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Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence 19, 2021 By Margot Cleveland

A complaint alleges Pennslyvania election officials were tearing tapes into pieces and placing them into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn the data.

The Incredible Self-Confidence Of Robert Beto Francis ORourke 19, 2021 By Madeline Osburn

Maybe Beto ORourkes hubris shouldnt come as a surprise after he essentially claimed he was born to be president in 2019, but thats only one of his problems.

MSNBCs History Of Doxxing Normal People Shadows Attempt To Follow Rittenhouse Jury 19, 2021 By Kylee Zempel

MSNBC is in hot water after a producer got arrested following the bus carrying the Rittenhouse jury and was suspected of trying to photograph them.

In South Texas, The Border Crisis Threatens To Become A Constitutional Crisis 18, 2021 By John Daniel Davidson

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott thinks border states must take action in the face of federal inaction. But is it too little, too late?

Vaccine Mandates Sow Mass Chaos Throughout Military As Service Members Seek Religious Accommodations 18, 2021 By Kylee Zempel

Mixed messaging, unclear consequences for refusal, differing deadlines, and exemption goalpost-shifting have converged to create mass chaos in the military.

Emails Show Researchers Who Alleged Trump Links To Russian Alfa Bank Were Anti-Trump 17, 2021 By Margot Cleveland

Emails obtained via an open records request provide a picture of the politics behind the players who formulated and fed the Alfa Bank theory via Michael Sussmann to the FBI.

The 1619 Project Book’s Goal Is To Keep Slandering America 17, 2021 By Peter W. Wood

The myth that Nicole Hannah-Jones and others have conjured is more than a sop to aggrieved activists. It is also a charter for misreading our entire history.

The Big Russian Collusion Coverup Must End With John Durhams Report 16, 2021 By Ron Johnson

The big question that remains is whether the ringleader and masterminds of the Russian collusion hoax will ever be revealed and held accountable.

7 Media Lies Katie Couric And The Aspen Institute Would Decry If They Really Hated Disinformation 16, 2021 By Elle Reynolds

Instead of cheering more censorship, Katie Couric and the journalists her report praises should look at some of the misinformation theyve peddled over the years.

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Amid Criticisms A Sex Crimes Registry Is Overly Harsh, Colorado Rebrands The Term Sex Offender
20, 2021 By Spencer Lindquist

A state board in Colorado has voted to rebrand sex offenders as adults who commit sexual offenses, a euphemism that has since come under criticism.

YouTube Penalizes Breaking Points For Criticizing China Over Disappearing Peng Shuai
20, 2021 By Rachel Bovard

On Friday, they were at it again. Google’s YouTube announced it was de-monetizing that is, removing ads from a segment of the popular YouTube show Breaking Points.

Podcast: Media Peddles False White Supremacy Narrative In Response To Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal
19, 2021 By The Federalist Staff

The Federalist staff reacts to Friday’s jury verdict that Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty on all charges on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

GoFundMe Denied Rittenhouse Fundraising While Crowdsourcing Funds For BLM Rioters
19, 2021 By Tristan Justice

Rittenhouse was denied crowdsourced funds for a political show trial charging him with first-degree homicide in a case that was clearly self-defense.

The Left Said Rittenhouse Didnt Represent Kenosha, But The Jury That Does Got The Last Word
19, 2021 By Kylee Zempel

The jury represented their Kenosha community better than anyone else, and they got the last word: Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty.

Will The White House Apologize For Defaming Kyle Rittenhouse As A White Supremacist?
19, 2021 By Tristan Justice

The White House did not respond to The Federalists request for comment after a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges.

New York Times Colludes With Corrupt DOJ To Steal Legal Documents From A Journalist Suing NYT
19, 2021 By Reagan Reese

A judge laid down the hammer on the New York Times by blocking the paper from publishing articles based on internal documents from Project Veritas, which sued the newspaper for defamation last year.

NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: Jury Completely Exonerates Kyle Rittenhouse, Affirms Right To Self-Defense
19, 2021 By Haley Strack

Eighteen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges Friday, after an intense trial determined that he acted in self-defense.

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty On All ChargesListen Now
Google Is Now Censoring American Journalists On Behalf Of Communist China
19, 2021 By Elle Reynolds

YouTube notified Enjeti and Ball that their video discussing communist Chinas censorship of Peng Shuai had been found not suitable for all advertisers.

Illinois Association Of School Boards Ends Membership With NSBA
19, 2021 By Kylee Zempel

Including Illinois, 26 state school boards groups have now distanced themselves from the National School Boards Association.

The Suspicious Disappearance Of Chinas Tennis Star Is Right Out Of The Chinese Communist Playbook
19, 2021 By Helen Raleigh

The Chinese Communist Party will do anything to protect its own at the expense of the Chinese people. It will never hesitate to eliminate any real or perceived threat.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy Wants A State Coalition To Combat Federal Overreach. Will It Work?
19, 2021 By Tristan Justice

They view Alaska as their own national park to save for mankind, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy said, frustrated at the relentless intervention of beltway bureaucrats.

In Human Forever, James Poulos Declares War On The Digital Age
19, 2021 By Joe Allen

James Poulos book, Human Forever: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War, warns that we are already becoming cyborgs and we will pay for our digital dependence with our souls.

Thanks To Leftists, The Black Talent Companies Seek To Hire With Racial Quotas Doesnt Exist
19, 2021 By Kendall Qualls

Lack of representation in corporate board rooms is not because of mythical white privilege. It is due to the breakdown of the black family.

Try These Thanksgiving Sides That Steal The Show
19, 2021 By Rich Cromwell

The latest episode of “Coffee Cochon” offers recipes for side dishes that will take your Thanksgiving spread to the next level.

Joe Biden Wants To Have The IRS Harass Americans While Dodging It Himself
19, 2021 By Christopher Jacobs

Ignore for a moment the fact that the bill contains ten years of tax increases to pay for a few years’ of spending that Democrats later hope to extend.

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Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray.

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The Federalist is a web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion. Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray.

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