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Home Testimonials Success Stories Regional-National-European Services and Languages Contact Us! Selected Hogan Ancestry Articles ---- Understanding Basic Records ---- Tips for Effective Research ---- The Immigrant Experience ----Our Ancestors' World height:0px'>"Based on conversations I've overheard in darkened microfilm reading rooms seemsthat many of us are inspired to explore our family histories at least in partdue tostories heardfrom grandparents and great-grandparents.A typical lament goes something like this: "You know, my grandmother told me all thesethingswhen I was a kid, but I didn't care about it then. If only I had llistened more closely."

Suppose for a moment that you could indeed recover those stories. Suppose you could hear those voices again. Wouldnt it have been unbelievably good fortune if one ofthose conversations had been recorded and you could listen to it now? Why not make thatdream come true for your family?" Let's do an oral history of your family today!

-- Oral Histories Part 1 by Roseann R. Hogan, Ph.D.

Check us out at ....... HIGH QUALITY

We are professional genealogists with decades of experience solving difficult and hard to find ancestors. We research your family history with the same rigor, enthusiasm, and tenacity as we do our own.

Our focus is on quality family histories and getting answers you seek using senior, highly experienced researchers. We do NOTuse template reports managed by intermediaries and conducted by lesser experienced researchers.Plus our rates are significantly LOWER than these corporate genealogy organizations.

Client satisfaction and results are our focus and that's reflected in our extremely high repeat business and client referrals. We build relationships that last.

Your priorities determine the process.Budgets are adhered to.Promises are kept.Deadlines are met.Communication lines are always open. Flexibility to roll with the inevitable twists and turns that happen in all of our families histories is critical. We have a high level of success even the most challenging ancestors.

Our researchers have been active for decades through through contributions in professional and popular publications such as --
Association for Professional Genealogists Quarterly,, Ancestry's Research Cornerstones,other scholarly, historical, and juried publications.

We research your family history with the same rigor, enthusiasm, and tenacity as we do our own.

Let's Get Started! Research At Major ArchivesLet's get started ... with access to major archives including the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, other national, state, and federal archives coupled with a diverse team of researchers who have helped clients across all the United Statesfromearly colonials tomodern heir searches, your research will start almost immediately, not in weeks or months.

Specializations include the mid-west and Atlantic and Pacific seaboard states. Specific areas of expertise include:Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and California

European expertise includes onsite work and language competencyin and knowledge of records inGermany, Italy, France, Ireland,Great Britain, Czech Republic.We have also worked extensively inCatholic and Jewishrecords.

Dr. Hogan is a pioneer in African-American family research, presenting at conferences and publishing some of the earliest how-to articles for Ancestry as well as the PBS series on researching enslaved families before and after emancipation.

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Ancestry Research Services
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Professional Genealogist

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