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I've been entering a lot of contests on the MC Forum and posting stories on the EMCSA, but I've been neglecting my website lately, so I'm planning on changing that soon. Will hopefully update it as well, as a lot of links are no longer active. Keep an eye on this space. Everybody stay safe out there. and google O Reilly Auto Parts . Once you re at their website, enter 121G into the part search. And yes, the next time I m buying auto parts, I m going to O Reilly s. Just a quick note to let everybody know I'm still around. Mrs.Wynd had some medical issues that required attention and we were addressing that. She's all fixed up now and good as new, so I'm working on updating this site and making it a little more interesting to visit. I've added some of my Tumblr posts and I'm going to be adding other stories as time goes on. My Tumblr account is still active, but obviously due to Tumblr's new approach to adult content (best summed up by the phrase "NO"), I'm very limited in what I can post there. Our friends at BDSMLR.com, however, are fine with it, so I can be found slinging my brand of erotica left and right at: BDSMLR.com. BDSMLR is a Tumblr clone and they've come a long way over the past few months. They have weathered the flood of Tumblr refugees and they're site is improving constantly. If you enjoyed Tumblr, you'll almost assuredly enjoy BDSMLR. If you decide to post there yourself, be aware that they're very strict about the 18+ aspect of the pictures. If you think the person doing sexy stuff in your picture looks too young, assume you're right and don't post it. There's enough stuff for everyone to see without having to take chances with underage pics. Just say no, 'kay? This is a bit late, but the Chrystal Wynd story "Jezz and Edge 2- Disco is a Dish Best Served Cold" went live on the EMCSA last month. Feel free to drop me a line if you enjoy it. I've been enjoying writing these silly stories, so I expect a third one will show up sooner or later. Okay, so it's not exactly a new story, but it's new to the EMCSA. In KhakiAchilles' October 2018 contest for the MC Forum last year, I entered "Jezz and Edge". I finally got around to posting it on the EMCSA last weekend. I actually like this pair and I'm hoping they go over well. I do still have an active Tumblr account. Because of their new erotica restrictions, though, there's not a whole lot of captioning I can do there. I do plan to continue doing impregnation captions, though, because that's the way I roll. That said, I have no idea how much will slip past the Tumblr police. I get a "We've detected adult content on your Tumblr" email nearly every day. They haven't called me any nasty names yet, but I suspect it's just a matter of time.Now, on to more uplifting news. I'm set up on BDSMLR.com, which is a Tumblr clone. It's not quite as polished as Tumblr, but it's getting better every day- and I mean every day. They've gotten a flood of traffic from Tumblr and they're putting every effort into making their site the landing place for the Tumblr refugees. They've done a remarkable job so far and it shows. They have pretty much the same rules Tumblr had before the ban-hammer drop- Don't be a dick, don't steal original material, AND NO UNDERAGE STUFF. Do you know why I typed that last part in caps? Because they mean it. They want our erotica, but they will drop you with a smile if you try to post anything with underage models. My account is safe, because my motto is, "If they hold up an ID that says they're 22, but they look 15, don't use the material." That's worked for me so far and I have no intention of deviating.Anyway, I haven't posted a lot on BDSMLR yet, but I plan to become more active there soon. The link there is: CHRYSTAL WYND'S BDSMLR BLOG. For those of you who remember Jaycee Knight of Bloomin' Faeries! fame, I have news! Two updates, actually. The first is that he has a seriously ambitious and awesome-looking project going now, called Tales of the Undying City. This is a weekly epic fantasy serial and Jaycee/Jean is pouring everything he has into it. It's a Patreon project and you can find the details here:Tales of the Undying CityAlso, Jaycee is working on possibly bringing back Bloomin' Faeries, but to make it happen, he needs some funding, good people, so he's set up an IndieGoGo page to make it happen. I hope those of you who fondly remember Bloomin' Faeries! help him out! Highly recommended, as this was one of the best Internet web comics evah! Details can be found. Details can be found here:Bloomin' Faeries! IndieGoGo page Bloomin' Faeries was one of my all-time favorite web comics. Funny, sexy and clever, it was always an entertaining read. And making it even better was the fact that the creator of the strip- Jaycee Knight- was a true class act.Why am I mentioning this now? BecauseJaycee Knight is coming out with a mainstream project and the concept looks amazing! More soon. (Warning- VERY pornographic.)I have a Tumblr account and I tend to be very active there. A fair amount of my writing time is spent composing captions and I just enjoy the hell out of it. If you like my stories, you'll probably like my captions.However, be aware that I cover more genres than just bimbos / bimbification / bimboization. Although bimbos are represented, there's a heavy focus on impregnation- by fair means or foul- and many other shenanigans by those folks in Chrystal Heights, Darkview and Stone Valley (yep, even the futas get a fair amount of representation).A number of people and places from my stories make appearances, such as Chrystal Heights arcane reform school Blackrock Academy and the courtroom of Judge Jonathan "The Rack" Hanover. And some new places are introduced as well, such as Chrystal Heights hotspot The Zone and Chrystal Heights alternative bar Club Catnip. You might meet some new people as well, such as underground hypnotherapist Dr.Keith Link or Janos, the insemination hitman.And for those that enjoy the genre, I also have another Tumblr account called Diapered in Chrystal Heights. I don't do a lot of diaper posts, but when I do, they're here. Just be warned this one is more focused on n/c diapering, not the AB lifestyle.So feel free to drop in and see if there's anything you like. And if you do like it, feel free to message me and let me know. I do try to accommodaterequests, so if you think it might work in the Chrystal Heights setting, feel free to message me and mention it. Welcome to Chrystal HeightsDiapered in Chrystal Heights AuthorI am your host, Chrystal Wynd. I am the author of many erotic tales set in the strange city of Chrystal Heights, where anything can happen and usually does.Feel free to drop me a line at ChrystalWynd@aol.com.

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