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Prairie Flower Leather Co. specializes in the manufacture of anachronistic, archaic and obscure items targeting a clientage of limited and specific scope and nature. TRANSLATION: We build weird stuff that nobody really needs, but if you want one and can't find an original, you've come to the right place. Here's an overview of what we do here. Follow the links below to : Militaria Our WWI reproductions consist mainly of hard to locate items and parts that anyone who is involved with collecting or re-enacting needs to complete an outfit or finish a collection. We offer a fairly complete selection of helmet liners, representing five countries and a cross section of years ranging from 1914 through 1920. We also offer the impossible to find, including the 1917 LF C Triangular Blade Trench Knife Scabbards originally built by Jewel. All of our products in this category are manufactured on the machines that were originally used to make them. For example, if you have a Pickelhaube and need a liner for it, rest assured your liner will be sewn on a 1913 German Dorkopp treadle sewing machine. Everything we build, we build here, in our own shop, in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. NOTHING is shipped overseas or comes from anywhere but here! If you don't find it in our inventory, give us an opportunity to build it for you, you won't be disappointed. Engraving We do a great deal of custom metal engraving here at Prairie Flower Leather. Some guns, quite a few musical instruments, spurs, and any number of odd ball or gift items that need a little metal artistry on them. This link will show some samples of our most recent work. Custom Coins We can take a photograph, put it on a .999 silverand make you a custom memory. Spot price of silveron the day you order plus $100.00 for the engraving.Pictures of Prairie Flower Leather Co.Photos of the Massive Industrial Complex known as PFLCO. Be Awed, Amazed and Astounded! E-Mail Prairie Flower Leather Co. I build this stuff. Prairie Flower Leather Co. is a familyowned, family run operation.My kids grew up playing in the shop and making stuff to play with out of scrap leather and whatever else they could find laying around. We don’t have a huge manufacturing facility in China and I buy my materials locally when possible and from US companies always.Here’s the endgame…I really hate buying something that doesn’t last or is cheaply made.If you have a problem with anything we build,SEND IT BACK!I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of my products and will usually include the shipping. I would rather lose a few bucks than have an unhappy customer. You own it for two years and then decide to send it back, meh, we’ll talk.Otherwise if its screwed up when you get it, you just don’t like it or itbreaks the first time you use it, I expect it back in my shop ASAP. I will either Replace, Repair or Refund, your call.I bend over backwards to get you what you want, Stitch Nazis and Khaki Morons included. I do my best to get your order out promptly but occasionally I get behind and it takes a few days to play catch-up. Part of the fun we all have here when we build everything we make in house. I don’t do “Fantasy” repros, if I build it, I have at least two originals to back up my work. You have a problem with that and know better, take it up with the guy who built it in 1917, I’m just the guy who copied his work. However, I am always open for suggestions to improve our products, so don’t be shy. I've only ever been stiffed ONCE on a payment and I'd like to keep it that way. Mr. Barnes in Denver, someday we'll talk, I know where you live. Thanks for your time and your business.Steffan Baker and FamilyPrairie Flower Leather Co.SHIPPINGI ship out product almost everyday. Most of the time I have it in stock, occasionally I have to make more of whatever it is you ordered. That being the case there is a four to six week waiting period for your order. Now I'm covered in case you don't get your helmet liner the day before you actually ordered it!In reality, most times you will receive your order within a week, two at the very most.On the rare occasion you have to wait longer than that for your order, you have my apologies, I'mworking as fast as I can and I want your order out of my shop as much as you want it in your hands.Thanks for your patience.I put Delivery Confirmation on EVERYTHING. That way we can track it and find out why it didn'tend up in your mailbox. I ship USPS exclusively, except when I don't. I put insurance on the expensive stuff(like Helmets) and cross my fingers for all of the rest.I Don't Hold Personal Checks. If you wrote it, I figure you're good for it. With the exception of the aforementioned Mr. Barnes... of course. We accept Cash, Personal Checks or Money Orders

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