumsfeld's battle with truth."On Point Listen to Errol discussing The Unknown Known.VultureDavid Edelstein on The Unknown Known: "How Do You Nail Jell-O?"CNNChristiane Amanpour spoke to Errol about The Unknown Known.Rolling StoneErrol speaks to Katie Van Syckle about The Unknown Known: "He's untouched by history."Reason TVWatch Nick Gillespie and Errol discuss The Unknown Known.RogerEbert.comGodfrey Cheshire on The Unknown Known: "More than any film this reviewer has seen in ages, The Unknown Known richly rewards a second viewing."GawkerMichelle Dean writes that The Unknown Known "brilliantly...points out the chief crime of men like Rumsfeld was the way they weaponized uncertainty."PopMattersCynthia Fuchs reviews The Unknown Known: "The Perennial Puzzle That Is Donald Rumsfeld."TakePartInterview with Errol on The Unknown Known.FlavorwireJason Bailey reviews The Unknown Known.SalonAndrew O'Hehir reviews The Unknown Known.The Daily BeastMarlow Stern writes about The Unknown Known. Film Journal International FJI calls The Unknown Known "a revealing portrait of a key Bush Administration figure." The New Yorker Richard Brody reviews The Unknown Known.Film CommentRead Jennifer Dworkin's review of The Unknown Known. Politico Read Politico's article on The Unknown Known: "Donald Rumsfeld Hasn’t Learned a Damn Thing."The Rachel Maddow ShowRachel Maddow interviewed Errol about The Unknown Known.HardballChris Matthews discussed The Unknown Known with Errol.Harvard Kennedy SchoolListen to an conversation with Errol at the Ash Center on The Unknown Known.The Unknown KnownErrol spoke with film critic David Edelstein at DOC NYC 2013, and appeared on Huff Post Live to discuss his latest film about former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.The Murders of GonzagoErrol published an essay on Joshua Oppenheimer's new documentary The Act of Killing and reenactment on Slate.The Colbert ReportStephen Colbert interviewed Errol about Jeffrey MacDonald and the Interrotron.Prying Open a Cold CaseDavid Carr surveys Errol's new book and the wilderness surrounding the MacDonald trials on the New York Times.The Forensic EpistemologistLawrence Weschler cogitates with Errol about Poe, monocularity, and Kennedy on Public Books.Notable NonfictionThe Washington Post named Believing is Seeing as one of their "Notable Books of 2011."100 Notable BooksThe New York Times named Believing is Seeing one of "100 Notable Books of 2011."David Lean LectureWatch Errol give the annual David Lean Lecture at BAFTA's headquarters in London.Believing is SeeingThe Harvard Book Store is hosting Errol for a discussion of his book Believing is Seeing.Seeing is BelievingThe Brattle Theatre is playing a repertory series of Errol's films.Investigating with a CameraErrol is giving a lecture at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.Trial and ErrolAndrew Hultkrans wrote about Errol's appearance at the New York Public Library for Artforum.Trip Down Tabloid LaneScott Thill interviews Errol about Tabloid for Wired Magazine.Caught in Bed with a TabloidGawker's Seth Abramovitch talks to Errol about Tabloid.Joyce McKinney at the Premiere of Tabloid59 Minutes in Errol's BasementNew York's Billy Baker goes dumpster-diving in Errol's basement.WBURBob Oakes interviews Errol about his brother Noel and the creation of e-mail.The Flying FrogI am in better shape now. My book on amphibian levitation just arrived.Believing is Seeing, ReviewedPublisher's Weekly reviews Errol's new book on photography.The Truth is in ThereLeon Neyfakh profiles Errol in the Boston Globe: "When we realize everyone might be lying, most of us just give up. For Errol Morris, that’s just the beginning."Leiter ReportsErrol responds to comments from the Ashtray on the Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog.The Take AwayErrol talks to The Take Away about the photos of U.S. soldiers posing with dead civilans released by Der Spiegel.TCM'S EbertfestGates of Heaven will be playing as part of the TCM salute to Ebertfest.What's in My Bag Boing Boing asks Errol to list what's in his luggage.Karen SchmeerOn the one-year anniversary of Karen Schmeer's death, we continue to mourn the loss of our friend and colleague.Sundance Selects Acquires TabloidSundance Selects plans to play the film at key festivals before a theatrical and VOD rollout this summer.The World According to Errol MorrisPat Joseph interviews Errol for California Magazine.Career Achievement AwardTaylor Segrest interviews Errol about his Career Achievement Award for the International Documentary Association.Frederick Wiseman's Best ScenesErrol writes about his favorite scenes from the films of documentary film pioneer Frederick Wiseman in the Blogs and Stories section of the Daily Beast.Capturing RealityThe Art of Documentary interviewed Errol and other documentarians about their craft.CurrentErrol list his five favorite films on Cliopatria AwardsIn 2007, Errol won a Cliopatria Award for his, "Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?" posts