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10 Things To Avoid Saying In A Performance Review A performance review allows an opportunity for construction, engineering or environmental companies to discuss how well their employees are doing in a one-on-one situation. It is the perfect time for them to make suggestions on how jobs could be done better, and employees are often offered a chance to voice any complaints or suggestions also. Read more No One Ever Told You: Your Number 1 Job Is to Manage Your Boss All this time you thought your biggest challenge was managing your own career. In some ways, it is your biggest challenge. After all, if you don t manage your career, who will? Your biggest challenge in managing your career is managing your boss. You may think your Boss manages you: many people do believe that their boss manages them. Read more Cubicle Cultures - The 7 Types Of Coworkers We've All Become Folks love to visit other folks. Let s be true to the truth, we all do it. 99.9382983% of the time we stop by other people s cubes to say hi and catch up. The other .0617017% of the time is to talk business, actual work related stuff. Visitations aren t limited to physically going to someone else s cube, we can also turn around in our chairs to talk with others but I m talking about the folks that come calling. Read more B.R.E.A.T.H.E. - Dealing With Stress In The Age Of COVID-19 Our world is riddled with fear and anxiety. Finances. Aargh! How will we pay the rent/mortgage or have money to pay for food when we re out of work?We re lonely and miss the times when we could be with our friends and family. If we have kids, we agonize over what kind of impact the lockdown is having on them, and if we ll survive home-schooling and 24/7/365 childcare. Read more Attitude Adjustment - How to Change Your Attitude! I have written in this column recently about emotional hygiene, and doing the necessary maintenance on feelings as well as your physical body and household. Health reminders tell us to wash our hands frequently to prevent transmittal of diseases. Did you know you can wash your mood, too, and give yourself an attitude adjustment whenever you want to? Read more Do You Know The PLACE Of A Leader? Before, one should consider, seeking to become a leader, it s essential to know, and better understand, what thePLACEof a leader, should, and must be! Instead of proceeding, in an ill - informed manner, and failing to fully consider, all the necessities, and priorities, which are required, wouldn t it make sense, to learn, as much as possible, sooner, rather than later. Read more Microsoft Outlook: How to Highlight Key Messages With Conditional Formatting With so many email messages arriving in your Outlook Inbox every day, it can be easy to miss those messages that are high priority or email that we want to respond to more quickly. Microsoft Outlook includes a variety of ways for us to organize and prioritize our messages. One way to highlight important or priority messages is through the use of Conditional Formatting. Read more How to Motivate the Unmotivated Many job applicants are taking a seat at the bargaining table, new research from global staffing firm Robert Half shows. More than half of professionals polled (54%) said they tried tonegotiate a higher salarywith their last employment offer. Meet Jane. When I first met her, she was very demotivated. The business was going well, but it came with a bag of problems Cozy Up With These Oh So Good Hot Chocolate Recipes When it s cold and frosty outside, there s nothing better than curling up with a nice big mug of homemade hot chocolate. Why pay several dollars for a cup of gourmet hot chocolate when you can easily learn how to make your own delicious hot chocolate drink? Read more Three Steps to Reducing Fear of Coronavirus As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, many people are feeling powerless, unsafe and downright terrified about what may be coming. We want to take action, to take back control, but we don t know what to do. So our fears magnify, making us less rational, and this puts added stress on our bodies at a time when we all want to be strong. Read moreBY USING DESKDEMON SITE, YOU CONSENT TO THE USE OF COOKIES. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE SEE OUR COOKIE POLICY(close)A Basic Thirst for Knowledge is Vital to Your Success One of the best and easiest ways to simultaneously improve your job qualifications, make yourself more marketable and boost your professional reputation with your employer is to cultivate a basic, dir.. more

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