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Learn what life is like in the Sichuan capital under coronavirus. Substantial quarantine measures change daily life, work, and social relationships in Chengdu. Many expats who ve spent years in Chengdu have seen incredible change, but few can compare with Richard, who first came to Chengdu in 1973. We discuss the world of change the Sichuan capital has seen in 46 years. Cryptocurrencies and Chengdu: name us a less predictable combination. In this podcast we break down both the basics and the current status with an industry insider. What happens when you ve achieved mastery in Chinese and leave the country? Reed shares the story of his post-China life as a Chinese teacher in the United States. Hear about China s quickly rising prospects in the international MMA world from the Canadian ex-pro fighter who s been inside it for over 15 years. Read what public billboards in the Sichuan capital city of Chengdu say, translated into English. They re more insightful than you might think.

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