for the New York Times.Icy TaleTatiana Siegel of Variety writes about Errol's upcoming project.Truth, Death, and Taxidermy Eric Goldscheider interviews Errol in On Wisconsin.GhostsIan Buruma reviews Standard Operating Procedure for The New York Review of Books.The Seed SalonMarc Hauser and Errol discuss game theory, Stanley Milgram, and whether science can make us better people in Seed Magazine.Sebald, Byrne, MorrisBernie Michalik writes about Standard Operating Procedure on his blog Smart People I Know.Objective TruthDavid Byrne reviews Standard Operating Procedure on his Journal.How We SeeAdam O. Thomas reviews Standard Operating Procedure for Only Magazine.Interrogation PracticesKenneth Turan reviews Standard Operating Procedure in the Los Angeles Times.Holding Them ResponsibleTy Burr reviews Standard Operating Procedure for The Boston Globe.At Abu GhraibPeter Rainer reviews Standard Operating Procedure for The Christian Science Monitor.On FilmThe Chicago Reader picks Standard Operating Procedure as a Critics Choice for this weekend.A.V. ClubScott Tobias reviews Standard Operating Procedure for The Onion.Studio 360Kurt Anderson talks to Errol about Standard Operating Procedure on Studio 360.Problem with PhotographyGuest observer Teddy Blanks reviews Standard Operating Procedure on the Design Observer website.Questions for ErrolThe Harper's Magazine website has a question and answer between W.J.T. Mitchell and Errol.Photos to LifeListen to Errol talk about Standard Operating Procedure on NPR's Day to Day.Gets to the TruthDavid Samuels profiles Errol in the current issue of Wired Magazine.Seeing Is BelievingChris Wisniewski reviews Standard Operating Procedure for Indiewire.The Great InterrogatorErrol is featured in this month's GQ written by Chris Heath.Snapshots of HorrorChristopher Dickey reviews Standard Operating Procedure for Newsweek.The Fog of Abu GhraibIn the May issue of Harper's W.J.T. Mitchell reviews Standard Operating Procedure.Nonfiction Order Nubar Alexanian's book of photographs from Errol's sets.Standard Operating Procedure Standard Operating Procedure, a book written by Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris, will be published by Penguin Press on May 15, 2008.From Slo-Mo to No-MoRon Rosenbaum writes about Errol's use of slow motion in Standard Operating Porcedure for Slate.Recovering RealityA question and answer with Errol in print and video from the Columbia Journalism Review by Michael Meyer.Creativity 50Creativity Magazine lists Errol as one of the Creativity 50, a list of the top fifty minds in advertising over the past twenty years.Open SourceListen to Errol talk about truth on Christopher Lydon's radio show.DVD Release July 26th The Thin Blue Line, Vernon, Florida, Gates of Heaven, and all of the episodes of First Person are now on DVD.Check out the Store for details.Also now availableThe Fog of War book by James G. Blight and Janet M. Lang.The Onion's A.V. Club has a interview with Errol talking about his movies recently release on DVD.Mike Clark of USA Today writes that "two of the best non-fiction films ever Gates of Heaven and The Thin Blue Line come to DVD from MGM/Sony on July 26th.FLM Magazine Summer 2005 issue contains an article by Errol about the upcoming DVD Collection release.Errol wins Outstanding Achievement Award at Hot Docs Festival in Toronto.Hiawatha Bray, of the Boston Globe, uses Errol's Sharp campaign as an example of an alternate reality game.Stuart Elliott, of the New York Times, writes about Errol's new campaign for HSBC. Advertising Age gives a farewell tribute to Miller's Highlife Man. The Harvard University Gazette's Rob Meyer writes that nine Nobelists, a Fields medalist, and an Oscar winner converged on Harvard. It was in honor of Sidney Coleman. The Weston Town Crier writes about Errol's recent appearance at the Cambridge School of Weston. Adweek named Errol Morris as one of the brightest talents in advertising today.Nancy Ramsey quotes Errol Morris in her New York Times piece about the future of political film making.Errol Morris and Kurt Andersen looked at how writers and artists reshape history last week on Studio 360.The Guardian named Errol Morris in the top ten of the world's 40 best directors.Misanthrope's CreedOne's company, two's a crowd. Continue reading The GrumpOctober, 2004 GOTHAMIST: This election year, this political climate and national divide has become overwhelmingly stressful. I say this for myself, but I know it's true of a great number of other people.Continue reading Interview The B-SideThe Thin Blue LineCriterion Blu-ray now available.Gates of Heaven / Vernon, Florida Blu-ray box set now available. Kindle Singles InterviewBrin-Jonathan Butler's interview with Errol is available on Amazon.A Brief History of Time SoundtrackPhillip Glass's film score is now available on iTunes.Singing DogWatch Errol's duet with Ivan the singing dog!Taco BellWatch Errol's new ad for Taco Bell and read the New Yorker article about the campaign.A Brief History of TimeCriterion reissued A Brief History of Time on Blu-ray and DVD (March 18th).The Unknown Known SoundtrackDanny Elfman's soundtrack for The Unknown Known is available on iTunes.Paperback EditionESPN: Team SpiritPeople say when you're a fan, you're a fan for life. But that may be a little shortsighted. It's Not Crazy, It's Sports.7-Eleven: Mobile Judge Watch Errol's very first commercial.Nike: Ring Maker The Thinking Man's DetectiveRon Rosenbaum reveals, My favorite private-eye trick is the one I learned about from Errol Morris. Believing Is SeeingThank you all for being here tonight. This is somewhat strange for me. I used to say I made movies so I could talk after screening them, but now I'm writing books so that I can talk after signing them.The Umbrella ManOn the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol takes a critical look at the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella.11/22/63Errol reviewed Stephen King's latest novel, 11/22/63, for the New York Times Book Review.And there's more: after writing the review, Errol interviewed Stephen King.Tabloid SoundtrackJohn Kusiak's soundtrack for Tabloid is available on iTunes, or stream a preview of the soundtrack at Milan Records.Tawdry Gruesomeness Errol wrote an essay in the book Frederick Wiseman published by the Museum of Modern Art. Images in Their Caves Roger Ebert links to the video and writes about Werner Herzog and Errol's discusion at Toronto Film Festival. Now Available A book of interviews with Errol, edited by Livia Bloom. 60 Minutes IIErrol was interviewed for 60 Minutes II back in 2000.Reading List Continue reading OpinionEA Sports Watch Errol's EA Sports spots.Believing Is Seeing Continue reading OpinionNow Available The book version of Standard Operating Procedure written by Philip Gourevitch and Errol.The soundtrack for Standard Operating Procedure by Danny Elfman.Blame the Messenger Am I supposed to object to this? ... Continue reading The GrumpAnnals of WarThe New Yorker website has posted an excerpt from the book, Standard Operating Procedure, as well as video clips from the film. New Literary FormRon Rosenbaum writes about Errol's blog post for the New York Times, Cartesian Blogging, Part One. The Unimaginative Carpenter Only the unimaginative carpenter... Continue reading The GrumpFull Tilt Poker Watch Errol's Full Tilt Poker Spots.Academy Awards MovieWatch the short film Errol made for the opening of the Oscars and 2002. Then see how many people you recognized.The Non-Existence of God Isn't everybody familiar with Anselm's ontological proof of the existence of God? Continue reading The GrumpHewlett Packard Watch Errol's Hewlett Packard spot shot in Helsinki back in 2000. Quaker Oats Watch two of the finished Quaker Ames Room spots. Also watch a flash animated explaination of how Steve Hardie built the Ames Room used in the commercials.Unintelligent DesignI look at the world of fauna and flora around me, and it becomes completely obvious that it can not be explained by the processes of natural selection. Natural selection would have done a better job. Continue reading The GrumpMiller High LifeUpdated with twenty "more" spots for a total of Eighty.This updated encylcopedia of High-Life material also includes the only apocalyptic High-Life spot - Staying Alert. (If you are interested in other apocalyptic commercials, see the Southern Comfort spot - Bomb Shelter.)Anti-HumanistI am a secular anti-humanist. Continue reading The Grump Interrotron v. InterociterInterrotronInterociter Continue reading Eye ContactRon RosenbaumRon Rosenbaum, the Edgy Enthusiast at the New York Observer, has written about The Fog of War, Mr. Death, and Gates of Heaven. He has also written an article about pessimism which includes a reference to The Grump (no. 3), Cursing the Darkness. Errol wrote the foreword to his book, The Secret Parts of Fortune. Pandora and the BoxThe story of Pandora and the box is well-known.The story has a simple beginning. Pandora was presented with a box and asked not to open it.Well, big surprise. Continue reading The GrumpUpdated with Errol's Emmy award-winning commercial for PBS, "Photo Booth".Plus, the campaigns for Volkswagen, Southern Comfort, Robertson Stephens,and Adidas.The Last Dingdong of DoomI have always been perplexed by Faulkner's Nobel Prize Banquet Speech. Not merely endure? Will prevail? Continue reading The GrumpFive Key WitnessesI have often heard people say that The Thin Blue Line got an innocent man out of prison.Yes and no.The movie brought the case to national attention, but it was my investigation - part of which was done with a movie camera - that got Randall Adams out of prison. Here's the story. More OxymoronsOxymorons. What are they? I grabbed a definition from the American Heritage Dictionary. ox-y-mo-ronA rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist. Continue reading The Grump Follow @errolmorrisTweets by errolmorris

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